Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10AB Purifier, 100AB Tengu + Links

More tales from the whiskey hole.

Seems that 100AB Tengu (w/ links) +1 Purifier is fun

Before I begin, hats off to Sergeant RL3. I have a lot to learn from you, and would like to thank you for allowing me to fly and learn form your experience Your PvP in your 100AB is a pleasure to watch and participate in.

So Serg calls me in SCBW local one day, and ask Chessur- you live in worm hole right? Is there anyone that I can come over and fuck up? I say yes and before you know it, Serg shows up in worm hole space, and joins me in the underworld of eve.

The holies of 308 are rather annoying. Like most pseudo holie PvP players they like to sit on the hole at 0. However this doesn't work so well when there is a 100AB tengu that is very very good at bumping.

Our first victim was an onyx that enjoyed sitting on the hole at 0 with bubble up. I guess he was not too concerned when serg jumped in, flew off the hole to 40K turned around and started to scream right at him. Him not jumping through the hole during those precious seconds, spelled his death.

During the onyx fight (who is now trapped 20K off the hole) a drake and hyperion decide to show up and crash the party. Sadly, neither of them can break the tengu or my tank (yes i said tank). I grabbed point on the onyx while serg blasted over to the drake, pointed web, and proceeded to rape it.

At this point the battle was getting too intense for the hyperion (it had not hit one of us) and it jumped out of the hole. I was discussing how this corp had dropped a thanny on me before (yes just 1 recon and a purifier can make them drop carriers...) When the hole shimmered, and out popped the hyperion. Returning from the POS was another onyx. So we engaged again. Hyperion was sitting on 0 off the hole, and was doing nothing- onyx had warped in at 30K away. I grabbed point while serg tried to bump the hyperion off the hole. Then the shit hit the fan.

We had a thanatos drop in out of warp, 30K off the hole and 20K from me. I was worried that it would have heavy neuts, so i burned out of range, while serg immediately dropped his bumping game on the hyperion and took a point on the thanatos. I took a wide 55K orbit and started lobbing torps at the onyx yet again. We were ever so slowly breaking it's tank. In the mean time me and serg were going through all of our intel channels to try and get some support to come and drop this thanny. The thanny started a triage cycle (WTF?) so me and serge tried in vain to dorp the onyx. We were biting down the shield, when another holie member warped to the hole at 50K in his scorpion.

Skirmish links are amazing. I overloaded my prop, burned at him and overloaded my point. Once he was pinned, serg and I had a combined DPS to pop that scorp before it even had a jam cycle off.

As a final insult, I took the pod as well.

At this point things were getting a little interesting. We had a triage thanny, and an onyx. I had not planned on this rather extended and heavily tanked fighting. We were 3 Jumps out to HEK, so with the tengu holding a comfortable point on the Thanny (onyx really doing nothing) i took out off out of the hole, to grab more repair paste, torps, and ammo for serg. On the way to Hek serg decided that he had to pee, so while orbiting the thanatos, walked to the bathroom, and then came back. Only a man with true cahones attempts something so brash.

On the way back to the worm hole 1 Jump out to be exact- the unthinkable happened... Serg was jammed.


Apparently ever since it landed it had been trying to jam out the tengu, and finally got off a single cycle. The thanatos was hot aligned, and insta warped back to the pos to lick it's wounds. After this ass whipping, the holies didn't want to play any more, and they logged out. So me and serg took off through another worm hole to Nul sec.

Acting as scout serg and I shot around some of the populated systems until something decided to come and fight us. In the mena time, serg sniped a munin burning off a gate.

After that things started getting intense. Russians showed up with a Mach, 2 nano drake, 2 nano cane to fight off serg and I. Our first engagement was rather shaky. Serg had to warp off in 75% armor after the mach shattered his tengu tank.We had thought the day was lost, until I grabbed a warp in on a cane sitting off the gate.

I called out to serge and he punched his tengu into warp. I uncloaked- overheated my point, prop, torps. I was about half way through his shield when serg dropped out of warp 20K of him, and proceeded to quickly drop his ass.

Just as we were chewing up the last of the canes HP, the rest of his nano gang landed. Let me tell you seeing a mach, drake, drake, cane land about 17K off your bomber is a scary sight indeed. Thankfully the cane was just exploding... so with his lock off I insta cloaked and warped off to safety with serg.

