Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friend of Fast

Speed. In eve it is the end all be all in EVE. A fast ship is a good ship. A faster ship, is a better ship in almost all situations. Thankfully the serpentis corporation understands this, and has provided capsuleers with these wonderful implants:

HG + LG Snake

LG snakes are very cheap nowadays and flying with them is pretty clutch. If you have the ISK and are sprich (space rich) then HG is more of a good thing. Interestingly enough I have been playing a ton of eve recently (sadly only a small portion of it in bombers) None the less, I thought that I should post a few things here showcasing the power of speed, and how one can apply it to all aspects of PvP. (Don't worry I will make sure to throw in a special part regarding bombers.)

So lets get the bomber thing out of the way:

As you know, Hound / Purifer are the only bombers worth soloing in. Well soloing, if you prefer to shoot ships that can shoot back. Here are some preliminary fits I plan to bring into worm hole within the next few weeks.

This first fit is a bit pricey. On the other hand, that ship is un-touchable except by interceptors. With the new TE changes, any ship that is not using pulse lasers has a really difficult time projecting damage past 27K. With this fit, and speed- nothing touches me. Warriors (perfectly skilled) don't do nearly enough to break my MASB tank- so i can perma tank them. I can't wait to shoot some fraps as I blap WH 'PvP' players in this fit.

The purifier is a bit different. It doesn't have the CPU to MASB like the hound, so the SARR works just as well. T2 Amarr resits are pretty nice. I especially like this fit because of the versatility the dual prop gives you. MWD to run / close range- while you still have the AB to get under guns, or really mitigate incoming drone / missile DPS.

In the end, both fits are extremely similar and perform both of their functions very well.

With odyssey, the new scanning changes make every thing easier in WH in regards to probing. Check out some of the new hot keys, and some new tricks. (You can launch your probes while cloaked) The trick is extremely similar to the old MWD + Cloak trick. I enjoy these new changes just because it will make the bitch work of probing easier, and allow the intrepid bomber pilot to cover more ground faster. As I have stated before- 95% of the time in work hole is spent working for a kill. with 4% stalking / analyzing your approach and 1% shooting. If you can get faster / more proficient with the 95% then I promise that the other 5% of bombing will come more easily, frequently, and successfully than someone mainly focused on the pew.
Here is a recent gank I performed in my new Dual prop Purifier. Two guys chilling out and mining gas. I tried to pop the venture, but it warped out before my torps hit home. Luckily I pointed his exeq friend . Enjoy.