Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peek-A-Boo Bombers

Well now that my 'blueprints' series is completed- I can finally get back to telling some good ol' war stories about me and my little bomber :) After about a week of a rather long hiatus (I will explain the reasons later on in this blog), I was very excited to jump into a worm hole and find some active players killing sleepers. There was about 3 drakes, 2 canes, and an argour clearing sites in a c2. they were clearing the sites and shockingly THEY SAT AROUND AND WAITED WITH THEIR SALVAGER! I was so happy :) I guess that my blog was really having some kind of effect on the holies, for this I was glad. However- just becuase they are simply waiting for this site- doesn't mean that they wait for every site :)

You see in order to be a successful bomber- you need to have patience, and you need to make due with small windows of opportunity. at times- this can only be seconds- and you need to make sure that you are ready. I watched these guys finish up 3 sites- and followed them through each one. I was their shadow. At the end of each site, they would have a noctis come in clear the site- then warp off to a safe and cloak. They were very disciplined about this- and the noctis was always the first one to warp off- and whats more is they actually stayed near it while it cleaned.

They followed this ridged procedure for 2 sites, and I was hoping that they would get sloppy and have a bit of haste during the last one. The last site was a radar site, and after spreading sleeper wrecks all over the place, they had a buzzard come in and start looting the cans. Now at this point everyone left the field for about 5 min- and I could have taken out the buzzard. However I was after bigger fish- and was simply waiting for the noctis. It seems that the corp was simply offloading members that needed to log or do rl stuff, while the others came back and finished their work. once again the noctis, and 1 drake and a cane came warping on the field. I slow boated up to about 15K off the noctis and followed it where ever it went.

Once there was about 3 wrecks left- the drake and cane did the inevitable 'hey we are tired, we have more important things to do ext ext' and warped off. The noctis had just finished the wrecks and was starting to align. This was my window- the few seconds between align and warp. I uncloaked and over heated my torps. I knew that his friends were in warp speeding away from us, an they would be back here as soon as they could. Sadly for them, BC class ships are slow- and I pop a noctis in 3 torp volleys. The drake was too late.

I was just cleaning up the wreck when a drake showed up about 20K from me- and deciding to give a last teaching method- I popped the wreck as well, as the drake tried to helplessly try and lock me. I was off the field and cloaked before a single scourge fury missile flew out of the tubes.

As I had alluded too earlier in my blog post- I was busy for about a week. these reasons were not for RL, but were in game. it seems that my blog posting has gotten a few people interested in what I do. I have been receiving many many mails about people that want to do what I do, and were wondering how to do it. some of the members even remember when I was speaking about my wish to fly with other like minded bomber pilots. Over the past week I have been talking with many many people, and currently have done something that I thought I never would- start a corporation!

That is why I would like to introduce you all to Peek-A-Boo Bombers! We are a new corp, and you can find our killboards here. Currently We are trying to just grow our fleet, and are getting used to working togeather, and bringing in some new blood to pvp play. Obviusly I have not been keeping you updated on all of our 'war stories' but I plan on sharing the best with you here. If you have any questions about how to join Peek-A-Boo, or if you would like to hire our services, msg me anytime in game.

Lastly I will close this blog out with two PeekaBoo war stories. The first is our first attempt at springing a trap, and the second is simply spitting in your eye- when you are looking right at us.

To lay the setting for the first story: We had been 'camping' this C2 worm hole with a HS static for about one week. The locals knew that we were there, and we had blown up many of their ships. It seems that they were getting rather tired of our cavilier killers, and decided to lay a trap for us :) My day started out normally, Once I logged on- I talked with my two other corp members, and got the intel report. It was pretty cool for our corp that our first 4 members had a 23/7 Timezone coverage. We had one UK pilot, one Ausi, and 2 yanks. becuase of this we were able to have for all intensive purposes at least  bomber on at all time.

I was told that our 'fleet' of 3 bombers were looking at an osprey minning with some drones, alone in a belt. Clearly admiral ackbar was driving himself into a frothing madness with traps. TRAPS EVERYWHERE! We warped in on the grav site grid- and sure enough we spotted the osprey. As we were slow boating into position me and the other two bombers were surprised to see a retriever join his mining friend. Looking at our targets- we decided to go for the retriever. I knew that this was going to be a trap- so I had all of the bombers sit at max range, and get ready to overload the torps- and hit that barge.

Everything was eerily quite. There was nothing on grid save for that osprey, retriever and a few mining drones. Little did I know that almost 1 dozen cloaky ships were waiting in the wings. Because I had decided to FC this fight- I was spending most of my time ensuring that all of my fleet members remained cloaked, and had firing solutions on the barge- with out de cloaking each other (COUGH COUGH CCP I WISH I COULD SEE CLOAKY FLEET MEMBERS..... NAVIGATION AROUND AND THROUGH ROIDS SUCKS) Once we were finally in set- I took one last deep breath, and gave the count. "Three, Two, One, MARK!" We all de-cloaked and opened up on the barge. Just as my torps were leaving the tubes, all heal broke loose!

a Phobos and Onyx decloaked and instantly the bubbles were up. A nemisis (LOL) and a manticore decloaked along with a rapier and began to target us. Sadly for them, they were a bit out of position when compared to us. We were all sitting at max range, way off the normal warp ins for this particular grav site. The retriever did not handle our first volly of torps, and was down by the second. After the bardge went boom, the osprey took off- and me along with my other fleet members all warped off. I cloaked up- and chuckled. Here was about 7 pilots that tried as hard as they could to catch us.... but catching an organized stealth bomber gang is boarder line impossible. Me and the other guys traded GF's and I was very impressed with our group. Opie in particular did not have any pvp experience before this op, and this was his first kill! (I always love popping care bear pvp cherries)

All in all this fight was after a long week of us taking down names, ships, and pods. The inhabitants were getting tired of us, and this was their best attempt to date at trying. Sadly as you will find out in my next few blog posts- trying to stop stealth bombers becomes very very time consuming and very very difficult.

Second on the chopping block is another stealth bomber outing that me and 2 other bombers took up. We were amazed when in a moment of courage, our resident holies grew some cohones- and actually started to run a sleeper site. We watched as a drake and tengu completed the site. They were doing it at a mind numbingly slow pace- and we had hopped that they would bring out a noctis (we had seen it at a pos). However becuase of the extended time that it took for them to clear this sleeper sites- we decided to take a pot shot at a PI ship. This was of course a huge mistake as It gave away the fact that at least one bomber was online and active.

While this did stop the noctis from coming out- it didn't stop the drake and tengu from finally finishing up this site. After it was completed me and my two other guys waited with baited breath- as the salvage occurred. We were perplexed when a cane warped on the grid- and started to tractor / salvage the sleeper guts. Now we have had run ins with with cane before, and we know that he is auto cannon fitted. Any auto cannon fit cane is not going to be able to touch a bomber- becuase they just don't have the range. So we really were not concered with the BC when we noticed that for the most part it seemed that all of it's high slots were fitted for salvage.

After a few minuets of pondering we decided to primary the cane, with our 3 bombers. There was still a drake on the field (but it was 80K away- and was not prop fit) With the tengu currently at one of the POS- we knew that we could engage with impunity. So again I gave the call once we had one of our pilots in point range- "Three, two, one, MARK!" we all decloaked and our other hound pilot grabbed point. We started to hammer in the cane. we were got through the shields quickly- and by this time the drake turned around, and started to burn at as (at the terrifying speed of 178m/s) It was at this point that we hit the cane armour buff- and we started to chip away a bit slower. I noticed that the tengu had started to move from the pos, so i told everyone to overheat thier toprs. Just as the cane was entering structure (it didn't last much longer)- a manticore showed up and started to target me.

At this point I began to align to my safe, and just as the cane exploded the tengu arrieved on the gird. All three of us took of and cloaked up. I decided to get back on grid, and I popped the wreck- afterwards I stayed at the site simply watching what they would do next. The drake and the tengu warped off- and logged. However that manticore didn't do the same. About 15min later a curious thing started to happen- I noticed that the manticore was going to the remaining sleeper wrecks, and looting them! It seemed to slow bloat (under cloak) into range, get with 2.5k uncloak- loot, and then recloak. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this. What idiot would try something like this, when not moments before he witnessed his cane friend get nuked by three bombers?

