Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peek-A-Boo Bombers

Well now that my 'blueprints' series is completed- I can finally get back to telling some good ol' war stories about me and my little bomber :) After about a week of a rather long hiatus (I will explain the reasons later on in this blog), I was very excited to jump into a worm hole and find some active players killing sleepers. There was about 3 drakes, 2 canes, and an argour clearing sites in a c2. they were clearing the sites and shockingly THEY SAT AROUND AND WAITED WITH THEIR SALVAGER! I was so happy :) I guess that my blog was really having some kind of effect on the holies, for this I was glad. However- just becuase they are simply waiting for this site- doesn't mean that they wait for every site :)

You see in order to be a successful bomber- you need to have patience, and you need to make due with small windows of opportunity. at times- this can only be seconds- and you need to make sure that you are ready. I watched these guys finish up 3 sites- and followed them through each one. I was their shadow. At the end of each site, they would have a noctis come in clear the site- then warp off to a safe and cloak. They were very disciplined about this- and the noctis was always the first one to warp off- and whats more is they actually stayed near it while it cleaned.

They followed this ridged procedure for 2 sites, and I was hoping that they would get sloppy and have a bit of haste during the last one. The last site was a radar site, and after spreading sleeper wrecks all over the place, they had a buzzard come in and start looting the cans. Now at this point everyone left the field for about 5 min- and I could have taken out the buzzard. However I was after bigger fish- and was simply waiting for the noctis. It seems that the corp was simply offloading members that needed to log or do rl stuff, while the others came back and finished their work. once again the noctis, and 1 drake and a cane came warping on the field. I slow boated up to about 15K off the noctis and followed it where ever it went.

Once there was about 3 wrecks left- the drake and cane did the inevitable 'hey we are tired, we have more important things to do ext ext' and warped off. The noctis had just finished the wrecks and was starting to align. This was my window- the few seconds between align and warp. I uncloaked and over heated my torps. I knew that his friends were in warp speeding away from us, an they would be back here as soon as they could. Sadly for them, BC class ships are slow- and I pop a noctis in 3 torp volleys. The drake was too late.

I was just cleaning up the wreck when a drake showed up about 20K from me- and deciding to give a last teaching method- I popped the wreck as well, as the drake tried to helplessly try and lock me. I was off the field and cloaked before a single scourge fury missile flew out of the tubes.

As I had alluded too earlier in my blog post- I was busy for about a week. these reasons were not for RL, but were in game. it seems that my blog posting has gotten a few people interested in what I do. I have been receiving many many mails about people that want to do what I do, and were wondering how to do it. some of the members even remember when I was speaking about my wish to fly with other like minded bomber pilots. Over the past week I have been talking with many many people, and currently have done something that I thought I never would- start a corporation!

That is why I would like to introduce you all to Peek-A-Boo Bombers! We are a new corp, and you can find our killboards here. Currently We are trying to just grow our fleet, and are getting used to working togeather, and bringing in some new blood to pvp play. Obviusly I have not been keeping you updated on all of our 'war stories' but I plan on sharing the best with you here. If you have any questions about how to join Peek-A-Boo, or if you would like to hire our services, msg me anytime in game.

Lastly I will close this blog out with two PeekaBoo war stories. The first is our first attempt at springing a trap, and the second is simply spitting in your eye- when you are looking right at us.

To lay the setting for the first story: We had been 'camping' this C2 worm hole with a HS static for about one week. The locals knew that we were there, and we had blown up many of their ships. It seems that they were getting rather tired of our cavilier killers, and decided to lay a trap for us :) My day started out normally, Once I logged on- I talked with my two other corp members, and got the intel report. It was pretty cool for our corp that our first 4 members had a 23/7 Timezone coverage. We had one UK pilot, one Ausi, and 2 yanks. becuase of this we were able to have for all intensive purposes at least  bomber on at all time.

I was told that our 'fleet' of 3 bombers were looking at an osprey minning with some drones, alone in a belt. Clearly admiral ackbar was driving himself into a frothing madness with traps. TRAPS EVERYWHERE! We warped in on the grav site grid- and sure enough we spotted the osprey. As we were slow boating into position me and the other two bombers were surprised to see a retriever join his mining friend. Looking at our targets- we decided to go for the retriever. I knew that this was going to be a trap- so I had all of the bombers sit at max range, and get ready to overload the torps- and hit that barge.

