Monday, June 13, 2011


Sorry about the long hiatus between this post and the last. As usual RL comes first for me, and I have not yet had the time to write. However I now find myself with a little bit of spare time, so I hope you enjoy my new tale.

As usual I hanging out in your average C2 worm hole. Me and my new corp had been camping this hole for some time, and we had started to make a dent into their PI. I was sitting about 20K of a custom station, and was simply waiting for our esteemed gust. He was flying a Bestower. Me and the rest of the corp saw him get into his trust hauler, and in order to try and catch him- each of us took of too a different planet, to lie in wait. The eve gods must have been smiling at me- because he came to my planet first. Once he loaded the grid- I gave the word, uncloaked and let my mjolnir torps fly. with all of my fleet members in warp I thought that this would be a normal run of the mill indy kill. But damn I was wrong.

My first round of torps struck his hull as I began my 20k orbit. His shield dropped instantly, and by my second volley- I was already into armor. Thats when things got weird. My torps suddenly hit a brick wall- it seems that this bestower was a legendary battle bestower and was armor tanked to the gills. Thankfully a few of my corpies landed on grid and began to help out with popping this care bear tank. We were about 50% through very quickly. I thought that things would finally go smoothly- but I was wrong. On my long range Dscan I noticed that a sabre (the SB greatest enemy) was suddenly warping to us. Not wanting to lose a bomber over a battle bestower I called for everyone to warp off, and then warp back in at range.

Just as we were leaving the field the sabre showed up, and sit out a bubble. I quickly warped to my safe, and turned around as fast as I could. I knew that the other guys were also coming back in at range. My hope was to hopefully try and finish off the bestower- as it was in dangerously low armor. Once I finally loaded the grid I was surprised to see the bestower slow boating back over to the customs office.... inside the dictor bubble. Now I don't really understand that logic, but becuase our target had decided to point himself for us- we orbited at 55K and well away from the sabre. Our next alpha took down the bestower.

The sabre took off, and to my suprise one of our corp members suddenly decloaked a rook! It seems that he had gotten to close, so I called the rook primary- and opened up on him. Sadly only one of us was withing point range, and the rook quickly jammed the one bomber in point range and took off in about 50% armor. As we were trying to loot the bestower wreck, the corp living in the hole suddenly decided to take an interest, and showed up in a rifter and drake. Sadly trying to kill of the drake was out of the question, but that was not the same of the rifter. The rifter was a new pilot- and it seemed that he was MWD fit :) How perfect.

I warped out and back into the field on range. I positioned myself about 90K away from the drake (and out of targeting range) and then i decloaked. I 'looked' at the rifter and aligned at him. The second I decloaked the rifter immediately turned, and burned at me. With his mwd going strong he was closing the 90K distance quite quickly. Once he got withing 60K i released my electron bomb- and bye bye rifter. Looking back on this fight- it's almost like I had written the script before even engaging. The rifter being a new character was almost 100% garunteed to fall for my trap- and as you know I love killing T1 frigs :) The best part about killing his rifter was that I took his ITTY 5 down a few hours later <3

So in the end it was a pretty fun day. I like working with bombs when I can get them- and killing cocky frigates is something that i take great joy in :) I can just never understand how people think that a bomber cannot be a threat to a frig- but hey no big deal to me. This just means that I have more targets.

Speaking of targets- there is one last thing that I would like to cover- and that would be holies, and the POS. Why is it that so many people spend so much time sitting in their POS doing NOTHING? Why do you log on just to afk, or just or orbit your tower? What is the point? I have seen so many holies do so many weird things..... Like take out all of the ships in their corp hangers, move them around the FF and then put them back. What is the point? Why? Me and many of my corpies have seen many weird occurrences. I am not sure if it is a form of deep space madness.... but if it is- remind me to never become a bear in worm hole space. It just does things to you man!

The other thing that I don't understand is why bears mouth off so much- but whenever I attack their mining barges, no one comes to try and help their poor old friends. Here is a list of ships that me and my corp have sunk all withing the same worm hole, and always when these roid munchers have not been the only ones online.

All of the kills below can be summed up like this: Me and my corps have the grav sites of this worm hole BM'd. So when we see something warp there- we warp to our warp in spot, slow boat within range then decloak, turn on point, fire torps and orbit. All the while we are slamming d scan waiting for reinforcements, that never come :( Listen bears if you see one of your own getting mauled by space wolves- don't go running tail between legs back to your pos. It looks embarrassing :(

Pod 1
Pod 2
Sigil - LOL battle sigil

I don't understand why the mining arm of a corp kept coming out to mine after the first kill. We gave them our service license, so they knew that we were around.... And the sigil was just icing on the cake. Why in the hell would you put half of those mods on a sigil? And ship can out run that fat indy ship... Good try bears.... good try.

Anyway that about covers our latest exploits. I hope that you enjoyed this blog- fly dangerously!


  1. Dude, I think your blog is great and have enjoyed the stories...but please, for the love of all that is holy, run a spell-checker. :p

  2. Its funny, a lot of his stories are half true. It's like his own little super hero fiction comic book. His bombers never get caught off guard and loose their ships, and he always gets the kill. Even though this was not always true during his times in the c2 with highsec static that he speaks of, some of his stories are 100% true from that hole.

    Basically, if he loses a ship or fails to get the kill then he fibs to make the story better. But if his gank is successful he does not need to fib.

    The story about the drake getting wrecked by his allied POS defense was 100% true, DAMN YOU CHESSUR!. lol, the hoarder was all sadface when chessur popped the wreck.

  3. What are you talking about? What is this- I don't even...

  4. Needless to say.... brilliant blog :)

    Why ppl float inside the pos force field, apparently doing nothing? I can give you some ideas:
    - chatting with corp mates
    - waiting for a corp mate to scan the system for an exit or a site
    - rl-working (for the lucky ones working from home), and keeping eve client open to work as a strong coffee
    - waiting for something to happen, knowing that nothing will happen any soon, but still hoping...

    I've been, and still am, a w-space resident... but now training myself for more stealth pvp action