Friday, November 8, 2013

Quick and Dirty

Just a short post today. I find myself in worm hole space once again, flying this:

I opted to go with a target painter. The idea behind this bomber, is simply to kill lightly tanked ships / indys as quickly as possible. And considering the TP allows me to apply full damage to almost any barge / Indy I shoot- I kill them very, very quickly.

I have had good luck so far:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Short History of my 'Nano' Journey (Part 1)

One day while chilling out in worm hole- I received a convo from a friend of mine. While I had not received any message from him in some time, we were both part of the gaming community 'Team Liquid' and had known of each other long before playing EvE. He sought me out, after reading this blog oddly enough and invited me to take part in the Team Liquid corporation within EvE called 'The Hatchery'. It was an invitation that would forever change my eve career. However before joining I started to do some home work regarding 'Hatch'. I checked out their play style, learned a bit about the fleets, checked pilots, killboards, and the like. Like any good solo bomber pilot, I was checking everything out before I finally hit uncloak for the last time, and hung up my bomber wings. Before I knew it- I was flying up north, near Black Rise space. But the question that is probably on many readers minds is- what in gods name was I doing up here?

Where is the cloaky, patient, calculating, submarine like narrative gone? The answer is simple: PvP shakes The shakes are something that I had explained in my last blog post. Suffice it to say, its the rush you get when PvPing in eve. For a long time, the stalk plus instapop I got while flying bombers did it for me. But after awhile it stopped. Hence why I was flying north in my Nano Drake, I was in search for green pastures that provided me with more shakes. After looking at nano (For a long, long while), I had determined that it was in fact a superior play style than to the one I was currently practicing. Nano is, and always has been the one and only way to wage proper guerrilla warfare. Oddly enough my EvE character (Chessur) is named after such an event, but more on that later. So lets get talking about Nano.

The first to truly discover the art (In my mind at least) are the men comprising the 'Golden Horde' lead by none other than the infamous Genghis Khan. Their horsemen, riding multiple horses into battle (Yes you read that correctly) had perfected the art of horse back archery. These riders made great use of excellent horseman ship, along with great accuracy. The archers were able to control range easily with their horses, and also project damage well when used against standard infantry man / cavalry. The mounted archer was indeed the end all in skirmishing, and kiting inside the iron / bronze age. Only with the advent of massed foot soldier archery squads did Mounted archery truly decline. There, long bowmen could use their superior numbers + projection to bat away mounted archers, and force them from the field of battle. Another historical reference that I am more keenly interested in, is that of naval warfare. In particular the war of 1812, which if you didn't already know- was fought between a fledgling America and Great Britan. Because it is within this theater that we can truly start making some better parallels to EvE (and also explain where my character name comes from.)

The war of 1812 was long, vicious, and on paper- one sided. Speaking briefly from a naval point of view, the British empire (at the time) had with out a doubt the most superior naval fight force the world had ever seen. The Americans on the other hand, could hardly muster more than a squadron of Frigates, as most American 'Ships of the Line' had near the later stages of the war- been pushed far inland, off the coast, or destroyed/captured. Because of this the Americans at the time began using what is known as 'Privateers'. These guns for hire, were given special letters of marque, which allowed them to 'legally' pirate other ships on the sea- with the blessing of the United States. Privateers were non enlisted men, willing to fight in behalf of the US. At the time, there were extremely large amounts of money to be made doing this, along with extreme risk. All american shipping was blockaded into port / shoot on site from the royal navy. With British ships blockading / Camping port entrances, American ship builders started working on a different kind of sailing vessel. Their ultimate creation would become the pinnicle of sail: The Clippers. In particular, one has always caught my eye, and I have read many books regarding her exploits. The Clipper 'Chasseur' was a 'Boston' Clipper- and for her time, was with out question the fastest thing on the sea. Captained by a Mr. Thomas Boyle, Chasseur was the scourge of the British fleet. Working alone, Mr. Boyle was able to (one a single cruise) Capture or sink over 17 vessels. Chasseurs ability to out sail anything on the water allowed her to perform jaw dropping feats of skirmish warfare.

