Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Begining

Before I go any further- did I rip this entire blog idea from some one else? the answer is a yes. This man inspired me to do what I do. I carry on his torch, and continue on his good work, when he has since stopped updating his blog. If you are a care bear stop reading here. I am heartless, cold, and above all cloaked up. I am your worst nightmare.

You can find this blog here.

Anyway on to the new and juicy stuff.

I am fairly new to eve online, and really I could say that compared to the 'average' eve player I am quite the oddity. I really have never played a large part in any player run corporations. I spend most of my time flying solo, and wishing that I could find a group of 5 dedicated guys that I could fly with. Sadly all of this wishing is to no avail, and alas I find myself alone sitting in worm hole space with my purifier. I have recently returned to this game after many on and off bouts with my account. For some reason I have been sticking around a lot longer this time, and actually find myself Enjoying eve so much more than the other two times I tried to half ass and play this wonderfully complex game. Please do not expect any of my posts to be in any particular order. I will write as I please, and I will write what I wish, when I wish.

The stealth bomber is a rather misunderstood creature in the eve universe. It has gone through many drastic changes in the past, and now find itself as the de facto glass cannon in eve online. Most eve players dismiss this paper thin tanked frig for worthless. And only in 0.0 in huge stealth bomber fleets do bombers seem to etch out any sort of usefulness. Most players dismiss the bomber as completely useless. I have been in a few corporations that would even refuse to add me to fleet, becuase I was flying a bomber. (More on fleet bombers in another blog though)

While I feel that some of the hate is warranted on the stealth bomber, to me it is nothing but the best tool one could ask for in EVE. When pvp is blobing, hotdrops, local, and having scouts up and down the pipe in every direction- worm hole space is a dream to any pvp pilot. I feel that here the bomber can really work wonders, and truly can shine. In my mind the bomber is with out question the last word in guerrilla and psychological warfare. With its cov op cloak, and no targeting delay after cloak, this little frig can be a mean thing to fight. Because the bomber is always watching you. The bomber picks their fights. And like a knife- strikes in your weak spot right when you don't expect it. And with out further adieu ladies and gentlemen, let that be the prelude to tonight's first blog post.

I had decided to settle down in a rather active C2 Worm hole. Checking static mapper, I noticed that this hole had some regular activity- and it also had 2 pos set ups. I was rather exited at having the prospect of an active holie corp, and moved in my giant secure container. You see being a solo pilot in worm hole means that you need to learn how to be as self sufficient as possible. In my case it was deciding to settle in a C2 worm hole that had a high sec static entrance. With my giant secure container inside and at a safe- I had a ready point to reload my bomber, store loot, and of course a re fit was only a jump away. these types of worm holes are ideal for me.

Both of the corporations in the worm hole were American based, and this worked out great for me because we both shared the same time zone. Because it was later on a Tuesday night, the worm hole was not active- so during the lul I decided to probe out all of the worm hole sigs, and book mark them. I don' t use a scanner alt, so I can only equip a core probe launcher on my bomber. Now I have learned to work around not having combat probes quite nicely. Most holies do not have 'safe' points, and because of this the only time you are going to be scanning down ships is either at a site, or a pos. If you are smart with your core probes, ship scanner, and D scan- you can get buy.

Over the time that I have spent in worm hole, I have learned a number of tricks and colorful ways of probing down and finding ships, with out the use of a prober alt, or combat probes. To me self sufficiency is king, and I plan on making sure that my bomber can do everything I need it to do. Getting back to our C2 with high sec static: After probing out all of the sigs, and setting up my can with bombs, bomb launchers, target painters, torpedoes, nanites and the like- I was ready to begin my terror run on hole. I went to bed that night with evil in my heart. I was hoping on collecting tears tomorrow.

Once I was done my college classes for the day, I jumped on eve and immediately started up the D scan. To my great surprise i noticed that there were a number of sleeper wreaks, along with a myrm and hyperion. I hit the ship scanner, and noticed that there were some combat sites in the direction of the D scan. I had them zeroed down in now time, and warped to the site at 100k. Once i arrived I checked both of the pilots, and noticed that they were quite new. the hyperion pilot in particular was way to new to be really flying a battleship. He was using T1 drones, so he was not a threat to me in the least. the myrm pilot on the other hand was a bit more experienced, and could at least use t2 drones.

Both of them were cleaning up the site extremely slowly, so deciding to kill time- i went to the gym for a quick half hour work out. When i came back and checked their progress, they were just finishing up the last of the sleepers. Like magic the myrm pilot warps off back to his pos, and with D scan I can tell that he is in a noctis. This is great news for me and I get ready to blow him out of the sky. The noctis warps back into the sleeper site and begins to clean up their mess. Now at this point I have to give these guys credit, as the hyperion actually stayed on the site, and was 'defending' the noctis. That is more than most corps do- becuase from my experience everyone warps off to the next site / pos while they pack everything into a destroyer hull or a noctis.

However there were a few flaws with their plan. The first being that the Hyperion was about 50K away from the noctis, and the second being that I was in a speed fit purifier- that goes 2.4k /s. I waited patiently while the noctis cleaned up all of their hard work, and once he had grabbed the last wreak- I uncloaked about 20k off his bow. I was orbiting already and was waiting for the Hyperion to lock me before I lit the MWD. With the first volley of Cladari mjolnir torps out of the tubes I began to slow boat my orbit around the noctis. My first volly hit for 3k and the noctis was down in two more shots. He never stood a chance. Boom. The noctis was down, and finally at this point the Hyperion locked me. I tried to grab the pod, but sadly the noctis pilot had been on his toes, and was able to escape back to his POS. In the mean time I turned on my WMD and started to burn towards the wreak. Careful to set my orbit at 2000, I need to keep my transversal high with the hyperion now lobbing lead at me. With the MWD on I still over shot the wreak, but thanks to some quick mouse work, was still able to grab the loot.

The hyperion was missing left and right, and I decided to engage the battleship as well. Of course he sicked his hobgoblin 1 drones at me, but those are far to slow- and i ended up out running them. I settled into a 20k orbit, and with my WMD on was under his guns, and out running his drones. I was slowly breaking his tank, and was certain that i would have two kills. Sadly this was not the case- as his friend decided to return in a myrm. The noctis pilot was not happy, and now in his myrm he wanted some pay back. he released a flight of warrior 2 drones, and I new that I had to run. The hyperion was in 50% armor and i was really un happy, but i disengaed, and wapred to a random planet.

For tonight my fun was over, I had to get back to RL and finish up on some homework that I had been procrastinating on. before signing out- I left them with my service invoice-

              Dear Valued Customer,

It has come to our attention that you recently had a run with one of our field agents (Chessur). It seems that he provided you with a Worm Hole service, and destroyed your ship for flying with out a proper permit. Becuase of this transgression your current invoice stands at:

Destruction of unlicesed ship: 75 milllion
Worm Hole License Late Fee: 25 million
Total: 100 million

You can purchase a worm hole license from your field agent (Chessur). contact him for any details. Licenses can be corporation or player specific. Thanks for your time, and we hope that you have a good day.


Thankfully this is not the only run in I had with this corp over the course of a week. I will be sharing all of those encounters with you in my next blog post. This story has a very nice and very happy ending for me- so i hope you enjoyed your time, and I hope you stick around for more.

Fly dangerously!


  1. Not bad, aiming to fly a bomber myself.

  2. Really good read - I love hearing tales from W-space. Keep it up!