Monday, September 17, 2012

Easy ISK

This blog again finds me logging into a C2 worm hole, with a high sec static. Read the other 2 parts of my blog to catch up on the story. So last time I left off - I had just finished off killing a noctis, covetor, and a kestral all in one day. I had logged for the past three days, becuase I was spending the weekend up with my girlfriend. When I finally got around to logging back in- I did the usual- D scan. I did a double take and pressed the scan again. Again NOTHING showed up on scan..... At this point I was very very confused.... So i went to my warp in points on the POS. Sure enough it was gone! So I guess that my antics had moved the people out of the hole. Surprising what a single T2 frig can do :)

At this point I was at a bit of a loss.... I don't have any more targets to hunt, so I knew that it was time to move on. But before I did- I posted the WH to sell it on the boards. Thankfully someone was interested, and I sold the worm hole for 210mil. Not bad for a days of work, but I wanted more! I was only about 100mil away from a PLEX (and let me tell you I love PLEX) so I went diving down another hole I found. I made it about 5 holes deep before I found something interesting. I was in a class 4 and on my D scan there appeared a ton of sleeper wrecks, and a solo tengu.

Now this is what I call a golden opportunity! The tengu seemed to have completed 2 combat sites and was 100% by him self. I gleefully sat and waited while he finished up his second site. After the last BS has popped, he warped to his POS and came back in a noctis. I watched as he slowly cleaned the first site, and then headed over to the second one. As I watched him clean up the second, a fleeting thought passed through my mind. Why do holies leave so many millions of dollars in salvage in an undefended industrial ship? Obviusly this guy was solo so perhaps that was the case- but would it not have been smarter to drop the 1st site loot off at the POS?

Either way his haste payed off for me at least. Like normal I had followed behind him while he cleaned wrecks, and just as he finished up with the last one- I opened up the torpedo bay doors, and let loose some very angry caldari navy mjolnir torps. He popped quickly from their wrath. And low and behold, the juicy noctis let flow a bountiful loot! 130mil worth of sleeper guts! Not bad for a days worth- about 340mil on the day, so hurray for another 30 days of game time!

Now I am going to be skipping around With my story some what. I am catapulting you the reader to the last few days of my current worm hole occupation. The reason why I am doing so, is becuase it was the first time that I have ever had the chance to spring a trap. And also the first time I had ever seen so many tears. a few days ago I was diving holes like normal, and making sure to check each hole on static mapper to see if any had a high occupancy rate. Normally you can tell how 'well traveled' a worm hole is by looking at the amount of combat and cosmic sites left standing. a worm hole with few means that people are actively farming the hole, and a worm hole with many means that it has rather sparse occupancy.

Normally I notice that C1 and C2 worm holes are the most occupied, while C4 - C6 are not. You can imagine my surprise then, when I found a C4 worm hole almost devoid of any sites. It seems that 2 corps had just moved in, and there was plent of activity on static mapper to back up my gut feeling. I decided that this would be a nice place to settle down for awhile, and moved in with my large secure container. After stocking it, I proceeded to rain hell from above with my little frig.

The first day went well, and i netted two kills. The first was a clueless covetor, and that was followed shortly by a heron popping out moon probes. The heron kill was interesting at least. I used my D scan to keep tracking how down on the moons. He was moving from moon at a fast pace. I got awfully close on a couple of occasions, but finally I guessed his warp in distance and basically warped in right on top of him. Only being 10k away I easily opened up everything on him, and was just finishing him off when his friend in a drake care screaming in to save him. To bad for the drake- but he was a bit late. I popped the heron and made a dash to my safe. as soon as I could, I came back and looted the heron wreck. Inside I was surprised to see about 2k worth of paradise cruise missiles, and random ammo. Perhaps they were trying to stop me from looting with the cargo size increase? I will never know- so i just blew it up. Almost on cue the drake came back- but again too late. All went well, and I made sure that i gave each pilot my service fee. The covetor incurred extra cost because as a PIRATE (Protecting Innocent Roids Againt Terrifying Exhumers) operative- it is my duty to ensure that any unlawful removal of space scenery is carried out under license. For those of you that wish to purchase a license, contact me in game for further details :)

Anyway on with the story. The first night didn't lend me with any good loot. However when I logged on the next day. The corps seemed to be moving POS mods into the system. I took up watch near the worm hole, and waited. A capsule and 2 badgers came from the pos and sat on the hole for some time. I held my guns, knowing that if I opened fire- they could simply escape to the other side. There apparent waiting seemed to have worked in my favor. They thought it was safe, and they were secure in their own little eve server. The badgers eventually jumped through. A little while later- one of the badgers warps back through the worm hole. Now you should never be killed while on a worm hole....Because if you are smart and wait out the timer, you can stay cloaked up and invincible for 30 seconds, before you initiate warp. If while you are trying to warp you are targeted- jump back through the hole.

Thankfully for me the badger pilot was in a rush- and started to align the second he was in system. That was good news for me, and I uncloaked and popped him. I looted what I could and no sooner had I finished than a hyperion and dramiel came warping in to save his now dead friend. Thankfully I easily escaped and decided to go AFK for a bit. I had some homework to attend to.

After completing the home work, I logged back in. I hit the D scanner- and who do i see but that covetor again. It was sitting in the same place, mining. Exactly like last night. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where my fun started. I hit the D scan and notice that they have 2 dramiels sitting on their POS. Also- their manticore that they had out earlier was suspiciously missing. Admiral Akbar was telling me in my mind that ITS A TRAP! I knew that the wise admiral was correct, and I needed to get bigger guns. So i went to my container, and grabbed my bomb launcher and one EM bomb.