My personal favorite- is a small battle that took place in the Caribbean. There, Boyle took a ship within 3 miles of a British Stronghold / Port. If that is not impressive enough, he did so while being chased by 2 British Brigs. The brigs, not being fast enough to catch the nimble clipper, could do little to stop it from stealing the merchant ships cargo, and then burning the ship, and sending her to the deep. Coming in a close second, is when Chasseur sent a message to King George III, with a letter to be pinned to the nearest coffee shops. In short it read something to the effect of: British waters are now being blockaded, by Chassuer alone! This caused an uproar, and forced British shipping to travel in convoys, herded by no less than 3 warships.

Again the reason why Chassuer was so successful in harassing, and taking down British ships- was because of its use of extreme speed, and in the case of gunnery- the use of the latest long range / accurate guns available in the period. EvE PvP in my mind, mirrors the american naval situation during the war of 1812. With the advent of blobs, ECM, and all of the risk averse faggatory that goes on in this game, I sternly believe that the Nano play style lends itself very well as the only valid tactic. It was this 'Mastery of Nano' that originally drew me to fly up and into Hatchery fleets. Because talking with / reading some of their exploits- sounded just like the heroes I had read about while growing up.

Hatchery flew outnumbered, and used superior FCing, pilot skill, fittings, and a sound understanding of nano to compile jaw dropping BR's.

For the first time in a long time, I felt completely out of my element. Suddenly there was so much more for me to learn, to do, and to get me feeling the rush all over again.

Monday, July 15, 2013

What Makes a 'Good' Eve PvP'er?

I have been thinking about this question for some time now. Do you look at killboard stats? At first I thought that this would be a good way to know, but in reality it can be slightly confusing. People can be extremely risk averse, have great KDR / Efficiency, yet still suck at that game. On the other end of the spectrum, you find guys that don't have a single kill with less than 10 people on it. In those cases, I just assume blobber- and like the risk averse pilot also has no skill. So KB stats (While providing some degree of a litmus test) Was too vague. I wanted to come up with something cleaner.

Then I started wondering about experience. Certainly if you have spent a long time in game, and acquired RL experience and lots of in game SP, then surely you must know what you are doing. But again upon testing this hypothesis was proved wrong again.Some of the worst players I have ever seen, have been playing this game for years on end. Stuck in their old ways, confident that they know everything- and very sure that there is nothing more that anyone can teach them about eve. They are quite possibly the worst of the worst, because they have learned all of the wrong things, and must un-learn the bad habits before being instructed on the new.

With those two ideas thrown out of the window, I sat on the problem for a little while longer. I went on playing eve, speaking with many different people with many different eve backgrounds- when it hit me.

The easiest way to tell a competent pilot from a monkey, is to find out if the pilot understand the concept of your ships 'engagement profile'.

All of that fancy semantics jargon aside, I feel that statement wraps things up pretty nicely. But what exactly is an engagement profile? In the most simple of terms it is this:

Under what set of conditions can you ship get kills, and survive in an engagement. The larger the number of ships / groups of ships that your ship can comfortably fight, the larger the engagement profile. A higher engagement profile means that your ship is of higher performance than a ship with a smaller engagement profile. From what I have noticed I found that pilots that I consider 'Good' or pilots that I would fly with, all tend to fly High engagement profile ships. And when you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. For those of us that really love PvP, and spend a lot of time doing it, its little wonder that we gravitate towards ships that can handle the most situations thrown at us- and better prepare us for the PvPPPPP Environment that is eve.

Lets look at our favorite ship (the bombers) for a quick demonstration of High engagement profile vs Low engagement profile:

In the case of the bomber:

Any frig flat out kills it.
Cruisers flat out kill it
AC / Pulse laser BC's kill it
When you think about it, that is a huge list. Which in this case is a bad thing. Bombers have an EXTREMELY small engagement profile (While flying solo / small gang). This is a problem. Finding PvP in eve is hard enough, however being limited to only shooting ships not found in the following groups makes it even more challenging. Now in the case of the bomber, it has a very specific role. It is instalocking, cloaky ganking, all wrapped up in a frig platform. However outside of that extremely niche role, the bomber is a horrible ship to fly.

So what makes a ship have a good engagement profile?

Generally a ship is going to share a few traits.