The next day it seemed that serg had a good enough time flying with me, that he decided to log of in hole, and join me in the morning. The day started off slow...

But started to heat up, once a tengu dropped out of warp to witness the destruction of his industrial friend. i guess this tengu didn't understand that not having a prop mod, and landing 20K from the hole is a bad idea. Serg and I engaged him instantly. Half way through the fight, the enemy tengu realized that he was not breaking serg's tank... so he primed me. To bad for him, his tengu couldn't crack my tank either, and he burned up in a ball of fire only 15K off the worm hole.

After the tengu loss, shit got serious in worm hole 51. It was time for some RR fun! out of the high sec popped out about 7 RR BS with a armor tanked, and jam fit scorp. Serg tried in vein to bump something off the hole, but they had webs- and the group of RR sniper BS (yes rr on snipers ?!?!!) wasn't moving off the hole. Whats worse- serg was getting perma jammed form the scorp, and even if we could get a lucky bump- there was no way serg could slap his web on the target. So i came up with a plan. Serg alone could not break the RR tank. So i suggested that both of us over heat, and primary the scorp. If we could make that jump through the hole, we could the try to bump and web a BS off the hole. If the scorp was stupid enough to jump back in again, and try to save his friend- he would be locked out of the hole for 2min30sec and me and serg might have a chance at breaking it.

With the plan in hand, I decloaked- and was instantly red boxed by the entire group of BS. Volley after volley began flying around my purifier.... but as expected they were all way off from hitting their target me and serg started to take chunks of armor from the scorp.... when it was about 35% armor left, the scorp jumped, along with the other 5 BS back out to high sec.

F that.

So we moved to hole 308 (the guys who dropped a thanatos on us yesterday) and moved into the static C3 hole. Once inside we noticed a tengu piloted by a pilot i will not name. I had tried to kill this pilot multiple times but, he always had his drake stabbed.... with about 3 of them. we could never hold him. ever ytime I had engadged him, he would always primary me- send his drones on me... in fact i thnk that it was his goal in life to kill me in any way shape or form. Even if that meant sitting on a worm hole at 0 in your stabbed drake....

But today we had a secret weapon- Serg.

The tengu has a cloaky buzzard alt, and the second we popped through the hole, the tengu safed up. (Seemed that we caught him running his 3rd site... all the wrecks were yet to be salvaged.) Then he logged out.

I was livid.

Serg was sitting on the c2 side of the c3 and noticed that there was a falcon at one of the POS... once it disappeared, he postulated that perhaps the tengu might try and burn through the hole, with the tengu jamming him. So i called an SB friend of mine in a hound- and before you knew it we had serg on 0 of the worm hole, and a hound sitting with primed torps about 50K off.

As expected the tengu pilot logged in, and warped to the hole quickly. he jumped through. I sat on the C3 side waiting patiently. On the c2 side it seems that the falcon decloaked and got a face full of missiles.

serg locked up and pointed the enemy tengu... when it warped back through the worm hole. When it did that- it was all over. it was now sealed out of that worm hole for 2:30.... the worm hole shimmed on my side, so i decloaked and pointed the tengu. Serg and Chey (in his hound) were in tow. The pilot immediately seeing me primed me and let loose. But again a tengu with out a web is not going to break my tank. he lobbed missiles at me the entire time- once he hit about 33% on my MSE my HP sank no lower, and the tengu shattered 10 or so seconds afterwards.

Thanks to Serg, and Chay howler for flying with me

Again this bomber pilot would like to tip his over size AB hat to Serg- beautiful piloting man. Hope we have many roams in the future.

Next week I plan on writing a post from an SB point of view of all this. How does one stay alive? What is your role? What should you be doing in fleet?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Can i Join your mining op? Let me grab my... falcon?

Mining ops. I love them, becuase you get more bank for your buck. The only thing missing- is as always more points.  Today me and a friend of mine broke up a mining op- and I felt that a story like this should be posted. This is a tale that happened some time ago, and was rather funny.

Everyone was hanging out in vent, after a long day. I was drinking my Guinness and kicking it back with a piece of cheese cake, when one of our newest members calls out on coms:  I hvae a mining op, 2 retrievers, covetor, bestower on scan, with cans. As you all know, i love jet can miners. So I asked in vent if anyone was up for a quick roid ticketing. The only thing wanted to join me, were two of our falcon pilots. So fitting them with rainbows, we pushed off and made the trip through high sec.

