Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting back after a Hiatus

Hey all, its been some time since I have written in this blog. As some of you may or may not konw, I really have not been down in WH space. I have been playing in ATX, and flying with some of the best pvp'ers in the business. 'The Hatchery' is my new home, and for the past year or so I have been honoing my skills in small gang nano pvp along with FC'ing those types of fights. However with my newfound wealth I plan on making the return to worm hole space more regularly. I plan to be flying new fits, and brining in new assets that will increase my sucsess.

So lets start- how do i feel about bombers now that I have had the chance to really get some more varied pvp experience underneath my feet: To begin I still feel that bombers require a large sp sink to be able to pilot effectively. Along with SP, you are going to need in game experience. You need to know your ship types backwards and forwards, as well as speeds, fallofs, and weapon tracking from the top of your head. Another thing that you are giong to need is a proper fit, and when i mean fit- I mean everything. Implants, drugs, links ext. Now take all of this with a grain of salt. If your only plan with a bomber is kill soft targets (things that really can't shoot back) then you really never have to go this in depth with a bomber. If shooting those types of targets is your only goal, wait for next week and i will go with an over view of WH infiltration. However for the remaining of this post- I am giong to be talking about hitting things that shoot back.

Lets start with implants. Depending on how much ISK you have to throw into your bomber, this is going to vary slightly. Here is a list of useful implants:

Genolutions, both of these can help you get that extra fitting so many bombers need, along with helping you out if you don't have AWU 5 or some other SUG 5 yet. I highly suggest getting a pair of these.

Implant slot 6: Acceleration Control (3% bonus to speed)
Implant slot 7: Evasive manuvering (3% bonus to agility)
Implant slot 8: Zor's custom navigation hyper link (5% bonus to speed)
Implant slot 9: deadeye target navigation prediction (3% decrease to velocity factor on missiles- this is huge for torps.)
Implant slot 10: Deadeye Rapid launch: (3% increase to launcher fire rate.)

The above list is the basics. If you have more isk- get 5% over 3%. However if you really have some isk to spare then i suggest a set of HG Snake :)

On to drugs. I suggest that you also carry these:

Quafe Zero- 5% increase to speed, and 5% increase to targeting speed- NO CHANCE OF SIDE EFFECT the soda pop is an amazing drug, on basically every ship. I love it.

Crash: Now there are a few different concentration levels of crash. The lowest, which you can carry around in HS and has zero side effects is the synth version. It gives a 3% decrese in explosion velocity, helping to apply more of your dps to the target. Flying with synth in a bomber is a must.

Ok now that is out of the way, lets talk about links. Off grid links are incredible. Getting a second T3 account that can probe and provide links can be a huge plus while in WH space. If you have the ISK again- i suggest grabbing one. I deally you would run a quad link loki, with skirmish mind link. Have your 3 skermish link, along with your 4th being an information superiority link.

The skermish links are pretty self explanitory- they make you go faster, they shrink your sig, and they will increase your long point range / web range. A t2 unheated long point with links- is 36K. You can heat out too 42K. If you want to put a bit of bling on your bomber, grab a dark blood warp disruptor. that will give you an unheated point out too 42K. If you are willing to throw even more isk- grab an RF point. Unheated you can point out too 45K unheated, and 53.8K heated. Now links and this long point help you in many great ways.

First and formost it keeps you far out of web, neut, and even heavy neut range. Another great plus is it allows you and your slow as shit bomber to orbit at a wide range, and keep your top speed up, making it harder for those light drones to get on you. Lastly a bomber with a 10mn ab or 1mn complex MWD sitting out around 40K is nearly impossible to hit with most (i stress most) turret based weapon platforms. The only weapon system that is really going to reliabily hit you (They are still going to struggle applying any sort of real dps) out at those ranges, are pulse lasers, and HMLs. Don't get me wrong- if you really cut your transversal, an arty cane is still giong to blap you. Like flying any frigs, you need to watch what is on the field, and your transversal- no matter what links you are flying with.

Now on too the bombers- as you know I feel that hound / purifier are king. But I have found a use for the 4 mid slot bombers. If you throw a sensor damp, with range script and a cap booster on them, they can do some pretty funny things. For example: A single maxed skilled damp (links makes it even better) can damp down tier 2 BC class ships to a piont  where you can sit at overheated long piont range, and they cannot even target you. If you put an information link, and skirmish links with your bomber, this range is amplifed even more :) It is a usefull trick.

Well thats it for now, I plan to go through some of these new ideas in a bit more detail in the next part. To end I will leave you with this: An excellent video of a guy pushing the bomber to the limit. Snakes, blue pill, maked out skirmish links, and siege links= your bomber can be really really fun.

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