I decided to teach this fool a lesson. I got in on the last wreck, and sat about 15K off. I had  my other two fleet mates warp to me, and we watched as this cheeky little bomber scrounged around for isk scraps. It was almost pathetic... Anyway once he got to the last wreck, he did the usual de-cloak and loot. That is when I uncloaked, pointed, and over heated my torps. My fleet members in the same- and he was gone in seconds. I am not sure if the pilot was suffering from surprise / shock becuase he didn't even get the chance to target us. I am not sure if he was still clutching his chest from the shock- but he also didn't warp his pod. So we popped that too. POP!

Well that about wraps up this blog- me and my fellow boo pilots are still not sure what that manticore pilot was thinking, but it was certainly fun showing him the ropes of cloaky frig pvp. Anyway I hope that you enjoyed this blog, and as usual fly dangerously!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Blueprint to Success (Part Three)

Hey all this will be the last of my blueprint series :) After this we will be getting back to the war stories :) I have a lot to tell- because a lot has happened, big things too! Like the creation of Peek-A-Boo Bombers, but that is for another blog and another time. Now I am going to be telling you good folks about how to properly scan out systems, scan down targets- and of course how to hunt in worm hole space.

First lets talk worm hole systems.

the first thing that you want to do when you jump into a wormhole, is of course book mark the exit- then you want to get your web browser out, and using your fav worm hole site, see what kind of activity the hole has. If it is an active hole, and you might be in luck- as this could be your base of operations for some time. At this point you want to hit your D scan, and see what is going on in the hole. If there are sleeper wrecks you should  go on high alert. never warp to anything on zero, and for god sakes never warp to the sun. Now if you have some sleeper wrecks on scan, the first thing that you should do is hit your ship scanner the second you drop out of warp. This will bring up all of the sleeper combat sites, if you open up your F10 solar system map.

What you have to do next is use your D scanner while you are in your F10 map mode. Set your angle to 15 degrees, and make sure that your scan distance is as long as possible. Remember that you D scan has a range of only 14.4AU- anything beyond that and you will not pick it up. OK so far you have used your Dscan determined that there are sleeper wrecks, and now you have used your ship scanner. While you are in your map mode- all of the combat sites are green arrows. What you have to do now is line up the 'you are here' arrow with those green points. When you have your D scan set to 15 degrees, your scan will be very focused- and you will simply see that site. Once you narrow them down to a site- warp in at 100K

Now that is the 'best possible' case of finding pilots. During the entire 'scanning' time you are passive and never have to decloak! that way the enemy has no idea that you are there, and there is nothing they can do to find you- so you have 100% surprise. The other way that you will most likely find targets is when they are not in a combat site. You will find most of your miners, and gas harvesters inside of Grav and Ladar sites- and sometimes you may even catch people running mag or radar sites. For these cases, you have to go 'active' in your scanning- and need to reveal your presence. Now there is a right and a wrong way to probe. I am going to cover the right way below-

Because you cannot find them on a point in the map browser, you want to take your D scan again and set it to 360 degrees. Start at 1 AU (150,000,000 k) And scan. If you don't see anything set to 2 AU (300,000,000) and scan. Continue to do this until you find the 'distance' they are from you. Ideally you want to get them as close as possible, so getting the targets down within 1-4 AU is ideal. Once you know about 'how far' away they are from your celestial- you are ready to drop probes.

The first thing that you want to try and do when you know that you are going to have to drop probes, is try and create a safe that cannot be found on D scan. that means that you have to be 14.4AU away from ANY celestial body in the system. If you can create one- do it! This is a huge plus, becuase then people can not pick you up on D scan (so they don't know what ship you are flying) and they cannot see you first setting up your probes. Now in some cases this is not possible, and no matter what you are going to be seen somewhere on D scan. If this is the case- try and get off your 'targets' D scan by moving at least 14.4 AU away from them, and preferably- away from any POS or active player ships in the system. Once you have arrived at your probe safe, quickly uncloak and drop your 5 core probes. Re-cloak and warp to your last point. (You last point being where you had 'narrowed' down their position to within 1-4AU of you.)

Once you are there set your probes for the distance you had D scanned them at. If your D scan hit them a 2AU set your probes for 2 AU with the 'middle' probe on top of your ship point. If you found them at 4AU then set the probes for 4. Realize that the second you move your probes over there your targets can potentially see your 'active' scan and warp away. That is why speed is of the essence. Remember your scanning shortcuts, Shift and ALT. That is going to cut down your scanning time by a lot. Once you set up your probes and hit scan- get ready with your D scanner. Make sure that you ahve it to 15 degrees and get ready. The second your probes are done- align the 'you are here' arrow up with each of the red 'sigs.' scan down each sig until you find your targets again- and then narrow your probes down on that sig A sap.

The second you clicked 'scan' on your probes- your targets could potentially know that you are there. Scan fast- and focus in on that point as quickly as you can. Once you get it to 100% recall your probes immediately! and warp to 100K If they didn't Dscan your probes in time- congrats! you have evaded their efforts to protect themselves, and have kept your element of surprise :) Now once you land on gird in any situation- the first thing that you should do is to make sure that you are not de cloaked, and that you have an overview setting showing EVERYTHING pulled up. That way you know 100% that you are not going to magically de-cloak right when you don't want too.

Ideally as a new bomber pilot you should be shooting for the ships like salvaging vessels, mining barges, indys and the like. Patience is a bombers best friend :) I cannot tell you how many times I have followed around a group of players running combat sites- when on the last site they get lazy and leave their hauler. With good skills, you can take down a noctis in 3 shots. That is less than 30 seconds- so the window you need to strike is extremely small. Practice makes perfect - and choosing targets, and getting kills all comes down to experience (in and our of game), skills (in and out of game) and of course how many bombers you are flying with (the more the merrier :) )

In closing- I just cannot stress patience enough! If you see that all of the PVE ships are sitting around while the salvager is doing it's work- get close to the salvage and wait. Sometimes once there is only like 2-3 sleeper wrecks left the others might get hasty and warp off. These few split seconds are where you come in with the finishing blow, and scoop up your kill, and their hard work. Once you get more comfortable you can start going after ships that are being 'guarded'. I have done it many times, and let me tell you - it is a great joy to kill a ship that thinks its 'protected'.

Anyway for next week- get ready for the cold hearten cereal killer stories- becuase ohh I have quite a few that are going to make your day :) Till then-

Fly dangerously!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Blueprint to Success (Part Two)

Alright Guys this is part 2 of my blueprints series. in this blog post I will finally be giving my opinion of all of the stealth bombers, and some of the fits that I use and find effective.  To begin with- in my mind there are really only 3 stealth bombers. I don't count the nemesis- becuase of fitting issues, it just sucks. And if you are looking for a 4 mid slot bomber, the manticore blows it out of the water in every shape and form. So with that out of the way, you are left with three bombers.

The first of the bombers I will be speaking about is the Manticore. The manticore is the caldari take on the stealth bomber hull- and In my opinion, they have created the last word in fleet work, and gang work with this platform. While the manticore exceeds at group and fleet work, it has a massive short coming in solo work. I would never fly a manticore solo. a few reasons are the slot layout. The manticore has 5/4/2. while providing great variety in the mid slots, it is lacking that third low slot- effectively stopping this bomber from speed tanking. Even with 1 nano in the low, it is still far and away the slowest and least agile of the bombers. Because of this- trying to fly the manticore solo is akin to trying to shove a square peg into a round hole.

Now on to the manticore fits:

Really with the manticore you are limited to two options. Range or Increased DPS at the expense of range. The first fit I will speak about is the 'shorter range' less skill intensive option for any aspiring manticore pilots. Frankly I feel that it is far better than the 'other' fit I will show you.