1. The first and most important factor is projection. Projection (Especially after the TE nerf) Is the most difficult stat on a ship to increase. So a ship with good base projection (Using short range guns) can usually be fit in order to increase its engagement profile.

2. DPS This is the second most difficult stat to increase on a ship. With only a handful of low slots at your disposal, your ship needs to be able to project damage, and at the same time hit hard.

3. Speed: This attribute is the easiest to counteract. Snakes, Zores, ACC implants, Quafe Zero, Links, Nanofibers/ MWD So many ways to make your ship go faster that honestly it is one of the easiest things to change dramatically.

4. Tank: I list tank last, because in all honestly your tank is your Speed, and your projection. Don't get close, and you will be fine. Ideally you are looking for a tank that will give you just enough buffer to MWD away (Pulling range where an enemy can't hit you) Or to warp out if you are getting hit hard.

So now that we have our 4 ingredients that make a 'good ship' lets compare some common ships.

The Bombers.

1. Projection- Yep, they certainly have that. 60K+ With torps.
2. DPS- Nope. This is where the bomber falls apart. While bombers have good looking numbers in EFT, apply that damage is really difficult against anything that is not a BC or above. The bomber needs massive help in this department. Webs / TP's from rapiers being the #1 Best thing you can do to increase your damage output, however with out that- your neutered.

3. Speed: Bomber is a frig, so it already is pretty fast, throw in a nano / links / snakes and you are more than fast enough to handle just about anything.

4. Tank: Properly flown, and linked, a bomber can sport a nice speed / sig tank. However it still falls apart because a flight or two of light drones will completely screw it.

So a bomber fails completely on 2/4

So lets take the 4 factors, and compare them to another ship.

How about the Scythe Fleet Issue?

1. Projection. With Rapid Light missiles, it can project damage out to 45K or more. Which is plenty of range.

2. DPS Scythe is a little light on DPS. 400DPS with 3 BCS. warrior II's. and Rapid Light Missiles. Damage is the downfall of this ship. However, it is not unplayable. Still more than enough to handle cruisers / frigs / Dessies

3. Speed: This ship shines. With 2X Nano, and an MWD the ship goes 3000m/s unheated. You are faster than all AF's / Cruisers / Dessies / some frigs. Nothing can catch you. So if you can nano effectively and pull them apart, handling a gang many times your size would be easy.

4. Tank: Again the Scythe Fleet shines. With 3X LSE and some rigs / DCU your looking at over 32K EHP. Which for a cruiser, isn't bad at all.

Scythe has a respectable 3.5/4

Now  after this comparison, does that make flying bombers any less fun? No, of course not. However I was hoping that would give you some foresight into what I am going to say next.

My stealth bomber blog has gotten pretty old. I still get very frequent messages from people asking me about bomber fittings, or just a friendly hello. I really enjoy reading the messages- but I have something to ask:

My Blog almost seems to have come to a cross roads. From a solo bomber in worm hole point of view- what else can I share with you? The stories are in some ways quite similar. I sneak up on an unsuspecting Indy / Barge, let fly with torps, engage cloak and repeat process. Reading back through my blogs, I have given my exacting methodology and explained everything in detail. do most of the readers here simply like the narrative that I spin? Or are most of you looking to get something else out of this blog?

The reason why I am asking this now- is simply because I have changed quite a lot since the old bomber days. While I still do fly them here and there, I certainly don't spend 23/7 In WH space sitting inside of my bomber. When I first started this blog, I lived solo inside of my bomber for 8 months never seeing a station, or know space.

Nowadays, you will find me flying small gang / solo with some of the best eve has to offer. I guess in the end, I am just chasing those PvP shakes. I still remember my first bomber kill, and how much adrenalin / shaking I had. To me now, its a joke to think about- but I was so nervous. Overtime, I learned to control it and get used to PvPing in my bomber. However one day, the shakes, and the adrenaline left. The hunt no longer excited me. Spending hours and hours probing, or long moments waiting for a single industrial kill no longer juiced me up.

So I started doing other things. First it was learning to fly Nano ships, then it was learning to fly them in a fleet, and then flying in a very small fleet vs huge blobs and killing them all. Each step of the way, I got a dose of the 'PvP' shakes again, and again.

