Monday, May 16, 2011

Worm Hole Space: Feast, Famine, and Ball Kicker

Well after the craziness of last weeks post- I bring you this weeks back to reality blog. Moving on from my C2 escapades, and going back in time a bit we find our intrepid traveler deep in C6 worm hole space. Our heroic PIRATE operative was positioned to a far outpost, to ensure that people are flying with worm hole licenses, and also mining with worm hole licenses. For 3 days our oprative had to sit within the worm hole- watching and waiting, and of course taking notes the entire time. The life of a worm hole nomad can at times leave one sitting in a small frigate in unknown areas of space for long amounts of time. Sometimes deep space madness can occur, however for the most part our PIRATE operatives are well trained in the arts of 'eluding' boredom.

During these longer voyages one can truly experience some of the more beautiful sights eve has to offer (provided that you have CPU to see it. Truely C6 wormhole space is quite wonderful, and some of the sleeper sites are pretty cool to look at- for about half an hour or so. After that things can get boring, and fast. As I am sure you the reader are aware, C4-6 worm holes while having delicious loot in them, are very very sparsely populated. Not to mention the fact that because you are so deep in space, finding your way to empire can be a real chore. Regardless of the situation I found myself sitting in a hole that had a fairly active presence. I did not make any 'contact' with my enemy for a few days, so for all they knew- they were alone.

One day a K162 random wormhole opened in this space, and lo and behold you could fly right into a C3 then through to high sec! The c6 holies of course jumped at the chance to finally offload their wears, and started moving freight through the worm holes. I took up position on the inside of the C3/C6 worm hole and waited. Soon enough my first victem would appear- in the form of a badger. Once again this rushed pilot didn't wait out the session timer so I gave him a learning lesson. One shotting ships is fun.

After I had this kill- things got ugly. The corp decided that I was a rather large threat, and undocked a moros, curse, tranis and the works. I guess things were go to get ugly- so i reloaded my 3 torp launchers. I changed up my kill spot to the c6 side of the c6/c3 worm hole and waited. Again they started moving freight- however this time it was a bestower. Along with the bestower came the curse and tranis. I watched all three of them go through the hole, and about 10min later I followed. Once inside the C3 I moved over to the C3/High sec worm hole and waited.

A bit later I see the worm hole shimmer, and out pops the curse, and taranis- last with a bestower. The bestower begins to align towards the C6/C3 worm hole and I decided that I can try and beat him there. So I throw my frig into warp, and once I landed on the Worm hole- jumped through to the C6/C3 side. I had about a 30 second wait before the hole started to shake. I was crossing my fingers that the curse and taranis guards were getting lazy / careless and hoped that the bestower was going to go through first. Thankfully it did! I had no idea how much time I had before his friends showed up- so I overheated my torps, Killed it and just when my last torps were leaving the tubes- the hole shimmers again.

Out pops the curse and in seconds I am targeted. I was already aligned and warped- so I got away scott free.

I was thinking that I had done pretty well for myself. Until i looked at the mail: Ouch

Yes that is a nightmare blueprint, and no I did not have the chance to grab it :(

After this night of fun I logged in the next day- and checking the system with my D scanner noticed a ton of sleeper wrecks. Hoping that I would have some good luck today at least- I scanned them out and soon was sitting 100K off the site, watching them finish it off. However the only problem was- there was no way in hell I was every going to get a Kill. they were running sites with 2 chimera, 2 revelation, 1 moros, 3 nightmare, and of course had a roqual cleaning it all up. Shit- my guns can't to anything here, and if this is how they operate (Capital e peeen bear style) there is nothing this lone PIRATE operative could do- So i had to call it quits for this location.

On the whole this entire week has not been a good one for me. I have not had many kills, and what worse is that I managed to lose 2 bombers, and 2 pods :( This is one of those kick in the balls kind of weeks, that i am sure every eve player gets once and awhile.

The first bomber loss was simply ineptitude on my part (and well so was the second lol). After having been in a famine and wanting to find fresh targets- I headed down a wormhole system that eventually went to a C6. I was in a C5 so I jumped through. What a suprise then when i find myself surrounded by 2 phobos, 1 legion, 1 tengu, a scorpion, and one ashimmu. The HIC bubble was up- so i waited out my session timer, and jumped back through to the other side. As expected- one of the HIC's had gone through the hole and was sitting there with the bubble up. I proceeded to cloak and pulse my MWD- just barely escaping. I warped to a planet and deciding to call it a night warped to the other worm hole home. On zero. With out scanning. ON ZERO. Honestly it should be almost impossible to lose your bomber at a gate camp- but i managed to do it twice in a week lol....

Long story short the other phobos had moved to that hole, along with a legion. I had the great luck of landing literally 7k from the hole, and 1.7k from the legion. I was decloaked and dead. My pod followed. Why I didn't just warp to a safe after getting away and then going AFK I will never know. But I guess chalk it up to me being tired and actually wanting to sleep in a station once in my life.

Now one would think that I would learn from this experience. But ohh no. I had to make a seriously long trek through 0.0 space to join up with some corpies of mine, who needed some assistance. Going through 0.0 I was crossing razor space- and was not thinking that people would try to be out to get me. Things started to get hot when there were interceptors waiting for me at gates (which i can easily avoid) but then things god serious when there was a Sabre waiting. Of course it deployed it's bubble- and luckily I was alert and cloaked and MWD pulsed. I escaped the bubble and moved on. (AGAIN WHY I DIDN'T JUST MAKE A SAFE AND GO AFK IS A MYSTERY TO ME)

On the other side of the gate I was greeted with 6 dictors..... All of which proceeded to bubble, and then move at me. One of them got close enough to decloak me- and I was dead. Along with my pod. Gah eve is a cruel mistress :(

So that dear readers is the three words that can sum up my nomadic lifestyle. It can be feast- but some weeks you can have a large vamine- not shoot at anything, and then get kicked in the balls twice. Ohh well I am not concerned, bombers come cheap- and I never really was one for my KB stats anyways :) Next post I will be sharing a few stories with you, about why new players should stay out of worm hole, and why a purifier is greater than a ferox. Hope you enjoyed- fly dangerously!

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