3X Arbalest siege missile launchers- Caldari Jugg Torps
1X Covert Ops cloaking device
1X Utility high (because I work in worm hole core probe launcher here is ideal)


1MN Afterburner 2
Balmer Series Tracking Disruptor (Optimal range script)
Phased Muon Sensor Damp (Targeting range script)
Utility Med (here you can pack a target painter, another TD, or another damp I will explain this choice in the next paragraph)

2X Ballistic Control System 2

2X Small rocket fuel cache partition 1

LV 5 stats:

Range: 77K
DPS: 498
Speed: 732m/s
Align: 7.13s

This option that I have outlined above is the bomber that sacrifices greater range for dps potential. With this setup you should be able to damp down any target that attempts to target you, and you can provide some ewar support for your gang members tackling with the TD equipped. The Sensor damp is simply there to stop ships that can actually strike you at 77K. This is simply your defense, as you ship does not go nearly fast enough to speed tank, and has the agility of a drunken obese whale.

Your role in your gang / Fleet Is to simply provide DPS support. With this setup you can almost give yourself a sense of immunity with the use of your sensor damp. As for your 'utility mid' you can choose which ewar module will best suit you and your gang. If you are working with many bombers a TP might be a good idea, as it is always a good idea to increase the sig radius of your target. However if you are not working with bombers- then perhaps give some thought to another TD. If you have another TD you can almost guarantee that any ship holding point against another turret based ship can stay withing point range forever with out fear of being hit.

Lastly you could opt to find yet another sensor damp. This will simply allow you to 'tank' two 'snipers' that may be out to try and pop you. Again this is simply up to your choice, and really you cant go wrong with any choice. Realize that your bomber is a nice juicy target, and you are by no means fast. Watch out for any sniping ships. Ideally your ewar and your range is your tank- don't forget this. Warp in and stay at range.

The second manticore fit is really only viable if you have trained stealth bombers very seriously, and can use t2 siege launchers. The fit is identical to the first- with one simple change. In place of the arbalest siege launchers, place T2. This fit is primarily used only with fleet battles, or larger gang. Because of CPU constraints you are limited to 2 sensor damps.

3X Siege Missile Launcher 2 (Javelin Jugg Torps)
1X Covert Ops Cloaking Device

1mn Afterburner 2
Sensor Booster 2
2X Phased Muon Sensor Damp (Targeting range script)

1x Ballistic Control System 2
1x CALDARI NAVY BALLISTIC CONTROL SYSTEM 2 (Yes we need some faction gear to make this cpu hoar fit)

Hydraulic Bay Thruster 1
Rocket Fuel Cache Partition 1

With level 5

DPS: 443
Range: 115K
Speed: 648

As you can see is all of this worth the effort to get 35K more range? I have no idea. Frankly I don't think so- but for large fleet work that range and your sensor dampners might be enough to save your life. This fit is pretty crazy with the Caldari BCU- and 1% CPU implant you are going to need to make it all fit. But this is the longest range torp sniper in the game. (For the cheapest price I could make it.) You really can't fly this thing in worm hole- hence why I feel that the other fit is far Superior and more realistic.

Now the other two bombers that we have left have the last word in solo work. These bombers share the slot layout of 5/3/3 which is ideal for solo work. These bombers namely the (hound and purifier) have a bit more versatility than the manticore and can arguably be fit one of three ways. In all three of the setups the high slots and low slots are the same for both bombers, along with their rig slots.

The high slots are: 3X arbalest torp launchers, 1covop cloak, 1 core probe launcher.

The low slots are: 2 Nanofiber internal structure 2 and 1 Ballistic control system.

The rigs are: Polycarbon engine housing 1 and Loading Bay accelerators / warhead calce rigs (your choice)

It is the mid slots that are going to change depending on what fit you plan on running, and what targets you are trying to hunt. The first is the setup that I run most often becuase I feel that it is the most versatile.

Versatile (Cap booster and MWD fit)
Warp disruptor 2
Cap booster 2 (cap booster 75's)
1mn MWD 2

This is going to allow your bomber to reach speeds of 2.4k in a purifier and a bit more in your hound. You are basically cap stable indefinitely with this setup, and even if you are under heavy neut- you can stick around for some time. You can outrun all but light drones, and battleships cannot hit you. Another great part about this setup is- if you are engaging a salvage destroyer and it has an MWD, you can easily keep point, and surpass it in speed. This setup allows you to take down small and faster targets, becuase now they really cannot run out of your point range. That is the good parts about this setup. However there are some short comings. The first is that you will have a harder time against missile ships, as you cannot turn on your prop becuase of the sig bloom. This provides less staying power than a bomber running the MSE AB fit (covered below) don't forget that if you jump into a hostile worm hole and are bubbled- doing the MWD and cloak trick is a great way to live (I have saved myself many times doing this trick)

Because drakes are the most popular ship in eve- this can sometimes be a problem.

Other than missile ships- this is my preferred way of flying becuase of the versatility and range control that the MWD offers me. Being Cap stable is also a great benefit :)

Second on the list is the super gank Pure DPS bomber:

Warp Disruptor 2
2X Target Painter 2 (or extron meta 4 TP if you like) (This setup is cap stable for around 1min 30sec)

Warp Disruptor 2
1MN MWD / 1MN AB (With MWD you are cap stable for 40s, and with AB 2min 30 sec)
Target Painter

This 'gank' fit forgoes the cap stability of the first, and instead loads on the TP. This will help to increase your damage potential, and certainly makes killing the smaller boats easier. I feel that this setup is deal for taking down Indys, Miners, and Salvagers. The reason why I say this is becuase your bomber can really throw out the DPS- but becuase of the Cap issues, doesn't have the staying power to engage any combat oriented ship. You can forget taking out BC, BS ships in this- unless you have some friends joining you. Other than that- this is a very viable gank fit. And perfect for sniping defenseless bears- as the fight will probably be over before your cap is.

The last fit is the Medium Shield Extender and afterburner Setup:

Med slots:
1mn AB
Warp disruptor 2

This setup is my second favorite of the three fits becuase it is cap stable yay! This fit is great for taking down missile boats as you have way more staying power. with level 5 skills your purifiers speed with the AB is 933 m/s and the Hound is moving at 981 m/s. The purifier can fit this no problem, but with the hound you are probably going to want a 'regolith' shield induction- and even then you are going to be 1% above your power output- so you are going to need to grab a power implant of some sort. This fit is very nice for tackling missile based boats. Because drakes are so common in worm hole space this is a very valid set up. The only flaw to this setup is of course taking down turret based ships, drones because now all drone types can catch you, and of course smaller targets. If a salvaging destroyer has an MWD he may be able to escape your point range. This goes for any covops ship as well. So those are the slight downfalls to this setup.

As for differentiating between the hound and purifier- both of them do great damage type. The purifier is of course the better choice for melting down shield tanked ships, while the hound can handle armor tankers quite effectively. Both of these boats are extremely good- and really the trade off between one or the other is really not that big of a deal. The hound of course is faster, and has a higher agility than the purifier- but the purifier makes up for this by having a larger cargo bay. that larger cargo bay is nice if you are flying some long worm hole stints, or need some more room to put your capboosters / loot / torps / and in some cases bombs.

So there you have it! Those are my takes on the bombers, and how I feel that they are best used to their fullest potential. Use the manticore as your DPS and ECM support boat while in gang / fleet work, and have your purifiers / hounds holding point / soloing. Bombers if used correctly can take down a vast variety of ships, you just have to know what you are up against. Before I close this blog post- I want to make a final point about bomb use. Now i realize that I have not covered bombs at all in this entire guide. There is a reason for this- Core probe launcher. Because you are working in worm hole space, going with out a core probe is just not possible. That is why the bomb has to go. Now if you are working in a gang of bomber while in worm hole, every pilot does not need a launcher- so a few can grab bombs.

If you are like me and live out of a giant secure container- you can keep a stash of bombs and a bomb launcher in there. If you are inside of a hole that has a high sec static- a refit is just one jump away into a station. (Or if you are really srs about taking down a system have your cloaked orca alt in system with you :) ) In short dropping a torp launcher is not advisable, becuase it really cuts down on your DPS. While bombs are a great tool- as a solo pilot using them is EXTREMELY situational. That is why for the most part I forgo the bomb use :)

So that about covers it for this blog post, I hope that this gave at least a few of you some insight into bomber fits, and what you should be looking for in your own bombers. Till next time!