Before I knew it, I was flying in my first Alliance tournament, Then my second. The shakes I had on those weekends was incredible, and it seems like I am chasing that high all over again. After the AT's and with the dissolusion of my corp (Hatchery) I had to once again find other pastures. Again I didn't return to bombing. Instead I started flying more and more extreme fits, and flying against the odds to recapture some of those great feelings.

And now... What do I do with my time? To be honest I spend most of it Solo PvPing in Karan. Which if you didn't know, is TEST's staging system. Flying solo with local at 250+ And having carriers / fighters assigned and attacking you along with a kitchen sink fleet of 50+ guys out for your blood is a rush. A second late on your warp finger, or missing that rapier decloaking 80K off you ready to web- will kill you instantly. It is by far the most brutal PvP I have ever experienced in EvE- but it pushes me. While I don't think that I will ever get the shakes again, it certainly gives me rush. 

So I am asking you guys, Where do we go from here? What should I do?

Here is some standard Hatchery footage. We are using ships that can do the 4 things mentioned previously to great effect:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friend of Fast

Speed. In eve it is the end all be all in EVE. A fast ship is a good ship. A faster ship, is a better ship in almost all situations. Thankfully the serpentis corporation understands this, and has provided capsuleers with these wonderful implants:

HG + LG Snake

LG snakes are very cheap nowadays and flying with them is pretty clutch. If you have the ISK and are sprich (space rich) then HG is more of a good thing. Interestingly enough I have been playing a ton of eve recently (sadly only a small portion of it in bombers) None the less, I thought that I should post a few things here showcasing the power of speed, and how one can apply it to all aspects of PvP. (Don't worry I will make sure to throw in a special part regarding bombers.)

So lets get the bomber thing out of the way:

As you know, Hound / Purifer are the only bombers worth soloing in. Well soloing, if you prefer to shoot ships that can shoot back. Here are some preliminary fits I plan to bring into worm hole within the next few weeks.

This first fit is a bit pricey. On the other hand, that ship is un-touchable except by interceptors. With the new TE changes, any ship that is not using pulse lasers has a really difficult time projecting damage past 27K. With this fit, and speed- nothing touches me. Warriors (perfectly skilled) don't do nearly enough to break my MASB tank- so i can perma tank them. I can't wait to shoot some fraps as I blap WH 'PvP' players in this fit.

The purifier is a bit different. It doesn't have the CPU to MASB like the hound, so the SARR works just as well. T2 Amarr resits are pretty nice. I especially like this fit because of the versatility the dual prop gives you. MWD to run / close range- while you still have the AB to get under guns, or really mitigate incoming drone / missile DPS.

In the end, both fits are extremely similar and perform both of their functions very well.

With odyssey, the new scanning changes make every thing easier in WH in regards to probing. Check out some of the new hot keys, and some new tricks. (You can launch your probes while cloaked) The trick is extremely similar to the old MWD + Cloak trick. I enjoy these new changes just because it will make the bitch work of probing easier, and allow the intrepid bomber pilot to cover more ground faster. As I have stated before- 95% of the time in work hole is spent working for a kill. with 4% stalking / analyzing your approach and 1% shooting. If you can get faster / more proficient with the 95% then I promise that the other 5% of bombing will come more easily, frequently, and successfully than someone mainly focused on the pew.
Here is a recent gank I performed in my new Dual prop Purifier. Two guys chilling out and mining gas. I tried to pop the venture, but it warped out before my torps hit home. Luckily I pointed his exeq friend . Enjoy.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grand Master NanoFiber

Today I have nothing to say about bombers. Instead, I was rummaging around in some of my video files looking at some older clips, of small gang fights. I came across something pretty fun. Now not many people know this, but other than bombers- the caracal navy issue / cerberus / caracal are some of my favorite ships.

Any member of EvE University reading this now, knows what my CNI did to your 'low sec fleets' while you guys attempted to kill off the pirates living in molden heath. But for those of you that don't know let me explain. Back before all of the HML and Drake nerfs, I found myself flying a ton of drakes. Now i loved the drake as much as the next guy- and found myself mostly flying the POODLA dual web drake when I was soloing. Now at the time the drake was a fine ship. But it lacked the agility  / speed I really needed and wanted while soloing. Caldari (and missile users in general) really didn't have a HAC. The drake was thought of as the pinnacle for missile platforms. Now this was in the days before the T1 cruiser buff, so the caracal was simply not usable. The cerberus is just too slow, and HML fit really didn't do anything better than the drake. So I thought that I was at a loss, and stuck flying the drake forever.

