Friday, August 29, 2014

Blueprints.... Revisited

The Blueprints series has been one the most sucsessful, and most refrenced blog posts I have ever done. It was a fairly large undertaking, however it is rather out of date. So much has happened with eve, and with bombers- That I feel I should revisit the old collection, and add something new. I am planning to do to

Scanning Part 1/2 - Where I cover the basics of silent, and active scanning along with scouting through worm holes.

Fitting+Skills Part 1/2 Where I discuss Solo bomber fitting ideas, concepts and what makes a proper bomber fit.

Active Hunting Part 1/2- Included would be me giving some active commentary while on target- and actively scanning. Giving you an idea what is going on play by play. Not meant to be teaching, just a proof of concept / endgame with my bomber guide.

Hope you enjoy, Will be updating this post in the future as I complete the last 3 videos.


  1. Just want to say thanks for all this great info, it's helping me a lot. Also thanks for your help in game - very much appreciated.


  2. I saw your The Encore Slicer video and thought to check your blog again. Was not disappointed. I'm glad you're back to blogging, even if only lightly and informatively. Your blog got me into the wormhole life, where I've never been happier.


  3. Very nice and we just wait for the 3 other parts.

  4. Soo not gonna lie, this stuff has helped me a ton! I'ts much appreciated! Don't suppose you have a time line on the next one?