Part 3 of my 'blueprints' series will be goving over scanning and hunting tactics

Fly dangerously!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Blueprint to Success (Part One)

This is the beginning of a 3 part blog series. The reasons why I have decided to write these are many. Primarrialy this is a 'guide' for the many people that seem to be messaging me, and wondering how they can get started in 'nomadic' wormhole life. This blog will focus on basic worm hole knowledge, and stealth bomber skill plan. In the next articles I will be covering stealth bomber fits of all kinds, and in part three I will write a guide of the 'stalk' and how to properly scan down and find ships while in worm hole space. (Don't worry I have some kills to help back up my points :) That way I can promise some action between my monologue.

With out further adieu, on to part one!

Basic Worm hole Knowledge:

Worm hole space is very very dangerous and it is this way for a number of reasons (least of all the other worm holies) First and foremost it is the fact that worm hole space is always changing. Static worm holes change, and so do the holes themselves. The first thing that any aspiring worm hole pilot should familiarize there self with is of course- a worm hole database. There are a ton of them on the internet, and finding one is not that hard. These are very very useful tools becuase they can tell you the class of the worm holes, it's effects, how many sleepers have been killed, along with ships, and pods- as well as the most important statistic- JUMPS.

Now that you have your worm hole databank- you can finally go out and start finding these gravity giants. Worm holes come in many flavors. that is why it is imperative that you are reading the information of any wormhole you come across. Wormholes can take you one of 6 places: high sec space, Low sec space, Nul sec space, unknown space (C1-C3), dangerous unknown space (C4-C5), and deadly unknown space (C6). Now C1-C3 worm holes are the easiest to traverse through- becuase they generally have a higher population rate. This means that finding the cosmic worm hole sigs in system does not take as long, becuase generally the inhabitants keep the ladar, grav, mag and radars clear.

On the other hand you have C4-C6 worm holes that are less populated. Because this guide is aimed an new worm holies, I will not being going into great depth about these holes- becuase you should be staying out of them for now :) Another important fact to look for in a worm hole is how long the worm hole will last. Normally you will see 'this worm hole is beginning to decay, and should not last more than a day.' If you see this- generally the hole is in it's prime, and you do not have to worry about collapsing behind out. On the other hand if you see 'this wormhole is reaching the end of it's natural lifetime' then you need to be aware that it may close sometime within the next 6-4 hours give or take.

Lastly- a worm hole has a mass, or how many ships are allowed to pass through the hole, before it collapses due to mass. Normally in your bomber you will never have to worry about collapsing a hole, and really this is a moot point. However if you notice that the worm hole has 'it's mass critically disrupted' then you need to be aware. Because the majority of it's mass has been taken up from ships passing through. The hole could close on you if you go through.

So to recap: If you see 'this worm hole has begun to decay, and should last another day' and 'this worm hole has yet to have it's stability disrupted from ships' then you are good to go. If on the other hand you see 'This worm hole is reaching the end of its natural lifetime' or 'the stability of the worm hole has reached a critical mass' then you need to be prepared that the hole could close the second you go through it. This of course is just a general rule, and as i am sure others can tell you- even a 'stable' worm hole will sometimes randomly collapse on you. Moral of the story? ALWAYS HAVE A PROBE LAUNCHER ON YOUR SHIP.

Next realize what you are getting into when you are going into a worm hole. Local does not exist, and sleepers can be rather tough opponents. If you are a new character to eve- I would suggest that you stay out of worm hole. However it does not keep an adventurous few from trying. This scythe for example is a prime example. Don't go into a worm hole, warp to a random planet on zero- and proceeded to shoot out core probes and start scanning. You are a glaring beacon, and honestly- I don't ever feel safe inside of worm hole unless I am cloaked up (covops cloak or prototype is miles better than none.)

Also if you are a new character- please do not try and solo sleeper sites. The sleepers will tear you to pieces. If you warp into a sleeper site- and are lucky enough to warp out- back to the high sec exit, don't repair your ship and come back for your T1 drones. I have no idea what this guy was thinking- I almost wanted to warn him when I saw him go in the first time to try and fight the sleepers. So i taught him a lesson.

Lastly don't forget to book mark everything! Book mark the worm hole you find, or the one that you came out of. it will save you a lot of time and grief in the long run :) Also if you ever plan on doing anything solo in a worm hole- you need to make sure that your ship can at least pvp to a small degree. Being in worm hole is dangerous- becuase you never know when a stealth bomber can sneak up on you, and ruin your day. Ohh- one more thing.

So in closing- if you are new to eve, then i suggest you stay out of worm holes unless you somehow can find yourself a very good worm hole corp. Secondly- if you are new to pvp I suggest that you at least get your feet wet in low sec or some consensual pvp in high sec. Worm hole space (like 0.0) has bubbles, HIC, DIC, bombs, and all of the other deploy-able stuff that you can wield in eve. Learning how to avoid bubbles, and how to properly fly so you don't end up like I did last week- will save you a lot of time, grief, and of course isk.

Ok next on my list is what I would consider to be a 'basic' skill plan for a stealth bomber pilot running around in worm hole space solo.

Astrometric Acquisition: 3
Astrometric Pinpointing: 4
Astrometric Rangefinding: 3
Astrometrics: 4

These of course are the bare minimum you are going to need if you ever plan on scanning yourself out of any worm hole in your bomber. If you have a prober alt- then all the more power too you. A covops ship, with gravity capacitor upgrades is always a great help!

Next on to the bread and butter of the Stealth bomber skills- I feel that Valadeya Uthanaras lays out a very thorough and well thought out skill plan. I have posted this below-

The skill number on the left is of course the minimum you are going to need- while the number on the right is of course ideal :)

Cloaking 4 4
Electronics 5 5
Electronics Upgrades 5 5
Long Range Targeting 4 5
Propulsion Jamming 4 5
Signature Analysis 4 5
Targeting  2 2

Energy Management  4 5
Energy Systems Operation 4 5
Engineering 5 5
Shield Management 3 4
Shield Operation 4 5
Shield Upgrades 4 5
Tactical Shield Manipulation 4 5

Gunnery 2 2
Weapon Upgrade 5 5
Advanced Weapon Upgrade 4 5

Jury Rigging 3 3
Astronautics Rigging 4 5
Shield Rigging 4 4
Launcher Rigging 4 5
Mechanic 4 5
Nanite Operation 1 5

Bomb Deployment 1 4
Missile Bombardment 4 5
Missile Launcher Operation 5 5
Missile Projection 4 5
Rapid Launch  4 5
Target Navigation Prediction 4 4
Torpedoes 4 5
Warhead Upgrades  4 5

Acceleration Control 4 5
Afterburner 4 4
Evasive Maneuvering 4 5
High Speed Maneuvering 4 5
Navigation 5 5
Warp Drive Operation 5 5

Amarr Frigate 5 5
Covert Ops 5 5**************** I cannot stress this enough- look at your ship bonus, each level gives %15 increase to torp damage- 15% it is HUGE!
Minmatar Frigate 5 5
Spaceship Command 3 5

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a very basic guide to worm hole life. I know that I didn't cover much in the way of worm hole know how- but this is simply a basic primer. I am sure that most of you know the ins and outs of worm hole life, and I really didn't feel like boring you :) Next time I will be running over all of the stealth bomber fits, and the stealth bombers and their different roles. I hope you enjoyed, and if you ever want to contact me in game- convo Chessur, or just shoot me an eve mail.