However one summers night, while sipping some absinthe- I came across something brilliant in my EFT lab. The caracal navy issue. Now many people dismissed this ship as a joke ship- but they were wrong.

CNI, Fire Walker

Heavy Missile launcher II
Heavy Missile launcher II
Heavy Missile launcher II
Heavy Missile launcher II
Heavy Missile launcher II
Heavy Missile launcher II

10MN Experimental Microwarp drive
Large Shield Extender II
Stasis Web II
Stasis Web II
Warp Disruptor II

Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II

Bay loading Accelerator II
Anti-EM Screen II
Anti- Thermal Screen II

Now to me- this fit had everything. 150K range with HMLs, Simmilar DPS to a drake, 2.3K+++ Speed- but the best part was this: Align time with MWD on was 3.9 seconds. Yes you are reading that correctly. This ship with an MWD on is more agile than most frigates, and is on par with interceptors. That coupled with the dual webs, made this ship the caldari HAC in my eyes. It shredded frigs, and could handle anything else.

I have killed talos, BC's, even vagabonds with this fit. It was simply astounding. I loved the performance, and the best part of all was- people underestimated this ship- big time. People thought that it was a joke ship, and at times would just throw themselves at me. But of course they didn't realize what this little thing could really go.

But enough talk- let me just show you :) Hope you enjoy. I am FC'ing this fight- but sadly I was not picked up on my audio capture. However my fleet mates responses you can clearly hear. Read the video description for more details.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Like a well oiled machine

Finally- I had made it. Down into C5/C6 space. It took some time, but now that I was here- I couldn't be happier. Sites down here netted a ton more isk. Add cap escalation into the mix- and you have a perfect storm.

Thankfully I didn't have to wait long for the tide to turn my way. I had been probing a string of C5 holes- when I finally found something active. Not only was it active, but they also had the cap ships out. It seems that they were running 'The mirror' using two moros, and a thanatos to ensure a good pay out on their end. Like clockwork, all of the sleepers were cleaned up, and the cap ships returned home to the safety of the POS. Which left me- sitting alone inside of a wreck field littered with sleeper BS wrecks.

It didn't take long for our noctis salvaging hero to arrive. I watched as he collected all of  the wrecks, and the second he had finished, uncloaked and rained hell.


It was a nice paycheck, and as I slithered back underneath my cloak- almost chuckled to myself. Why did I leave wormhole in the first place?

I thought that would be it from that corp for the rest of the day- but it appears I was wrong.

I continued on down the chain of holes, where there was a C3 with a high sec static. I took up camp around the high sec hole, and decided to see if anything fun would come out. However I should have been more concerned with what was already inside. It seemed that I was not the only person to have discovered this highway to known space. An itteron V and a bestower had warped from inside the C3 to the high sec hole. Checking their bio's it seemed that they were part of the corporation who I had just recently relieved of a noctis.

Looking back in hindsight- what I was about to do was completely stupid. (Explained later)

When the two hauleres came back through- I uncloaked and targeted the Itty V. It went down quickly.

Just as I had finished cleaning up the pod- a tengu decloaked and started to target me. As missiles slammed into my hull- I noticed that they were HAM's. Couple this with the fact that the tengu had a cloaky sub system, and was also using a seebo- and I knew that this pilot would be easy prey in my bomber.

I pulled out of his HAM range and started to kite him. I took my strong crash booster (and didn't get any side effects thank god) And let loose my heated 730 dps (Which thanks to my crash booster, 5% implants, and T2 Explosion velocity rigging was nearly all applied to the tengu)

Needless to say he didn't like that. I forced him out of the hole in 50% structure. SO CLOSE TO HILARIOUS KLL MAIL! However it was not meant to be.

For the time being, I repped up my heat damage, and flew back to the original C5 hole where I had snagged that juicy noctis and promptly went afk.