Everything was eerily quite. There was nothing on grid save for that osprey, retriever and a few mining drones. Little did I know that almost 1 dozen cloaky ships were waiting in the wings. Because I had decided to FC this fight- I was spending most of my time ensuring that all of my fleet members remained cloaked, and had firing solutions on the barge- with out de cloaking each other (COUGH COUGH CCP I WISH I COULD SEE CLOAKY FLEET MEMBERS..... NAVIGATION AROUND AND THROUGH ROIDS SUCKS) Once we were finally in set- I took one last deep breath, and gave the count. "Three, Two, One, MARK!" We all de-cloaked and opened up on the barge. Just as my torps were leaving the tubes, all heal broke loose!

a Phobos and Onyx decloaked and instantly the bubbles were up. A nemisis (LOL) and a manticore decloaked along with a rapier and began to target us. Sadly for them, they were a bit out of position when compared to us. We were all sitting at max range, way off the normal warp ins for this particular grav site. The retriever did not handle our first volly of torps, and was down by the second. After the bardge went boom, the osprey took off- and me along with my other fleet members all warped off. I cloaked up- and chuckled. Here was about 7 pilots that tried as hard as they could to catch us.... but catching an organized stealth bomber gang is boarder line impossible. Me and the other guys traded GF's and I was very impressed with our group. Opie in particular did not have any pvp experience before this op, and this was his first kill! (I always love popping care bear pvp cherries)

All in all this fight was after a long week of us taking down names, ships, and pods. The inhabitants were getting tired of us, and this was their best attempt to date at trying. Sadly as you will find out in my next few blog posts- trying to stop stealth bombers becomes very very time consuming and very very difficult.

Second on the chopping block is another stealth bomber outing that me and 2 other bombers took up. We were amazed when in a moment of courage, our resident holies grew some cohones- and actually started to run a sleeper site. We watched as a drake and tengu completed the site. They were doing it at a mind numbingly slow pace- and we had hopped that they would bring out a noctis (we had seen it at a pos). However becuase of the extended time that it took for them to clear this sleeper sites- we decided to take a pot shot at a PI ship. This was of course a huge mistake as It gave away the fact that at least one bomber was online and active.

While this did stop the noctis from coming out- it didn't stop the drake and tengu from finally finishing up this site. After it was completed me and my two other guys waited with baited breath- as the salvage occurred. We were perplexed when a cane warped on the grid- and started to tractor / salvage the sleeper guts. Now we have had run ins with with cane before, and we know that he is auto cannon fitted. Any auto cannon fit cane is not going to be able to touch a bomber- becuase they just don't have the range. So we really were not concered with the BC when we noticed that for the most part it seemed that all of it's high slots were fitted for salvage.

After a few minuets of pondering we decided to primary the cane, with our 3 bombers. There was still a drake on the field (but it was 80K away- and was not prop fit) With the tengu currently at one of the POS- we knew that we could engage with impunity. So again I gave the call once we had one of our pilots in point range- "Three, two, one, MARK!" we all decloaked and our other hound pilot grabbed point. We started to hammer in the cane. we were got through the shields quickly- and by this time the drake turned around, and started to burn at as (at the terrifying speed of 178m/s) It was at this point that we hit the cane armour buff- and we started to chip away a bit slower. I noticed that the tengu had started to move from the pos, so i told everyone to overheat thier toprs. Just as the cane was entering structure (it didn't last much longer)- a manticore showed up and started to target me.

At this point I began to align to my safe, and just as the cane exploded the tengu arrieved on the gird. All three of us took of and cloaked up. I decided to get back on grid, and I popped the wreck- afterwards I stayed at the site simply watching what they would do next. The drake and the tengu warped off- and logged. However that manticore didn't do the same. About 15min later a curious thing started to happen- I noticed that the manticore was going to the remaining sleeper wrecks, and looting them! It seemed to slow bloat (under cloak) into range, get with 2.5k uncloak- loot, and then recloak. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this. What idiot would try something like this, when not moments before he witnessed his cane friend get nuked by three bombers?

I decided to teach this fool a lesson. I got in on the last wreck, and sat about 15K off. I had  my other two fleet mates warp to me, and we watched as this cheeky little bomber scrounged around for isk scraps. It was almost pathetic... Anyway once he got to the last wreck, he did the usual de-cloak and loot. That is when I uncloaked, pointed, and over heated my torps. My fleet members in the same- and he was gone in seconds. I am not sure if the pilot was suffering from surprise / shock becuase he didn't even get the chance to target us. I am not sure if he was still clutching his chest from the shock- but he also didn't warp his pod. So we popped that too. POP!

Well that about wraps up this blog- me and my fellow boo pilots are still not sure what that manticore pilot was thinking, but it was certainly fun showing him the ropes of cloaky frig pvp. Anyway I hope that you enjoyed this blog, and as usual fly dangerously!

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  1. That is a beautiful thing. I'm jealous, definitely burning toward stealth bomber...UGH