Till later- fly dangerously!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Worm Hole Space: Feast, Famine, and Ball Kicker

Well after the craziness of last weeks post- I bring you this weeks back to reality blog. Moving on from my C2 escapades, and going back in time a bit we find our intrepid traveler deep in C6 worm hole space. Our heroic PIRATE operative was positioned to a far outpost, to ensure that people are flying with worm hole licenses, and also mining with worm hole licenses. For 3 days our oprative had to sit within the worm hole- watching and waiting, and of course taking notes the entire time. The life of a worm hole nomad can at times leave one sitting in a small frigate in unknown areas of space for long amounts of time. Sometimes deep space madness can occur, however for the most part our PIRATE operatives are well trained in the arts of 'eluding' boredom.

During these longer voyages one can truly experience some of the more beautiful sights eve has to offer (provided that you have CPU to see it. Truely C6 wormhole space is quite wonderful, and some of the sleeper sites are pretty cool to look at- for about half an hour or so. After that things can get boring, and fast. As I am sure you the reader are aware, C4-6 worm holes while having delicious loot in them, are very very sparsely populated. Not to mention the fact that because you are so deep in space, finding your way to empire can be a real chore. Regardless of the situation I found myself sitting in a hole that had a fairly active presence. I did not make any 'contact' with my enemy for a few days, so for all they knew- they were alone.

One day a K162 random wormhole opened in this space, and lo and behold you could fly right into a C3 then through to high sec! The c6 holies of course jumped at the chance to finally offload their wears, and started moving freight through the worm holes. I took up position on the inside of the C3/C6 worm hole and waited. Soon enough my first victem would appear- in the form of a badger. Once again this rushed pilot didn't wait out the session timer so I gave him a learning lesson. One shotting ships is fun.

After I had this kill- things got ugly. The corp decided that I was a rather large threat, and undocked a moros, curse, tranis and the works. I guess things were go to get ugly- so i reloaded my 3 torp launchers. I changed up my kill spot to the c6 side of the c6/c3 worm hole and waited. Again they started moving freight- however this time it was a bestower. Along with the bestower came the curse and tranis. I watched all three of them go through the hole, and about 10min later I followed. Once inside the C3 I moved over to the C3/High sec worm hole and waited.

A bit later I see the worm hole shimmer, and out pops the curse, and taranis- last with a bestower. The bestower begins to align towards the C6/C3 worm hole and I decided that I can try and beat him there. So I throw my frig into warp, and once I landed on the Worm hole- jumped through to the C6/C3 side. I had about a 30 second wait before the hole started to shake. I was crossing my fingers that the curse and taranis guards were getting lazy / careless and hoped that the bestower was going to go through first. Thankfully it did! I had no idea how much time I had before his friends showed up- so I overheated my torps, Killed it and just when my last torps were leaving the tubes- the hole shimmers again.

Out pops the curse and in seconds I am targeted. I was already aligned and warped- so I got away scott free.

I was thinking that I had done pretty well for myself. Until i looked at the mail: Ouch

Yes that is a nightmare blueprint, and no I did not have the chance to grab it :(

After this night of fun I logged in the next day- and checking the system with my D scanner noticed a ton of sleeper wrecks. Hoping that I would have some good luck today at least- I scanned them out and soon was sitting 100K off the site, watching them finish it off. However the only problem was- there was no way in hell I was every going to get a Kill. they were running sites with 2 chimera, 2 revelation, 1 moros, 3 nightmare, and of course had a roqual cleaning it all up. Shit- my guns can't to anything here, and if this is how they operate (Capital e peeen bear style) there is nothing this lone PIRATE operative could do- So i had to call it quits for this location.

On the whole this entire week has not been a good one for me. I have not had many kills, and what worse is that I managed to lose 2 bombers, and 2 pods :( This is one of those kick in the balls kind of weeks, that i am sure every eve player gets once and awhile.

The first bomber loss was simply ineptitude on my part (and well so was the second lol). After having been in a famine and wanting to find fresh targets- I headed down a wormhole system that eventually went to a C6. I was in a C5 so I jumped through. What a suprise then when i find myself surrounded by 2 phobos, 1 legion, 1 tengu, a scorpion, and one ashimmu. The HIC bubble was up- so i waited out my session timer, and jumped back through to the other side. As expected- one of the HIC's had gone through the hole and was sitting there with the bubble up. I proceeded to cloak and pulse my MWD- just barely escaping. I warped to a planet and deciding to call it a night warped to the other worm hole home. On zero. With out scanning. ON ZERO. Honestly it should be almost impossible to lose your bomber at a gate camp- but i managed to do it twice in a week lol....

Long story short the other phobos had moved to that hole, along with a legion. I had the great luck of landing literally 7k from the hole, and 1.7k from the legion. I was decloaked and dead. My pod followed. Why I didn't just warp to a safe after getting away and then going AFK I will never know. But I guess chalk it up to me being tired and actually wanting to sleep in a station once in my life.

Now one would think that I would learn from this experience. But ohh no. I had to make a seriously long trek through 0.0 space to join up with some corpies of mine, who needed some assistance. Going through 0.0 I was crossing razor space- and was not thinking that people would try to be out to get me. Things started to get hot when there were interceptors waiting for me at gates (which i can easily avoid) but then things god serious when there was a Sabre waiting. Of course it deployed it's bubble- and luckily I was alert and cloaked and MWD pulsed. I escaped the bubble and moved on. (AGAIN WHY I DIDN'T JUST MAKE A SAFE AND GO AFK IS A MYSTERY TO ME)

On the other side of the gate I was greeted with 6 dictors..... All of which proceeded to bubble, and then move at me. One of them got close enough to decloak me- and I was dead. Along with my pod. Gah eve is a cruel mistress :(

So that dear readers is the three words that can sum up my nomadic lifestyle. It can be feast- but some weeks you can have a large vamine- not shoot at anything, and then get kicked in the balls twice. Ohh well I am not concerned, bombers come cheap- and I never really was one for my KB stats anyways :) Next post I will be sharing a few stories with you, about why new players should stay out of worm hole, and why a purifier is greater than a ferox. Hope you enjoyed- fly dangerously!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Easy ISK

Easy ISK
This blog again finds me logging into a C2 worm hole, with a high sec static. Read the other 2 parts of my blog to catch up on the story. So last time I left off - I had just finished off killing a noctis, covetor, and a kestral all in one day. I had logged for the past three days, becuase I was spending the weekend up with my girlfriend. When I finally got around to logging back in- I did the usual- D scan. I did a double take and pressed the scan again. Again NOTHING showed up on scan..... At this point I was very very confused.... So i went to my warp in points on the POS. Sure enough it was gone! So I guess that my antics had moved the people out of the hole. Surprising what a single T2 frig can do :)

At this point I was at a bit of a loss.... I don't have any more targets to hunt, so I knew that it was time to move on. But before I did- I posted the WH to sell it on the boards. Thankfully someone was interested, and I sold the worm hole for 210mil. Not bad for a days of work, but I wanted more! I was only about 100mil away from a PLEX (and let me tell you I love PLEX) so I went diving down another hole I found. I made it about 5 holes deep before I found something interesting. I was in a class 4 and on my D scan there appeared a ton of sleeper wrecks, and a solo tengu.

Now this is what I call a golden opportunity! The tengu seemed to have completed 2 combat sites and was 100% by him self. I gleefully sat and waited while he finished up his second site. After the last BS has popped, he warped to his POS and came back in a noctis. I watched as he slowly cleaned the first site, and then headed over to the second one. As I watched him clean up the second, a fleeting thought passed through my mind. Why do holies leave so many millions of dollars in salvage in an undefended industrial ship? Obviusly this guy was solo so perhaps that was the case- but would it not have been smarter to drop the 1st site loot off at the POS?

Either way his haste payed off for me at least. Like normal I had followed behind him while he cleaned wrecks, and just as he finished up with the last one- I opened up the torpedo bay doors, and let loose some very angry caldari navy mjolnir torps. He popped quickly from their wrath. And low and behold, the juicy noctis let flow a bountiful loot! 130mil worth of sleeper guts! Not bad for a days worth- about 340mil on the day, so hurray for another 30 days of game time!