Remember how I said 'completely stupid' in the above post? Well here is why: When I came back after a few hours, I hit the Dscan and notice that they are again running a site, cap escalating it the same way with two moros and a thanatos. Except this time something was different when they brought the noctis in for salvage.

Yes that's right- A scorpion with all mids fitted with jammers. I still tried to get the kill. But sadly- only could get two torps off before being perma jammed. I attempted to bump tackle the noctis, but missed after only two or three times- and it escaped. I hung around for a bit longer, enjoying the fact that there was a scorpion doing nothing but jamming me, and two moros shooting pot shots at a frig. Thankfully the scorpion did miss a single cycle, and I had a chance to at least shoot it. I wish it would have missed two- because two torps out of my tubes dropped the battle ship into armor. However once the jams kicked in- i burned out, warped off, and started probing out greener pastures.

Ohh well you win some you lose some.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On and off again

Well I am back. Wh space seems so much more appealing all of a sudden. Thank god for the new torp rework. Because the pull of WH space i can resist no longer- so that means the blog must continue.

Jumping back into the solo WH bomber has been fun so far. I dusted off my old fits, and hit the EFT lab for awhile to see if I could come up with something better. After a bit of time I came out with this shiny new piece of hardware:

[Purifier, Siren]
Domination Ballistic Control System
Domination Ballistic Control System
Nanofiber Internal Structure II

Gistii B-Type 1MN Afterburner
Warp Disruptor II
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Cap Booster 50

Prototype 'Arbalest' Torpedo Launcher, Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedo
Core Probe Launcher (offlined) Sisters Core scanner Probes
Prototype 'Arbalest' Torpedo Launcher, Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedo
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Prototype 'Arbalest' Torpedo Launcher, Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedo

Small Bay Loading Accelerator II
Small Warhead Rigor Catalyst I

Genos Ca-1
Genos Ca-2
Zor's custom navigation hyper-link
(Strong Crash booster when I need it)


500CN Torps
100 Nanite Paste
20 Cap booster
5 Sisters core scanner probes

Heated DPS: 663 which is 100% applied to anything industrial / BC and UP. With crash on, i am doing close to 375 DPS vs MWD cruisers (going at full speed)

Cap: Stable
Tank: 100 DPS
Speed: 1K non heat, 1.2K heat
Sig: 37

With the new HML and missile changes in general, this purifier can flat out tank just about anything that can hit it. Warriors take awhile to chew through my tank, hobs have a hard time applying full damage- and thanks  tothe the AB and no MSE I am finding it easier to get under guns of BC's. Dat sig tank.

Things have been going well so far. I am happy to see that people inside of worm hole space are still having the same old habits of general laziness and forgetfulness. Things started out fairly quickly for me. Just 1 hour or so back in the cockpit of my new bomber, and I had already found myself a juicy target. It seems that an intrepid tengu was clearing a C3 site. I happened upon him in the most ideal way. I popped into his worm hole out of his D-scan, hit the system scanner, checked the locus on wormnav, D-scanned all before my initial cloak was gone off the session change from the low sec hole.

Noticing that I didn't have full D-scan coverage of the WH, I cloaked up and warped across- spamming D scan the entire time. That's when I found him. Upon seeing the wrecks, I quickly hit F10 Jumped into my system map, and began aligning myself with known sleeper sights for a 15 degree scan. 3min later I was 50K off the tengu a bit high off his 9 oclock.

He was finishing quickly, and soon enough he warped back to his pos. A few seconds later I notice that there is a Noctis on my d-scan, and smiling to myself prepare to get to work. The noctis lands on cue, and begins salvaging the wrecks. Once the last one was consumed by the gaping maw of the hungry industrial ship- I let loose all 573 DPS.

My CN torps snaked out of the tubes, and dropped him into low armor. Next shot was the end for him. (Luckily for him he had been on the ball enough to at least get his pod out)

See this is the thing I love about stealth bombers- inside of 10 seconds I had the noctis dead, looted and wreck destroyed. Its a beautiful thing. Sadly I can't say the same for the quality of loot I picked up.

Ohh well, it was a low class hole. It will probably be a few days before I can descend down into C5-C6. I can't wait, because that is where the real money is at.

Stay tuned for more.

Fly dangerously!