I was a bit worried- as this was the biggest engagement 'the new guy' has handled. I thought that I should probably grab another beer, so i finished off my cheese cake and opened another beer. On the way there I figured that this was going to be an easy job- 3 soft targets, so no worries. But as every good PvP pilot knows, change is the face of the battlefield. 4 Jumps away from our target we get a call on coms that a demios and brutix are now 'guarding' the mining op, and there is also a possibility of a cloaky ship watching the high sec hole.

So I decided to do something rather interesting. Let 'the new guy' run the show. Me and our 2 falcon pilots waited patiently outside of the hole, within 5K.We hoped that once we had a warp in point we could simply fly through the hole- and warp to the mining op before everything warped off. Now i am not if you are aware, but when you try and sneak up on miners unlawfully destroying natural wonders there are about 19340781230784134 1mm wide roids that can decloak you. We needed 'the new guy' to traverse this rather treacherous infield and give us a warp in.

I was trying to command him as best I could with out actually seeing any of the target, or the battlefield. It was slightly nerve wracking, so i slammed my beer- as we gave the word to jump. I jumped through the worm hole, right after the falcons. We punched the warped engines- and landed on the grid. as anticipated everyone was decloaked. The falcons spread jams, and we spread points (all three of them). We had the demios and brutix jammed- so we opened up on the miners.



Warped away becuase we didn't have a point

Once the 'soft' targets were down, we moved on to our jammed targets.

First was the brutix:

Once the brutix was down, the demios decided he had enough and broke off. We all thought the fun was over, when i noticed that some one was closing on us with a heritic. I thought that it must be one of the dead retrievers, so I told everyone  to cloak up and see what happens. The heritic landed on the grid, and proceeded to bounce off a roid- and get trapped in a mess. I gave the order to uncloak, jam and open fire.

It seems that keeping your MWD on while moving 100m/s = Death when my torp hits you in the face.
Roids suck don't they :)

It seems that after this- they got mad. So these holies decided to drop an astarte, dammnation, absolution, and slephnir on us. While falcons are good, i had a feeling that 2 purifiers (one new and low sp) and 2 falcons are not going to be enough to put a stop to that EHP nightmare. So with a victory in hand- we cloaked up and pushed off.

All special shout out to Smily Smile- I know that we traded pleasantries after the fight, but remember trying to whore on kill mails can be a dangerous pastime, I just can't bring myself ot shoot at other bombers <3


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why yes that Purifier is in fact.... bait

Quick tale from the Whisky Hole-

Why pilgrims + 1 bomber are fun!

The day started out with this-

Which lead to this

Then they got mad. So they sent interceptors and other frigs to kill us. Using my purifier as bait, and noticing that he was dual boxing, this happened:

Then the kitsune thought that jamming the pilgrim would stop its drones. Hopefully it learned form it's mistake.

Thanks to my long range point- the Kitsune was also podded

Then shit got real. They brought A RAIL FEROX OMG

I closed in from 40 k, keeping transveral up- and pointed, settled in orbit and smashed him. Sadly when he was entering armor, he warped off. Damn stabs.

After this we had a slight reprieve, as the holies went back to their pos to lick their wounds. I had to afk for a bit, and one of our new members jumped into the hole in his purifer to take my place for a short while.

It seemed that the malediction wanted another go at killing an SB- so it took the same bait... again this happened:

Gotta love that faction point drop <3

They decided to engage again- right after i returned from being afk this time with 2 draek, a black bird and a rook! They also brought along a crow. Luckily for us, it seemed that our pilgrim bait was working, and the raven bait had drawn aggro. The pilgrim uncloaked, released drones and was jammed.

I don't know if the rook forgot I was there- but i uncloaked about 20K off him, pointed him and shot torps up his tail pipe.

Gotta love those faction multi's

The crow got mad- and chased me, so we gave chase with warrior 2's

At this point, it was neut domi, 2 drake, black bird vs 1 low sp raven, 1 pilgrim, 1 purifier. So we disengaged.

I wake up this morning to activity in the hole- and find this jumping through:

Because he was too busy typing 'ARE YOU F@&*ING KIDDING ME' in local- i killed this as well:

Ya thats right, my sb is an interceptor abortion clinic. I killed three of those fast shmucks while there were in utero.

Also why do you run PI in this? Fill wish so much... stuff?

Hope you liked my battlereport <3