Now I am going to be skipping around With my story some what. I am catapulting you the reader to the last few days of my current worm hole occupation. The reason why I am doing so, is becuase it was the first time that I have ever had the chance to spring a trap. And also the first time I had ever seen so many tears. a few days ago I was diving holes like normal, and making sure to check each hole on static mapper to see if any had a high occupancy rate. Normally you can tell how 'well traveled' a worm hole is by looking at the amount of combat and cosmic sites left standing. a worm hole with few means that people are actively farming the hole, and a worm hole with many means that it has rather sparse occupancy.

Normally I notice that C1 and C2 worm holes are the most occupied, while C4 - C6 are not. You can imagine my surprise then, when I found a C4 worm hole almost devoid of any sites. It seems that 2 corps had just moved in, and there was plenty of activity on static mapper to back up my gut feeling.I decided that this would be a nice place to settle down for awhile, and moved in with my large secure container. After stocking it, I proceeded to rain hell from above with my little frig.

The first day went well, and i netted two kills. The first was a clueless covetor, and that was followed shortly by a heron popping out moon probes. The heron kill was interesting at least. I used my D scan to keep tracking how down on the moons. He was moving from moon at a fast pace. I got awfully close on a couple of occasions, but finally I guessed his warp in distance and basically warped in right on top of him. Only being 10k away I easily opened up everything on him, and was just finishing him off when his friend in a drake care screaming in to save him. To bad for the drake- but he was a bit late. I popped the heron and made a dash to my safe. as soon as I could, I came back and looted the heron wreck. Inside I was surprised to see about 2k worth of paradise cruise missiles, and random ammo. Perhaps they were trying to stop me from looting with the cargo size increase? I will never know- so i just blew it up. Almost on cue the drake came back- but again too late. All went well, and I made sure that i gave each pilot my service fee. The covetor incurred extra cost because as a PIRATE (Protecting Innocent Roids Againt Terrifying Exhumers) operative- it is my duty to ensure that any unlawful removal of space scenery is carried out under license. For those of you that wish to purchase a license, contact me in game for further details :)

Anyway on with the story. The first night didn't lend me with any good loot. However when I logged on the next day. The corps seemed to be moving POS mods into the system. I took up watch near the worm hole, and waited. A capsule and 2 badgers came from the pos and sat on the hole for some time. I held my guns, knowing that if I opened fire- they could simply escape to the other side. There apparent waiting seemed to have worked in my favor. They thought it was safe, and they were secure in their own little eve server. The badgers eventually jumped through. A little while later- one of the badgers warps back through the worm hole. Now you should never be killed while on a worm hole....Because if you are smart and wait out the timer, you can stay cloaked up and invincible for 30 seconds, before you initiate warp. If while you are trying to warp you are targeted- jump back through the hole.

Thankfully for me the badger pilot was in a rush- and started to align the second he was in system. That was good news for me, and I uncloaked and popped him. I looted what I could and no sooner had I finished than a hyperion and dramiel came warping in to save his now dead friend. Thankfully I easily escaped and decided to go AFK for a bit. I had some homework to attend to.

After completing the home work, I logged back in. I hit the D scanner- and who do i see but that covetor again. It was sitting in the same place, mining. Exactly like last night. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where my fun started. I hit the D scan and notice that they have 2 dramiels sitting on their POS. Also- their manticore that they had out earlier was suspiciously missing. Admiral Akbar was telling me in my mind that ITS A TRAP! I knew that the wise admiral was correct, and I needed to get bigger guns. So i went to my container, and grabbed my bomb launcher and one EM bomb.

I warped to the worm hole exit, gut shot into a C1 and then took that C1 to highsec. I re fit in a station, and soon I was back in my C4, bomb launcher attached and ready. before I decided to move in on the covetor again, I looked up their manticore fit. and HOLY ****- Fail fit doesn't even begin to describe that. So feeling a bit better about my chances I slowly stalked up to within 30k of the covetor.Setting my Dscan to 3 Au i was getting prepared to leave the second the drams hit my scan. With one last breath I unloaked, lockup up the covetor- overheated my torps and let fly. The second my torps were out of their tubes i released my bomb- and set my orbit. Suddenly a manticore decloaked about 15K off my bow. ****. Then he started to point me with a long point- double ****. I was pointed.

I immediately aligned towards my far safe, and while pressing D scan like a mad man- noticed that the 2 drams were coming. TRIPLE ****. In the middle of all this- the covetor (who was now outside my point range) went pop. As the first volly of jugg torps hit my shields I knew that it was go time. (I didn't want to take the sig radius hit from turning on my MWD to early, so i waited until the first torps hit.) The second my shields dropped, I hit the MWD and overheated. I started to fly away at 3.3K. The drams landed on grid about 50K away, and they started to burn at me at rather scary speed. Luckily my speed fit purifer was miles faster than the manticore, and he lost point. I hit warp and moved on just at the second volley of torps hit my shields. Thankfully- i didn't even have my paint scratched :)


And now the best for last- the chat logs. Hope you enjoyed, and fly safe!

Please excuse my typos in chat- I was rofling to hard :D
[ 2011.05.12 04:45:58 ] Chessur > dont make it so obvious next time ok?
[ 2011.05.12 04:56:00 ] Chessur > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL9ihXiFAko
[ 2011.05.12 05:03:43 ] Etherel Anawlis > i love it when a white boy links rap...come over here so i can bend you over like your daddy
[ 2011.05.12 05:04:27 ] Chessur > you still owe me some service chage :(
[ 2011.05.12 05:04:38 ] Chessur > don't worry I am sure that we are going to be seeing more of each other :)
[ 2011.05.12 05:04:39 ] Etherel Anawlis > you still owe me some service
[ 2011.05.12 05:04:52 ] Chessur > my corp has in intest in this hole
[ 2011.05.12 05:05:02 ] Chessur > so i guess i am going to be sticking around :)
[ 2011.05.12 05:05:08 ] Chessur > or you can just pay....
[ 2011.05.12 05:05:48 ] Etherel Anawlis > what if you get podded and lose the hole?
[ 2011.05.12 05:05:54 ] Chessur > alts :)
[ 2011.05.12 05:06:16 ] Etherel Anawlis > well log them in and we'll have a fleet fight
[ 2011.05.12 05:06:27 ] Chessur > no thanks. I work solo
[ 2011.05.12 05:06:37 ] Etherel Anawlis > ok, i got a drake i can afford to lose
[ 2011.05.12 05:07:00 ] Allpowerfull1 > THE ONLY HOLE I SEE IS YOUR CUMDUMPSTER YOU CALL YOUR MOUTH
[ 2011.05.12 05:07:27 ] Chessur > if i needed a cum back, i would just wipe it off your mothers chin.
[ 2011.05.12 05:08:03 ] Etherel Anawlis > so you gonna solo me or what?
[ 2011.05.12 05:08:47 ] Chessur > I have been soloing you....... actually i have been soloing both of your corps.
[ 2011.05.12 05:09:06 ] Etherel Anawlis > i could have done your job with a reaper...let's see a real fight
[ 2011.05.12 05:09:28 ] Chessur > sure I will come after your drams next time ok>
[ 2011.05.12 05:09:47 ] Etherel Anawlis > lol
[ 2011.05.12 05:10:27 ] Allpowerfull1 > LOL
[ 2011.05.12 05:10:28 ] Etherel Anawlis > wouldn't you rather kill a drake worth 80 mil?
[ 2011.05.12 05:10:38 ] Cpt Cal > lol
[ 2011.05.12 05:10:47 ] Sutairn > llol
[ 2011.05.12 05:10:55 ] Chessur > nah drams make a more of a statement :)
[ 2011.05.12 05:12:24 ] Etherel Anawlis > well let's see, sb vs dram or drake...i'd say an sb can't beat a drake's tank
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:04 ] Chessur > and I think your wrong :(
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:15 ] Etherel Anawlis > test mine...you don't know how i'm fit
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:31 ] Chessur > yes i do. I have info'd every single person in the hole
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:31 ] Etherel Anawlis > i'll even guarantee no support on my side
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:36 ] Chessur > I know that you all suck at pvp
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:43 ] Chessur > and i know that most of you run cookie cutter fits
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:45 ] Chessur > also
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:54 ] Chessur > that manticore fit you have is bad :( really really bad :(
[ 2011.05.12 05:13:55 ] Etherel Anawlis > most...hmmmm
[ 2011.05.12 05:14:51 ] Etherel Anawlis > so how am i fit
[ 2011.05.12 05:15:14 ] Chessur > I can't reveal all of my sources and information in our first conversation now can i?
[ 2011.05.12 05:15:29 ] Etherel Anawlis > well if you want, but i'd call you stupid
[ 2011.05.12 05:15:56 ] Chessur > actually you guys are the ones that are raging.... i would too after that 'ambush'
[ 2011.05.12 05:16:09 ] Allpowerfull1 > you can't even kill dead pussy
[ 2011.05.12 05:16:09 ] Chessur > botched doesnt even begin to describe that fail
[ 2011.05.12 05:18:07 ] Etherel Anawlis > i can't help that you change your ammo
[ 2011.05.12 05:18:34 ] Chessur > wait what?
[ 2011.05.12 05:18:39 ] Chessur > change my ammo?
[ 2011.05.12 05:19:00 ] Etherel Anawlis > you think i didn't pay attention to your fail the first time? 5 volleys to kill me
[ 2011.05.12 05:19:09 ] Chessur > ...
[ 2011.05.12 05:19:35 ] Etherel Anawlis > it's an indy...1 shot kill or train
[ 2011.05.12 05:20:11 ] Etherel Anawlis > it's not even a good indy lol
[ 2011.05.12 05:20:17 ] Etherel Anawlis > t1 resists
[ 2011.05.12 05:22:12 ] Chessur > This entire chat log is going to be the center piece of my next blog
[ 2011.05.12 05:22:14 ] Chessur > this is art
[ 2011.05.12 05:22:31 ] Etherel Anawlis > thank you, i thought you sucked as well
[ 2011.05.12 05:23:19 ] Chessur > yep that is why you are down.... 2 covetors, 1 heron, 1 badger and counting sounds like a winner to me
[ 2011.05.12 05:23:38 ] Etherel Anawlis > what's this you stuff...i don't have a heron or badger

