Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The little purifier that could

Continuing on where I had left off with my last story: I had moved into a c2 worm hole with a high sec static. I had my giant secure container moved in, and i was ready for the long haul. Inside this hole there were two corporations that were working together. The last time that I had a run in with them, I killed a noctis, and left with their Hyperion in 50% armor. About a day later when I logged in again, I began the usual routine of D scanning the worm hole.

To my surprise I found some sleeper wreaks and a tengu on scan. It seemed that they were running a radar site, and becuase i already had it book marked I did not have to release any probes, and reveal my presence. once the tengu finished up with the last of the sleepers, he returned to his pos and came back in a Buzzard. It seemed that he was not the only member of his corp online, and with the return of a buzzard, also came a noctis. The buzzard began to hack the radar site, while the noctis began cleaning up the tengus mess. Again I am wondering why with two non combat ships- people still decide to do this? Do worm hole players honestly think that they are safe and playing on their own eve server?

Again I waited until the noctis was just finnishing off the last of the wreaks. I had moved in between him and the buzzard. My hope was that i could some how point the buzzard, and kill the noctis fast enough before it warped. Then i could focus my attention on the buzzard, and go for a 'two birds with one stone' approach. If there is one down side to flying solo, it is that you sometimes just don't have enough points to get the job done. I uncloaked about 30 k away from the noctis, and about 20 away from the buzzard. I pointed the buzzard, and opened up on the noctis. The noctis pilot was clearly not ready for the attack, and didn't even align by the time I killed him. Sadly the buzzard over heated his prop mod, and escaped my point. He quickly rushed back to his pos, and I assumed that he was going to get his tengu and come  rushing back.

Sadly I did not have a chance to take down the noctis pod- and he also escaped. I new that my time was short so i burned twards the noctis wreak, looted and blew up what was left. I cloaked up close to the radar site, and sure enough mr. tengu came back with blood shot eyes. I don't have the chat logs, but the basically he was calling me a pussy. He was also informing me that I need to shoot at things that shoot back, and will give me a fight. Then he proceeded to do a bit of chest thumping, telling me that i should uncloak and fight his tengu. I really don't take any offense to this, becuase the more rage that I cause- tells me that I am doing my job. Like I had said earlier, the stealth bomber is the last word in psychological warfare. And it seems that the loss of 2 noctis and all of their delicious loot- I have begun to strike a nerve.

Thinking that I was probably not going to see any action at the worm hole for some time, I decided to log out and finish up on some home work. Luckily for me I was planning on leaving to go visit my girl friend for the weekend, and was trying to finish up some work so that way i had more time for fun on the weekend. Once I finished up I decided to log back on and see if the inhabitants of the C2 worm hole had crawled up from their holes (I mean POS).

The eve gods must have been smilling at me, becuase once I hit the D scanner, 2 covetors, and an Itty 5 came up, along with some jet cans. Now if you ask me, I don't think that jet can mining is ever a good idea. And i really don't think that It is a good idea in worm hole space. Once again I didn't need to have to go active and send probes out, as I already had the site book marked. So i warped in at 100 and finally had eyes on my targets. It seems that they were using the Itty 5 to move the ore from the grav site to their pos, and had 2 covetous vicously attacking those poor defenseless asteroids.

As some of you may or may not know, I am a P.I.R.A.T.E and thus it is my duty to protect the innocent, and uphold the law. Both of the covetors were mining with out a permit, and it was time that I struck them down for their heathen ways. A PIRATE or (Protecting Innocent Roids Against Terrifying Exhumers) operative, it was my duty to strike. Looking back on this situation- I probably should have waited until the itty came back- that way I could have killed the itty 5 and pointed a covetor, thus netting 2 kills with one stone. Again I find myself in the situation of not having enough points to handle all of my targets. So i did what i could. I pointed one covetor, and started lobbing torps at another. Sadly I seemed to have picked the wrong target, becuase the covetor that I did not have pointed was on the ball, and escaped. The covetor that I had pointed however was still continuing to mine, and had not even recalled his mining drones. He died in a fire ball of death as my last volley of torps hit home. You think that they would have learned? Since I just got done blowing up another noctis... maybe add a little bit of protection?

I didn't get the pod (again) and instead looted the wreak, and then torped the left overs. I thought that my day of fun in this worm hole was going to be over but i was wrong! When i was moving some of my loot in and out of the worm hole, I noticed a kestrel on scan. He was sitting in one of the two POS so I info'd the pilot, and looked at his fitting. It seems that he is comfortable at killing FAIL FIT HOUNDS in his t1 kessi. I guess that he thought that the same would hold true to me, and my stealth bomber. Now before I tell you what happens next- I feel that i need to weight in on the entire stealth bomber vs t1 frig debate. Now in all honesty if both pilots are intelligent, and are not flying fail fits- neither should be able to kill each other. The only way a bomber can kill a frig is if it gets cocky. And what i mean by that is, giving chase to a bomber that begins shooting torps from 60+ K or foolishly turns on his MWD.

Other than those two situations, there is no way that a bomber should kill a frig. Now the only way a frig can kill a bomber is if the bomber is stupid enough to move into point range. However the bomber should never get that close, and should simply try and kite. The purifier and the hound are meant to be speed fit, and should have 2 nano's in the low slots, with a one speed rig. This will push the speed up to 2.4 for the purifier, and 2.7 for the hound. This speed is more than enough to keep at range of any AB frig, and if the frig wants to chase the bomber and turn on the MWD- they are going to die.

Long story short- with two competent pilots, this fight should never happen, and even if it does it is a stale mate. Luckily for me and you the readers, this kestrel pilot was neither. I saw him warp from his POS in the direction of the static high sec entrance. I warped in at 50 and noticed that the kestral had warped in at 100K and was orbiting the hole. Obviously he was spoiling for a fight, so i thought that i would oblige. I uncloaked about 60K away from him and started to lob torps in his direction. I was hoping that he would take the bait, and light his WMD. Sadly he didn't have one, and instead proceeded to use his AB to close distance on me.

I was hoping to end this fight quickly with a bomb, but now i found myself slow boating towards him, while he burned full speed at me. Let me remind you that this entire time I am still shooting hm with my torps. Why he continued to try and close the distance with me is beyond my understanding lol Once he got to within 45 K I let loose a bomb.

The pod was too far away for me to point, so I don't have that kill- but the drops were not bad from the frig, and it at least payed for the bomb lol. Over all I had a good day, and now my tally against this group of holies stands at:
1: Kestrel
1: Covetor
2: Noctis

I logged out for that night and didn't play again for 3 days. I decided to give the holies a little reprive from my terrifying frigate. I was off to go and spend a great weekend with my girlfriend. And you will not believe what I find once I get around to logging back in :) I will save that delicious treat for next time. anyway I hope that you enjoyed!

Fly Dangerously !

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  1. Haha, I love reading your posts. I plan on doing some purifier stealth bombing soon as well. once i fully prepare and learn how to do it properly of course.