Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Delicious Feast

First- I will apologize for not shooting out a blog sooner. School and RL has been very hectic, and when I did have some time to myself, I didn't want to spend it typing. So here I am getting in a post, sorry for the delay.

On to the good stuff.

As some of you may or may not know, worm hole space can be feast or famine. Luckily for me in the past few weeks- it has been the former. We have downed many ships, and also had an interesting run in with a tengu.

To begin- lets start with a fun little story.

Me and another one of my corp mates had decided to do a roam in and out of a worm hole chain that we had scanned down out of high sec. As luck would have it- the first hole that we ventured into- had a cane on scan, and not in a safe or pos. We quickly determined that he was at a ladar site. So praying to the eve goddes- i crossed my fingers and using my scanning techniques passed down to me from the legendary bear hunters before me. I was fast- like the wind, and ended up getting 100% on the ladar site. I quickly stashed my probes, and off I warped.

I dropped out of warp about 50K from the Cane, who was happily gas mining alone in a worm hole. The cane did have some hardeners on, and was actually autocannon fit- along with some HML. I told my gang mate to warp in at 10. Once he arrived we slowly began our stalk. I told him to wait out at 40, while I moved in for the point. I crept up within 19K and clicked orbit. I double checked my calculations on his tracking, and confirmed that it would almost be impossible to hit me. So I gave the mark, uncloaked- and targeted. The second my torps were out of the tube I turned on my MWD (gotta love that faction prop) and began to rain hell. The cane pilot must have been alt tabbed, becuase he didn't start targeting me till I had my second volley of torps out before I was red boxed. Just as I had expected- his turrets were far off from hitting me, and the only thing doing some slight damage was the pesky HML's.

The cane in another desperate attempt to save himself released some hobbi 2 drones- however again this was too little to late. With my corpie helping me, we made short work of him. The best part being is that not only did he drop some ok loot for this kill- but I didn't even scratch my paint. This kill of course lead to this group of players to begin mining in domonix.... When I went to engage one the next day- I find that it was stabbed........

Onto the next kill-

I love killing unique ships. So you can image my surprise when me along with a few other corp mates, and our recon pilot dove a hole and discovered a mining trio. Sadly they were on the D scanner- and noticed our probes, so they warped back to the safety of their POS. Funny thing is- they were jet can mining, and sitting at the GRAV site waiting to greet us, was 3 jet cans filled with arcanor. They were nice enough to leave the eve time on them, so we new that eventually had to come back and pick them up, or otherwise waste all of their hard work. The last thing that we expected them to use was- T H I S Yes ladies and gentlemen that is a large rigged mammoth. It was an honor to kill, and gank the shit out of it. If this has not shown you- DON'T JET CAN MINE- and please, don't do it in worm hole. It makes you just look stupid.

A shameful Next...

I felt kind of bad for this guy- he was sitting out at a safe off a planet, uncloaked in worm hole space. We were bored, so instead of calling in the Avatar for a DD, we just used a bit of overkill. I kind of feel bad getting kills like these on new players... but that should teach them to stay out of worm hole, until they can fly a hulk and solo mine- so i can have something real to kill.

Munch and Crunch Dem Roids

Ahh back to my usual- Creme de roid bear... I take hulks on the side please.

(My last and final part of this blog)

Ohh this is your new POS? Can I play too?

As per usual in Peek a boo, me and one of our recon pilots were out roaming. The recon had a scanner alt that had gone ahead, down the pipe into low sec- and low and behold he found a hole. Checking that hole on our favorite WH intel site- we noticed that it had 0 activity for the week- save for 10jumps that had all happened withing one hour. Curious.... what was more curious, was that inside that hole (C4) there was a (C3) static- which again had zero activity for the past week.

We decided to take a look, and figure out what all of the commotion was about. As we were sitting on the C3/C4 hole- an itty decided to jump in, and becuase he was in a hurry- didn't wait out his session timer. Sadly this C3 was a black hole type effect- which increased this poor ittys sig my 85%. Because bombers do enjoy high sig targets, my torps were happy to inflict 3875 damage on the poor boat, insta popping it. One shot one kill. The pilgrim didn't even have time to decloak- so for now our secret recon was still a trump card. We were expecting them to come back and at least make a show of force- they had a drake and an arbitrator on scan- so we waited with bated breath. Sadly- they decided to send an anathemea- which oddly enough decloaked about 20K off the hole. Again I decloaked, and thanks to the sig increase bonus- kill him in 3 shots. (thanks for the sisters launcher- it will be put to good use... hunting bears)

With this insult- I was sure that they would come and answer the call of their now frozen comrades. However- this time we decided to take the fight to them. Our scanning alt had tracked down the onlining pos- and had discovered what they were really doing. I warped in at about 40- and once I dropped out of warp, I noticed an arbi, draek, and Itty on the tower. Because I knew that I could insta pop the indy- I decloaked about 35K off them, and shot it. About 2 seconds later, our pilgrim showed up- and started to slow boat towards the draek. the arbi took off in fear, and warped- but the drake wanted blood. However sadly for him- the pilgrim decloaked, and pounced.

With a rack of neuts and recon 5- our recon pilot started to suck that little bitch draek dry. During the inital commotion- I took the time to pod that itty pilot, who still stunned with fear could not click the warp button. After he was dispatched, I turned my attention to the drake. I set my orbit at 50K and began to slowboat away from the ailing BC. Our hero pilgrim pilot had decided to use ECM drones, and damn- talk about some hero drones- the drake could barely shoot at me. Once his hardeners were off- I let fly with overheated EM torps. Damn- with a huge 88% sig increase, the shield extenders, and the hardeners off- my torps were almost hitting for max damage. Thanks to the pilgrim pilot- I melted that drake quickly- and I didn't even scratch that bombers paint. Ohh ya- I had to POD him as well.

Sadly while we were waiting for a hauler to show up and pick up this pos- a tengu shows up. With a quick internet search we determine that not only is this pilot old, but he also likes to faction fit his T3. Throwing caution to the winds- we decided to engage anyway. Again the pilgrim slithered out from behind its covert ops cloak- and slammed home with the neuts. The tengu was soon out of cap, and thanks to some HERO ecm drones, the pilgrim was comfortably still in 50% shield. Once the hardeners were off- I also broke from the shadows and let fly with torps.

They were hitting for 3700' ish damage.... But holy shit- it was barely scratching him. 7 Torps later and I was barely half way through his shield. Thats when our ECM luck ran out. I was being yellow boxed, and then red boxed. His HML missiles slammed home on my sig tanked bomber (which now if you may remember has an 88% sig increase thanks to the hole effect...) Sadly my poor wet paper tank couldn't hold up, and I had to warp off. the pilgrim seeing that we could not wind, aligned and warped off as well.

Sadly some fish are just too big to fry, with only a pilgrim and a frig. What we needed was a few more purifiers, or an arazu :)

Ohh well you win some, and you lose some. Hope you enjoyed- and hopefully I will be writing again to you soon. As per usual- take care, and fly dangerously!