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The little purifier that could

Continuing on where I had left off with my last story: I had moved into a c2 worm hole with a high sec static. I had my giant secure container moved in, and i was ready for the long haul. Inside this hole there were two corporations that were working together. The last time that I had a run in with them, I killed a noctis, and left with their Hyperion in 50% armor. About a day later when I logged in again, I began the usual routine of D scanning the worm hole.

To my surprise I found some sleeper wreaks and a tengu on scan. It seemed that they were running a radar site, and becuase i already had it book marked I did not have to release any probes, and reveal my presence. once the tengu finished up with the last of the sleepers, he returned to his pos and came back in a Buzzard. It seemed that he was not the only member of his corp online, and with the return of a buzzard, also came a noctis. The buzzard began to hack the radar site, while the noctis began cleaning up the tengus mess. Again I am wondering why with two non combat ships- people still decide to do this? Do worm hole players honestly think that they are safe and playing on their own eve server?

Again I waited until the noctis was just finnishing off the last of the wreaks. I had moved in between him and the buzzard. My hope was that i could some how point the buzzard, and kill the noctis fast enough before it warped. Then i could focus my attention on the buzzard, and go for a 'two birds with one stone' approach. If there is one down side to flying solo, it is that you sometimes just don't have enough points to get the job done. I uncloaked about 30 k away from the noctis, and about 20 away from the buzzard. I pointed the buzzard, and opened up on the noctis. The noctis pilot was clearly not ready for the attack, and didn't even align by the time I killed him. Sadly the buzzard over heated his prop mod, and escaped my point. He quickly rushed back to his pos, and I assumed that he was going to get his tengu and come  rushing back.

Sadly I did not have a chance to take down the noctis pod- and he also escaped. I new that my time was short so i burned twards the noctis wreak, looted and blew up what was left. I cloaked up close to the radar site, and sure enough mr. tengu came back with blood shot eyes. I don't have the chat logs, but the basically he was calling me a pussy. He was also informing me that I need to shoot at things that shoot back, and will give me a fight. Then he proceeded to do a bit of chest thumping, telling me that i should uncloak and fight his tengu. I really don't take any offense to this, becuase the more rage that I cause- tells me that I am doing my job. Like I had said earlier, the stealth bomber is the last word in psychological warfare. And it seems that the loss of 2 noctis and all of their delicious loot- I have begun to strike a nerve.

Thinking that I was probably not going to see any action at the worm hole for some time, I decided to log out and finish up on some home work. Luckily for me I was planning on leaving to go visit my girl friend for the weekend, and was trying to finish up some work so that way i had more time for fun on the weekend. Once I finished up I decided to log back on and see if the inhabitants of the C2 worm hole had crawled up from their holes (I mean POS).

The eve gods must have been smilling at me, becuase once I hit the D scanner, 2 covetors, and an Itty 5 came up, along with some jet cans. Now if you ask me, I don't think that jet can mining is ever a good idea. And i really don't think that It is a good idea in worm hole space. Once again I didn't need to have to go active and send probes out, as I already had the site book marked. So i warped in at 100 and finally had eyes on my targets. It seems that they were using the Itty 5 to move the ore from the grav site to their pos, and had 2 covetous vicously attacking those poor defenseless asteroids.

As some of you may or may not know, I am a P.I.R.A.T.E and thus it is my duty to protect the innocent, and uphold the law. Both of the covetors were mining with out a permit, and it was time that I struck them down for their heathen ways. A PIRATE or (Protecting Innocent Roids Against Terrifying Exhumers) operative, it was my duty to strike. Looking back on this situation- I probably should have waited until the itty came back- that way I could have killed the itty 5 and pointed a covetor, thus netting 2 kills with one stone. Again I find myself in the situation of not having enough points to handle all of my targets. So i did what i could. I pointed one covetor, and started lobbing torps at another. Sadly I seemed to have picked the wrong target, becuase the covetor that I did not have pointed was on the ball, and escaped. The covetor that I had pointed however was still continuing to mine, and had not even recalled his mining drones. He died in a fire ball of death as my last volley of torps hit home. You think that they would have learned? Since I just got done blowing up another noctis... maybe add a little bit of protection?

I didn't get the pod (again) and instead looted the wreak, and then torped the left overs. I thought that my day of fun in this worm hole was going to be over but i was wrong! When i was moving some of my loot in and out of the worm hole, I noticed a kestrel on scan. He was sitting in one of the two POS so I info'd the pilot, and looked at his fitting. It seems that he is comfortable at killing FAIL FIT HOUNDS in his t1 kessi. I guess that he thought that the same would hold true to me, and my stealth bomber. Now before I tell you what happens next- I feel that i need to weight in on the entire stealth bomber vs t1 frig debate. Now in all honesty if both pilots are intelligent, and are not flying fail fits- neither should be able to kill each other. The only way a bomber can kill a frig is if it gets cocky. And what i mean by that is, giving chase to a bomber that begins shooting torps from 60+ K or foolishly turns on his MWD.

Other than those two situations, there is no way that a bomber should kill a frig. Now the only way a frig can kill a bomber is if the bomber is stupid enough to move into point range. However the bomber should never get that close, and should simply try and kite. The purifier and the hound are meant to be speed fit, and should have 2 nano's in the low slots, with a one speed rig. This will push the speed up to 2.4 for the purifier, and 2.7 for the hound. This speed is more than enough to keep at range of any AB frig, and if the frig wants to chase the bomber and turn on the MWD- they are going to die.

Long story short- with two competent pilots, this fight should never happen, and even if it does it is a stale mate. Luckily for me and you the readers, this kestrel pilot was neither. I saw him warp from his POS in the direction of the static high sec entrance. I warped in at 50 and noticed that the kestral had warped in at 100K and was orbiting the hole. Obviously he was spoiling for a fight, so i thought that i would oblige. I uncloaked about 60K away from him and started to lob torps in his direction. I was hoping that he would take the bait, and light his WMD. Sadly he didn't have one, and instead proceeded to use his AB to close distance on me.

