Friday, June 3, 2011

In the Trenches: Camping a Worm Hole

Well I left you last week with a rather exciting tale of the creation of Peek a Boo. I am quickly writing to let you know that we are still doing well. recently I have come into the possession of 41 1mn gistii B-type micro warp drives. If you are interested in purchasing one- msg me in game. Now moving on with the meat of today's blog post, and delicious war stories~

So again I find myself surrounded in hostile worm hole space. There are about 4 pos set up in system, and there is a fairly active group of holies that are logging on each day. The C2 worm hole has a high sec static, along with a C3. I was sitting and watching their most active POS, when I noticed that one of their hoarders was finally on the move. It warped to the high sec hole, and I decided to follow. When I dropped out of my warp and was surprised when I noticed that the hoarder was about 17k off the hole, and was slow boating in. I was about 30 off him at the time, so i uncloaked and popped his hauler. My overheated mjolnir torps made short work of him.

I grabbed his pod as well. Once the fireworks were over- I began to look at the hoarder wreck. Interestingly enough the hoarder was carrying 3 giant secure containers (GSC). I looted the wreck and left the containers alone. I decided to sit on the hole and watch and wait to see what would show up. (It is at this point that I curse my lack of understanding of GSC mechanics. Could I have gone out and changed the passwords these now jettisoned containers? To that I am not sure....) Anyway after a minuet or two an incursus.showed up at the hole. I quickly looked at it- and noticed that it did not have a single gun.... I thought this was strange considering that he was of the same corp of the hauler I just popped- so he must know that I was around. Now i knew that the incursus has a mean flight of drones, but being so close to the hole- I know that all I had to do was jump back to the high sec side- if the drones became too much.

With the incursus about 17k off the hole, I opened up on him. My torps were doing lulzy damage, but I was killing him all the same. He immediately came after me, and dropped two nos on me along with a SINGLE hobbie 1 (lol). His single drone didn't do anything to me and he too was quickly space dust. God what an awful fit. Listen carebears- if you are going to be in worm hole space, please realize that it is not your own personal eve server. Once and awhile you might have someone like me that comes and takes a dump on your isk machine. At this point i thought that after I had killed that fail fit t1 frig things might quiet down- and I could figure out what to do with those 3 GSC still sitting 10K off me.

I didn't have much time to ponder- as another member of their corp showed up in a cane, accompanied again by the same guy flying an incursus. Now normally I would not have a problem with engaging an auto fit cane. The simple reason is- an auto fit cane with all max skills cannot really reach out to 22/23K where I orbit. The only thing that was currently stopping me was the incursus. I still wanted to let them know I was around. So I warped out, and warped back in at 70. Once I dropped out of warp I took note of the cane (40k away so no threat) and the incursus which was 44K) I uncloaked and pointed my ship away from the incursus. He saw me immediately and started to burn at me. It was clear that he was MWD fit- and as my first torps collided with him he lost all of his shields. By the second torp impact he was close to 50% armor.

I was trying to kite him, and was overheating my MWD to stay well ahead of the T1 frig. He realized at this point that there really was no way for him to catch me, and he warped off. So with only the cane left- I started to slowboat back twards him, and possibly drop some torps on him as well- to see if there was any way I could also drive him off. Sadly I only had one torp leaev the tubes when a drake shows up. Again- he was from the same corp- and sadly he was heavy missile fit (damn pve drakes). I was driven off the field- and had to simply watched from a cloaked position- as they had another bestower come and pick up the GSC.

Now I ask you my reader community- could I have anchored / reset the passwords? I didn't know so i really didn't try not like I had much time lol t1 frigs, canes, and drakes everywhere!) Anyway we are jumping forward a bit in time here- but last night I almost fell out of my chair from laughter. again i was watching their most active pos- and noticed a drake outside the force field, along with a punisher and a hawk. The punisher was shooting the drake / testing something.... honestly I have no idea. The hawk was just there lol. (I really wish that i had a bomb becuase one corp mate and I could have dropped two bombs- and had some nice kills.

Here is where it gets interesting- the drake pilot is a member of the alliance of the POS corp- but not a member of the corp. So when he shot 1 volley of missiles at the punisher- all of the pos guns suddenly opened up on him. He tried to run- but was scrammed. So by by drake! Now as soon as the drake popped- a hoarder started to slow boat out of the pos (to clean the wreck i suppose). again I wished that me and my corpmate had a bomb- as the hawk and punisher along with the slow boating hoarder were all sitting withing 15k of the wreck. So i made due- once the hauler was close- I uncloaked and shot the wreck- blowing it up right in front of the haulers eyes :)

that was the perfect end of the night for me :) again and again these carebears struggling to figure out how to defend their worm hole have given me great joy. Their bumbling around is a constant form of entertainment for me and my pack of frigates. I enjoy how outgunned, and out manned- we are still here kicking ass, and pissing them off at every turn. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Fly Dangerously!

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  1. I'm enjoying the stories, as what you're doing is something I'm looking to get into after some skills get topped off.

    With that said...

    You're in a Class 2 w/ C3 static. They're generally considered solo/noob fodder. It's not really a surprise that they don't all have PvP ships sitting at the POS. I don't know that you can really claim to be fighting "outgunned, and out manned".

    You're prepared for PvP. These players aren't. Unmanned perhaps, but you've primarily engaged targets that really can't do much to you anyways. It's also worth mentioning that even in a C2, these players can buy a new Drake in less than an hour of playtime. An inconvenience, but not a serious loss. Now that Nightmare BP you failed to get the other day... ;)