Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why yes that Purifier is in fact.... bait

Quick tale from the Whisky Hole-

Why pilgrims + 1 bomber are fun!

The day started out with this-

Which lead to this

Then they got mad. So they sent interceptors and other frigs to kill us. Using my purifier as bait, and noticing that he was dual boxing, this happened:

Then the kitsune thought that jamming the pilgrim would stop its drones. Hopefully it learned form it's mistake.

Thanks to my long range point- the Kitsune was also podded

Then shit got real. They brought A RAIL FEROX OMG

I closed in from 40 k, keeping transveral up- and pointed, settled in orbit and smashed him. Sadly when he was entering armor, he warped off. Damn stabs.

After this we had a slight reprieve, as the holies went back to their pos to lick their wounds. I had to afk for a bit, and one of our new members jumped into the hole in his purifer to take my place for a short while.

It seemed that the malediction wanted another go at killing an SB- so it took the same bait... again this happened:

Gotta love that faction point drop <3

They decided to engage again- right after i returned from being afk this time with 2 draek, a black bird and a rook! They also brought along a crow. Luckily for us, it seemed that our pilgrim bait was working, and the raven bait had drawn aggro. The pilgrim uncloaked, released drones and was jammed.

I don't know if the rook forgot I was there- but i uncloaked about 20K off him, pointed him and shot torps up his tail pipe.

Gotta love those faction multi's

The crow got mad- and chased me, so we gave chase with warrior 2's

At this point, it was neut domi, 2 drake, black bird vs 1 low sp raven, 1 pilgrim, 1 purifier. So we disengaged.

I wake up this morning to activity in the hole- and find this jumping through:

Because he was too busy typing 'ARE YOU F@&*ING KIDDING ME' in local- i killed this as well:

Ya thats right, my sb is an interceptor abortion clinic. I killed three of those fast shmucks while there were in utero.

Also why do you run PI in this? Fill wish so much... stuff?

Hope you liked my battlereport <3


  1. Hi Chessur, what timezone is your corp most active in? Any Aussie players?

  2. Awesome work. I can clearly see you have good things going for you. You know when to engage and you are very aware of shype types and mod ranges.

  3. Our time zone is varied. We do have 1 aussie pilot (who rolls with a tengu) some Eu and US players as well. Contact me in game if you have any other questions :)