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The Blueprint to Success (Part One)

This is the beginning of a 3 part blog series. The reasons why I have decided to write these are many. Primarrialy this is a 'guide' for the many people that seem to be messaging me, and wondering how they can get started in 'nomadic' wormhole life. This blog will focus on basic worm hole knowledge, and stealth bomber skill plan. In the next articles I will be covering stealth bomber fits of all kinds, and in part three I will write a guide of the 'stalk' and how to properly scan down and find ships while in worm hole space. (Don't worry I have some kills to help back up my points :) That way I can promise some action between my monologue.

With out further adieu, on to part one!

Basic Worm hole Knowledge:

Worm hole space is very very dangerous and it is this way for a number of reasons (least of all the other worm holies) First and foremost it is the fact that worm hole space is always changing. Static worm holes change, and so do the holes themselves. The first thing that any aspiring worm hole pilot should familiarize there self with is of course- a worm hole database. There are a ton of them on the internet, and finding one is not that hard. These are very very useful tools becuase they can tell you the class of the worm holes, it's effects, how many sleepers have been killed, along with ships, and pods- as well as the most important statistic- JUMPS.

Now that you have your worm hole databank- you can finally go out and start finding these gravity giants. Worm holes come in many flavors. that is why it is imperative that you are reading the information of any wormhole you come across. Wormholes can take you one of 6 places: high sec space, Low sec space, Nul sec space, unknown space (C1-C3), dangerous unknown space (C4-C5), and deadly unknown space (C6). Now C1-C3 worm holes are the easiest to traverse through- becuase they generally have a higher population rate. This means that finding the cosmic worm hole sigs in system does not take as long, becuase generally the inhabitants keep the ladar, grav, mag and radars clear.

On the other hand you have C4-C6 worm holes that are less populated. Because this guide is aimed an new worm holies, I will not being going into great depth about these holes- becuase you should be staying out of them for now :) Another important fact to look for in a worm hole is how long the worm hole will last. Normally you will see 'this worm hole is beginning to decay, and should not last more than a day.' If you see this- generally the hole is in it's prime, and you do not have to worry about collapsing behind out. On the other hand if you see 'this wormhole is reaching the end of it's natural lifetime' then you need to be aware that it may close sometime within the next 6-4 hours give or take.

Lastly- a worm hole has a mass, or how many ships are allowed to pass through the hole, before it collapses due to mass. Normally in your bomber you will never have to worry about collapsing a hole, and really this is a moot point. However if you notice that the worm hole has 'it's mass critically disrupted' then you need to be aware. Because the majority of it's mass has been taken up from ships passing through. The hole could close on you if you go through.

So to recap: If you see 'this worm hole has begun to decay, and should last another day' and 'this worm hole has yet to have it's stability disrupted from ships' then you are good to go. If on the other hand you see 'This worm hole is reaching the end of its natural lifetime' or 'the stability of the worm hole has reached a critical mass' then you need to be prepared that the hole could close the second you go through it. This of course is just a general rule, and as i am sure others can tell you- even a 'stable' worm hole will sometimes randomly collapse on you. Moral of the story? ALWAYS HAVE A PROBE LAUNCHER ON YOUR SHIP.

Next realize what you are getting into when you are going into a worm hole. Local does not exist, and sleepers can be rather tough opponents. If you are a new character to eve- I would suggest that you stay out of worm hole. However it does not keep an adventurous few from trying. This scythe for example is a prime example. Don't go into a worm hole, warp to a random planet on zero- and proceeded to shoot out core probes and start scanning. You are a glaring beacon, and honestly- I don't ever feel safe inside of worm hole unless I am cloaked up (covops cloak or prototype is miles better than none.)

Also if you are a new character- please do not try and solo sleeper sites. The sleepers will tear you to pieces. If you warp into a sleeper site- and are lucky enough to warp out- back to the high sec exit, don't repair your ship and come back for your T1 drones. I have no idea what this guy was thinking- I almost wanted to warn him when I saw him go in the first time to try and fight the sleepers. So i taught him a lesson.

Lastly don't forget to book mark everything! Book mark the worm hole you find, or the one that you came out of. it will save you a lot of time and grief in the long run :) Also if you ever plan on doing anything solo in a worm hole- you need to make sure that your ship can at least pvp to a small degree. Being in worm hole is dangerous- becuase you never know when a stealth bomber can sneak up on you, and ruin your day. Ohh- one more thing.

So in closing- if you are new to eve, then i suggest you stay out of worm holes unless you somehow can find yourself a very good worm hole corp. Secondly- if you are new to pvp I suggest that you at least get your feet wet in low sec or some consensual pvp in high sec. Worm hole space (like 0.0) has bubbles, HIC, DIC, bombs, and all of the other deploy-able stuff that you can wield in eve. Learning how to avoid bubbles, and how to properly fly so you don't end up like I did last week- will save you a lot of time, grief, and of course isk.

Ok next on my list is what I would consider to be a 'basic' skill plan for a stealth bomber pilot running around in worm hole space solo.

Astrometric Acquisition: 3
Astrometric Pinpointing: 4
Astrometric Rangefinding: 3
Astrometrics: 4

These of course are the bare minimum you are going to need if you ever plan on scanning yourself out of any worm hole in your bomber. If you have a prober alt- then all the more power too you. A covops ship, with gravity capacitor upgrades is always a great help!

Next on to the bread and butter of the Stealth bomber skills- I feel that Valadeya Uthanaras lays out a very thorough and well thought out skill plan. I have posted this below-

The skill number on the left is of course the minimum you are going to need- while the number on the right is of course ideal :)

Cloaking 4 4
Electronics 5 5
Electronics Upgrades 5 5
Long Range Targeting 4 5
Propulsion Jamming 4 5
Signature Analysis 4 5
Targeting  2 2

Energy Management  4 5
Energy Systems Operation 4 5
Engineering 5 5
Shield Management 3 4
Shield Operation 4 5
Shield Upgrades 4 5
Tactical Shield Manipulation 4 5

Gunnery 2 2
Weapon Upgrade 5 5
Advanced Weapon Upgrade 4 5

Jury Rigging 3 3
Astronautics Rigging 4 5
Shield Rigging 4 4
Launcher Rigging 4 5
Mechanic 4 5
Nanite Operation 1 5

Bomb Deployment 1 4
Missile Bombardment 4 5
Missile Launcher Operation 5 5
Missile Projection 4 5
Rapid Launch  4 5
Target Navigation Prediction 4 4
Torpedoes 4 5
Warhead Upgrades  4 5

Acceleration Control 4 5
Afterburner 4 4
Evasive Maneuvering 4 5
High Speed Maneuvering 4 5
Navigation 5 5
Warp Drive Operation 5 5

Amarr Frigate 5 5
Covert Ops 5 5**************** I cannot stress this enough- look at your ship bonus, each level gives %15 increase to torp damage- 15% it is HUGE!
Minmatar Frigate 5 5
Spaceship Command 3 5

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a very basic guide to worm hole life. I know that I didn't cover much in the way of worm hole know how- but this is simply a basic primer. I am sure that most of you know the ins and outs of worm hole life, and I really didn't feel like boring you :) Next time I will be running over all of the stealth bomber fits, and the stealth bombers and their different roles. I hope you enjoyed, and if you ever want to contact me in game- convo Chessur, or just shoot me an eve mail.

Till later- fly dangerously!

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