I was hoping to end this fight quickly with a bomb, but now i found myself slow boating towards him, while he burned full speed at me. Let me remind you that this entire time I am still shooting hm with my torps. Why he continued to try and close the distance with me is beyond my understanding lol Once he got to within 45 K I let loose a bomb.

The pod was too far away for me to point, so I don't have that kill- but the drops were not bad from the frig, and it at least payed for the bomb lol. Over all I had a good day, and now my tally against this group of holies stands at:
1: Kestrel
1: Covetor
2: Noctis

I logged out for that night and didn't play again for 3 days. I decided to give the holies a little reprive from my terrifying frigate. I was off to go and spend a great weekend with my girlfriend. And you will not believe what I find once I get around to logging back in :) I will save that delicious treat for next time. anyway I hope that you enjoyed!

Fly Dangerously !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Begining

Before I go any further- did I rip this entire blog idea from some one else? the answer is a yes. This man inspired me to do what I do. I carry on his torch, and continue on his good work, when he has since stopped updating his blog. If you are a care bear stop reading here. I am heartless, cold, and above all cloaked up. I am your worst nightmare.

You can find this blog here.

Anyway on to the new and juicy stuff.

I am fairly new to eve online, and really I could say that compared to the 'average' eve player I am quite the oddity. I really have never played a large part in any player run corporations. I spend most of my time flying solo, and wishing that I could find a group of 5 dedicated guys that I could fly with. Sadly all of this wishing is to no avail, and alas I find myself alone sitting in worm hole space with my purifier. I have recently returned to this game after many on and off bouts with my account. For some reason I have been sticking around a lot longer this time, and actually find myself Enjoying eve so much more than the other two times I tried to half ass and play this wonderfully complex game. Please do not expect any of my posts to be in any particular order. I will write as I please, and I will write what I wish, when I wish.

The stealth bomber is a rather misunderstood creature in the eve universe. It has gone through many drastic changes in the past, and now find itself as the de facto glass cannon in eve online. Most eve players dismiss this paper thin tanked frig for worthless. And only in 0.0 in huge stealth bomber fleets do bombers seem to etch out any sort of usefulness. Most players dismiss the bomber as completely useless. I have been in a few corporations that would even refuse to add me to fleet, becuase I was flying a bomber. (More on fleet bombers in another blog though)

While I feel that some of the hate is warranted on the stealth bomber, to me it is nothing but the best tool one could ask for in EVE. When pvp is blobing, hotdrops, local, and having scouts up and down the pipe in every direction- worm hole space is a dream to any pvp pilot. I feel that here the bomber can really work wonders, and truly can shine. In my mind the bomber is with out question the last word in guerrilla and psychological warfare. With its cov op cloak, and no targeting delay after cloak, this little frig can be a mean thing to fight. Because the bomber is always watching you. The bomber picks their fights. And like a knife- strikes in your weak spot right when you don't expect it. And with out further adieu ladies and gentlemen, let that be the prelude to tonight's first blog post.

I had decided to settle down in a rather active C2 Worm hole. Checking static mapper, I noticed that this hole had some regular activity- and it also had 2 pos set ups. I was rather exited at having the prospect of an active holie corp, and moved in my giant secure container. You see being a solo pilot in worm hole means that you need to learn how to be as self sufficient as possible. In my case it was deciding to settle in a C2 worm hole that had a high sec static entrance. With my giant secure container inside and at a safe- I had a ready point to reload my bomber, store loot, and of course a re fit was only a jump away. these types of worm holes are ideal for me.

Both of the corporations in the worm hole were American based, and this worked out great for me because we both shared the same time zone. Because it was later on a Tuesday night, the worm hole was not active- so during the lul I decided to probe out all of the worm hole sigs, and book mark them. I don' t use a scanner alt, so I can only equip a core probe launcher on my bomber. Now I have learned to work around not having combat probes quite nicely. Most holies do not have 'safe' points, and because of this the only time you are going to be scanning down ships is either at a site, or a pos. If you are smart with your core probes, ship scanner, and D scan- you can get buy.

Over the time that I have spent in worm hole, I have learned a number of tricks and colorful ways of probing down and finding ships, with out the use of a prober alt, or combat probes. To me self sufficiency is king, and I plan on making sure that my bomber can do everything I need it to do. Getting back to our C2 with high sec static: After probing out all of the sigs, and setting up my can with bombs, bomb launchers, target painters, torpedoes, nanites and the like- I was ready to begin my terror run on hole. I went to bed that night with evil in my heart. I was hoping on collecting tears tomorrow.

Once I was done my college classes for the day, I jumped on eve and immediately started up the D scan. To my great surprise i noticed that there were a number of sleeper wreaks, along with a myrm and hyperion. I hit the ship scanner, and noticed that there were some combat sites in the direction of the D scan. I had them zeroed down in now time, and warped to the site at 100k. Once i arrived I checked both of the pilots, and noticed that they were quite new. the hyperion pilot in particular was way to new to be really flying a battleship. He was using T1 drones, so he was not a threat to me in the least. the myrm pilot on the other hand was a bit more experienced, and could at least use t2 drones.

Both of them were cleaning up the site extremely slowly, so deciding to kill time- i went to the gym for a quick half hour work out. When i came back and checked their progress, they were just finishing up the last of the sleepers. Like magic the myrm pilot warps off back to his pos, and with D scan I can tell that he is in a noctis. This is great news for me and I get ready to blow him out of the sky. The noctis warps back into the sleeper site and begins to clean up their mess. Now at this point I have to give these guys credit, as the hyperion actually stayed on the site, and was 'defending' the noctis. That is more than most corps do- becuase from my experience everyone warps off to the next site / pos while they pack everything into a destroyer hull or a noctis.

However there were a few flaws with their plan. The first being that the Hyperion was about 50K away from the noctis, and the second being that I was in a speed fit purifier- that goes 2.4k /s. I waited patiently while the noctis cleaned up all of their hard work, and once he had grabbed the last wreak- I uncloaked about 20k off his bow. I was orbiting already and was waiting for the Hyperion to lock me before I lit the MWD. With the first volley of Cladari mjolnir torps out of the tubes I began to slow boat my orbit around the noctis. My first volly hit for 3k and the noctis was down in two more shots. He never stood a chance. Boom. The noctis was down, and finally at this point the Hyperion locked me. I tried to grab the pod, but sadly the noctis pilot had been on his toes, and was able to escape back to his POS. In the mean time I turned on my WMD and started to burn towards the wreak. Careful to set my orbit at 2000, I need to keep my transversal high with the hyperion now lobbing lead at me. With the MWD on I still over shot the wreak, but thanks to some quick mouse work, was still able to grab the loot.

The hyperion was missing left and right, and I decided to engage the battleship as well. Of course he sicked his hobgoblin 1 drones at me, but those are far to slow- and i ended up out running them. I settled into a 20k orbit, and with my WMD on was under his guns, and out running his drones. I was slowly breaking his tank, and was certain that i would have two kills. Sadly this was not the case- as his friend decided to return in a myrm. The noctis pilot was not happy, and now in his myrm he wanted some pay back. he released a flight of warrior 2 drones, and I new that I had to run. The hyperion was in 50% armor and i was really un happy, but i disengaed, and wapred to a random planet.

For tonight my fun was over, I had to get back to RL and finish up on some homework that I had been procrastinating on. before signing out- I left them with my service invoice-

              Dear Valued Customer,

It has come to our attention that you recently had a run with one of our field agents (Chessur). It seems that he provided you with a Worm Hole service, and destroyed your ship for flying with out a proper permit. Becuase of this transgression your current invoice stands at:

Destruction of unlicesed ship: 75 milllion
Worm Hole License Late Fee: 25 million
Total: 100 million

You can purchase a worm hole license from your field agent (Chessur). contact him for any details. Licenses can be corporation or player specific. Thanks for your time, and we hope that you have a good day.


Thankfully this is not the only run in I had with this corp over the course of a week. I will be sharing all of those encounters with you in my next blog post. This story has a very nice and very happy ending for me- so i hope you enjoyed your time, and I hope you stick around for more.

Fly dangerously!