Friday, August 29, 2014

Blueprints.... Revisited

The Blueprints series has been one the most sucsessful, and most refrenced blog posts I have ever done. It was a fairly large undertaking, however it is rather out of date. So much has happened with eve, and with bombers- That I feel I should revisit the old collection, and add something new. I am planning to do to

Scanning Part 1/2 - Where I cover the basics of silent, and active scanning along with scouting through worm holes.

Fitting+Skills Part 1/2 Where I discuss Solo bomber fitting ideas, concepts and what makes a proper bomber fit.

Active Hunting Part 1/2- Included would be me giving some active commentary while on target- and actively scanning. Giving you an idea what is going on play by play. Not meant to be teaching, just a proof of concept / endgame with my bomber guide.

Hope you enjoy, Will be updating this post in the future as I complete the last 3 videos.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hyperion Release

Hyperion brought with it many great changes, however in particular the changes to worm hole space was a huge boon to my vagabond wormhole lifestyle. For those of you that have been living under a rock, here is a relevant devblog on the subject. While the changes to kill information being removed from API does make things much more annoying, I think that changes to worm hole frequency could make up in content.

For those of you that are trying to understand worm hole mechanics / or are interested in some more of the complex worm hole mechanics that come along with the new changes, here is a great forum thread that may be of interest to you.

The new frequency to worm hole spawning, and now the increased difficulty of WH groups to cycle holes is a great start to making worm hole place (In some respects) less safe, and easier for vagabonds such as myself to have a chance at a larger group of targets. I have seen on multiple occasions already, chains of wormholes 15+ deep. My loins are tingling for all of the extra content this is going to be providing for me. Now with that said lets start talking about the subject that all of my readers are here for in the first place- kills. The one I am planning on sharing with you today, is the type of kills that I consider perfect. The target had no chance to know that I was there.

1. My incoming worm hole was off his D-scan
2. He was at an ANOM so I just could D-scan him down, ensuring that I never had to break cloak

As per the bombers trademark, once I had selected this target- things were over in a matter of seconds. No time to react, no time to retaliate. A clean kill.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Death Threats

Drakes, the quintessential low SP mission ship. Works great in high sec. However, being a new player and entering wormhole- is really a dangerous idea. When I first spotted this drake, he was refitting at a safe with a mobile depot. From what it looked like to me, he was using it to refit cloak / scanner into full missile high slots. After a brief pause, he warped into his first Sleep Combat site, a simple perimeter outpost. Now mind you, this is a very low class worm hole, so i assumed that our intrepid young drake pilot thought this his BC would be more than a match for the sleepers.

As he warped to the site, I tailed him. Cloaked the entire time- I could never get a fix on his current shield status, but based on his extremely slow clear speed I surmised he was struggling. This became even more apparent when I noticed that his ship was flying with a sudden awkward pattern, and before I knew it- the drake pilot finally figuring out that he was way, way over his head- panic warped out to the nearest celestial.

Sadly for him, I am very good at what I do- and patient. I noticed where he warped off, and followed. Thanks to the Rubicon warp speed changes, I beat him to the planet. What happened next was simply fate. I have seen so many players do the exact same thing he has. To me, its just another easy kill. The ailing drake, was down in 3 shots. While he had the presence of mind to at least shoot me- it was too late.

Afterwards, I find this.

And as the icing on the cake, it appears that the intrepid drake pilot had tricks up his own sleeve. Till next time.

Angel's Share

Im back to writing, having really never left eve- The thought of updating this dusty thing finally hit me. I promise to have a super post detailing an epic 150+ Jump roam through nulsec.... In a Deadspace fitted, HG snaked PvP Nightmare. Sadly, this is not that post. I just have a quick Video for you today, as a thank you for all of my continued readers. Always a pleasure to answer your mails in game. Hope you enjoy.