Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Death Threats

Drakes, the quintessential low SP mission ship. Works great in high sec. However, being a new player and entering wormhole- is really a dangerous idea. When I first spotted this drake, he was refitting at a safe with a mobile depot. From what it looked like to me, he was using it to refit cloak / scanner into full missile high slots. After a brief pause, he warped into his first Sleep Combat site, a simple perimeter outpost. Now mind you, this is a very low class worm hole, so i assumed that our intrepid young drake pilot thought this his BC would be more than a match for the sleepers.

As he warped to the site, I tailed him. Cloaked the entire time- I could never get a fix on his current shield status, but based on his extremely slow clear speed I surmised he was struggling. This became even more apparent when I noticed that his ship was flying with a sudden awkward pattern, and before I knew it- the drake pilot finally figuring out that he was way, way over his head- panic warped out to the nearest celestial.

Sadly for him, I am very good at what I do- and patient. I noticed where he warped off, and followed. Thanks to the Rubicon warp speed changes, I beat him to the planet. What happened next was simply fate. I have seen so many players do the exact same thing he has. To me, its just another easy kill. The ailing drake, was down in 3 shots. While he had the presence of mind to at least shoot me- it was too late.

Afterwards, I find this.

And as the icing on the cake, it appears that the intrepid drake pilot had tricks up his own sleeve. Till next time.

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