I warped to the worm hole exit, gut shot into a C1 and then took that C1 to highsec. I re fit in a station, and soon I was back in my C4, bomb launcher attached and ready. before I decided to move in on the covetor again, I looked up their manticore fit. and HOLY SHIT- Fail fit doesn't even begin to describe that. So feeling a bit better about my chances I slowly stalked up to within 30k of the covetor. Setting my Dscan to 3 Au i was getting prepared to leave the second the drams hit my scan. With one last breath I unloaked, lockup up the covetor- overheated my torps and let fly. The second my torps were out of their tubes i released my bomb- and set my orbit. Suddenly a manticore decloaked about 15K off my bow. Shit. Then he started to point me with a long point- double shit. I was pointed.

I immediately aligned towards my far safe, and while pressing D scan like a mad man- noticed that the 2 drams were coming. TRIPLE SHIT. In the middle of all this- the covetor (who was now outside my point range) went pop. As the first volly of jugg torps hit my shields I knew that it was go time. (I didn't want to take the sig radius hit from turning on my MWD to early, so i waited until the first torps hit.) The second my shields dropped, I hit the MWD and overheated. I started to fly away at 3.3K. The drams landed on grid about 50K away, and they started to burn at me at rather scary speed. Luckily my speed fit purifer was miles faster than the manticore, and he lost point. I hit warp and moved on just at the second volley of torps hit my shields. Thankfully- i didn't even have my paint scratched :)


And now the best for last- the chat logs. Hope you enjoyed, and fly safe!

Please excuse my typos in chat- I was rofling to hard :D

[04:45:58] Chessur > dont make it so obvious next time ok?

[04:56:00] Chessur >

[05:03:43] Etherel Anawlis > i love it when a white boy links rap...come over here so i can bend you over like your daddy

[05:04:27] Chessur > you still owe me some service chage :(

[05:04:38] Chessur > don't worry I am sure that we are going to be seeing more of each other :)

[05:04:39] Etherel Anawlis > you still owe me some service

[05:04:52] Chessur > my corp has in intest in this hole

[05:05:02] Chessur > so i guess i am going to be sticking around :)

[05:05:08] Chessur > or you can just pay....

[05:05:48] Etherel Anawlis > what if you get podded and lose the hole?

[05:05:54] Chessur > alts :)

[05:06:16] Etherel Anawlis > well log them in and we'll have a fleet fight

[05:06:27] Chessur > no thanks. I work solo

[05:06:37] Etherel Anawlis > ok, i got a drake i can afford to lose


[05:07:27] Chessur > if i needed a cum back, i would just wipe it off your mothers chin.

[05:08:03] Etherel Anawlis > so you gonna solo me or what?

[05:08:47] Chessur > I have been soloing you....... actually i have been soloing both of your corps.

[05:09:06] Etherel Anawlis > i could have done your job with a reaper...let's see a real fight

[05:09:28] Chessur > sure I will come after your drams next time ok>

[05:09:47] Etherel Anawlis > lol

[05:10:27] Allpowerfull1 > LOL

[05:10:28] Etherel Anawlis > wouldn't you rather kill a drake worth 80 mil?

[05:10:38] Cpt Cal > lol

[05:10:47] Sutairn > llol

[05:10:55] Chessur > nah drams make a more of a statement :)

[05:12:24] Etherel Anawlis > well let's see, sb vs dram or drake...i'd say an sb can't beat a drake's tank

[05:13:04] Chessur > and I think your wrong :(

[05:13:15] Etherel Anawlis > test don't know how i'm fit

[05:13:31] Chessur > yes i do. I have info'd every single person in the hole

[05:13:31] Etherel Anawlis > i'll even guarantee no support on my side

[05:13:36] Chessur > I know that you all suck at pvp

[05:13:43] Chessur > and i know that most of you run cookie cutter fits

[05:13:45] Chessur > also

[05:13:54] Chessur > that manticore fit you have is bad :( really really bad :(

[05:13:55] Etherel Anawlis > most...hmmmm

[05:14:51] Etherel Anawlis > so how am i fit

[05:15:14] Chessur > I can't reveal all of my sources and information in our first conversation now can i?

[05:15:29] Etherel Anawlis > well if you want, but i'd call you stupid

[05:15:56] Chessur > actually you guys are the ones that are raging.... i would too after that 'ambush'

[05:16:09] Allpowerfull1 > you can't even kill dead pussy

[05:16:09] Chessur > botched doesnt even begin to describe that fail

[05:18:07] Etherel Anawlis > i can't help that you change your ammo

[05:18:34] Chessur > wait what?

[05:18:39] Chessur > change my ammo?

[05:19:00] Etherel Anawlis > you think i didn't pay attention to your fail the first time? 5 volleys to kill me

[05:19:09] Chessur > ...

[05:19:35] Etherel Anawlis > it's an indy...1 shot kill or train

[05:20:11] Etherel Anawlis > it's not even a good indy lol

[05:20:17] Etherel Anawlis > t1 resists

[05:22:12] Chessur > This entire chat log is going to be the center piece of my next blog

[05:22:14] Chessur > this is art

[05:22:31] Etherel Anawlis > thank you, i thought you sucked as well

[05:23:19] Chessur > yep that is why you are down.... 2 covetors, 1 heron, 1 badger and counting sounds like a winner to me

[05:23:38] Etherel Anawlis > what's this you stuff...i don't have a heron or badger


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  2. Hey Chessur, glad your posting again!

    so you leave a cargo container somewhere in their system or is there an alt somewhere in an orca hidden helping you nomad around the wh super highway?