Monday, October 17, 2011

Can i Join your mining op? Let me grab my... falcon?

Mining ops. I love them, becuase you get more bank for your buck. The only thing missing- is as always more points.  Today me and a friend of mine broke up a mining op- and I felt that a story like this should be posted. This is a tale that happened some time ago, and was rather funny.

Everyone was hanging out in vent, after a long day. I was drinking my Guinness and kicking it back with a piece of cheese cake, when one of our newest members calls out on coms:  I hvae a mining op, 2 retrievers, covetor, bestower on scan, with cans. As you all know, i love jet can miners. So I asked in vent if anyone was up for a quick roid ticketing. The only thing wanted to join me, were two of our falcon pilots. So fitting them with rainbows, we pushed off and made the trip through high sec.

I was a bit worried- as this was the biggest engagement 'the new guy' has handled. I thought that I should probably grab another beer, so i finished off my cheese cake and opened another beer. On the way there I figured that this was going to be an easy job- 3 soft targets, so no worries. But as every good PvP pilot knows, change is the face of the battlefield. 4 Jumps away from our target we get a call on coms that a demios and brutix are now 'guarding' the mining op, and there is also a possibility of a cloaky ship watching the high sec hole.

So I decided to do something rather interesting. Let 'the new guy' run the show. Me and our 2 falcon pilots waited patiently outside of the hole, within 5K.We hoped that once we had a warp in point we could simply fly through the hole- and warp to the mining op before everything warped off. Now i am not if you are aware, but when you try and sneak up on miners unlawfully destroying natural wonders there are about 19340781230784134 1mm wide roids that can decloak you. We needed 'the new guy' to traverse this rather treacherous infield and give us a warp in.

I was trying to command him as best I could with out actually seeing any of the target, or the battlefield. It was slightly nerve wracking, so i slammed my beer- as we gave the word to jump. I jumped through the worm hole, right after the falcons. We punched the warped engines- and landed on the grid. as anticipated everyone was decloaked. The falcons spread jams, and we spread points (all three of them). We had the demios and brutix jammed- so we opened up on the miners.



Warped away becuase we didn't have a point

Once the 'soft' targets were down, we moved on to our jammed targets.

First was the brutix:

Once the brutix was down, the demios decided he had enough and broke off. We all thought the fun was over, when i noticed that some one was closing on us with a heritic. I thought that it must be one of the dead retrievers, so I told everyone  to cloak up and see what happens. The heritic landed on the grid, and proceeded to bounce off a roid- and get trapped in a mess. I gave the order to uncloak, jam and open fire.

It seems that keeping your MWD on while moving 100m/s = Death when my torp hits you in the face.
Roids suck don't they :)

It seems that after this- they got mad. So these holies decided to drop an astarte, dammnation, absolution, and slephnir on us. While falcons are good, i had a feeling that 2 purifiers (one new and low sp) and 2 falcons are not going to be enough to put a stop to that EHP nightmare. So with a victory in hand- we cloaked up and pushed off.

All special shout out to Smily Smile- I know that we traded pleasantries after the fight, but remember trying to whore on kill mails can be a dangerous pastime, I just can't bring myself ot shoot at other bombers <3


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  1. Nice!! I read your blog everyday, very interesting
    Around a month ago I started training for a sb
    The time has come. I got my missile skills done, my bombing skills done, and my cloaking skills done. Now the question is... What SB should I get? I want to solo, killing carebears (miners) in null, and once I get the hang of it... Maybe... Join you guys?

    Regards, Yukon Leitner