Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boom Boom Pow

Hey folks- Yet again another blog. But first-

Shout out to Seraph Minayin- all donations are very appreciated, and will go towards thwarting non licsenced PvE players in WH space. Thanks again :)

To start out this blog post, I am going to post one of our greatest kills to date. Sadly I was not able to have a part in this epic kill, but luckily one of our pilots had a chance to score this: SOLO ORCA!! Awww yeah- that was a nice 80 points, which catapults my corp even closer to above the top 5K in eve corps <3 From what I was told the story was quite hilarious :) Apparently this person was trying to close a hole with his orca. When he was found out by a single stealth bomber. Triski has been flying with us for some time, and like a good bomber- waited patiently until hole hole had collapsed behind the Orca- before striking. After a fairly long fight- the orca finally was sunck, along with the pod. According to the first hand accounts the pilot was not flying with proper worm hole collapsing licensure- and had to be reprimanded.

Let this be a warning to all of you who thing that you can continue to collapse natural worm holes, and destroy their beauty unabated- we are watching you. So before you decide to collapse your next worm hole, please feel free to send 50million ISK to Peek-A-Boo bombers. (Thanks for your time and continued business in advance.)

Anyway on to some stories that concern more of the author:

Lately we have been camping a worm hole with a group of other bomber pilots. Other than some random kills on my part Boom, Bang, Smash, I have not been contributing much to our war against these unlicensed worm hole bears. As I logged on last night- I was not expecting a ton of action- however this all changed once I checked the history of my current worm hole. It seemed that there was alot of jumps in the past half hour, and becuase many of their corp members were online- and that there was a c4 static, i surmised that they were most likely running C4 combat sites.

Once I had scanned down the hole, and jumped through it- my D-scan greeted me with many new sleeper kills inside the C4 along with a noctis :) I was getting happy, and once I had hit my ship scanner- and pinpointed the lone noctis I hit the warp button. (So much you can do off of your invincibility timer) Sadly as I was in mid warp- I recived an in game chat from one of the targets I was stalking. Sadly it seemed that these law breakers had enough of our harassment- and had placed a covert ops ship on the worm hole. He clearly wanted to let me know that he knew I was there, and was aware of what I was trying to do. I didn't think much of this idle threat at the time- as I was already in warp to the noctis. Sadly- I landed about 136K away from any warp able sleeper structures once I hit the grid, and by the time I had reached 150K the noctis had already warped away.

Well the noctis had not yet finished cleaning up this site, so i figured that I could bide some time and wait for him- while entertaining my rather pompous guests. they were spoting off the usual (in chat and local) the basic- your so noob, you can only hurt ships that don't shoot back... SB's suck, get a life, learn to pvp noob- come over here and fight us blah blah blah kind of shit. Sadly what they don't realize is that the more vocal they are about their hate for me, the more I realize that what we are doing is working. The fact that having a single pilot online, and in a system can garner such a response from 7 pilots is simply astounding.

Smiling to myself (and figuring that they were not going to come back to this site for some time, I decided to go and take a quick shower, while I waited for the noctis to reappear. Luckily for me- just as I had finished drying off, and when I came wakling into my room- i noticed that my overview had exploded with ships. Figuring that I would not have a shot at the noctis- I took some time to look over the idle comments in my chat, and in local. I can sum up their comments with this quick video- (liky if the video doesn't work for you- )

Basically after a lot of fist pumping and chest beatin (can of curse telling me that i am a mother fucker, and a pussy faggot) they come to clear up their site with no less than: A machriel (with seebo) 3 spider tengus (who are shield repping the noctis) a navy domi, with bouncer 1 drones out.... and a noctis clearing everything. clearly it is they who are not afraid, and clearly I am doing nothing to disrupt them- nothing at all in fact. Even thought I didn't get a kill that night, I knew that we were doing so much more. the fact that a single bomber online can cause that much mass hysteria, is a god thing for me. And even better- once I was leaving the hole for the night and found 2 warp bubbles and a few interceptors trying to stop me- I knew that me and my guys were doing their jobs. Very very well.

You see ladies and gentlemen, when you fly stealth bombers- you can sometimes come home with out a kill. However the fact that a single pilot in a single frig can illicit such a response from so many people, and garner such hate- makes the stealth bomber the king of psychological warfare. To me- that night was a victory. I hope that anyone flying stealth bombers realizes that your stats are not always going to look the best, but- when you come across people who still remember you and your small gang as 'stealth bomber pussy bastards' months after you had stopped terrorizing them- you have to realize the sort of power this little ship holds. Our group has made worm hole coalitions and alliances dissolve. We scratch, and we keep scratching at an organization. Everything you do in game, and in worm hole becomes a chore, and a task. People get frustrated, people get stupid, people get impulsive, bored and tired. they leave, they quit, and fall apart.

After all of that- we in our little frigs are still here watching, waiting, and resilient. To me there is no better ship in eve :)

Hope that you all enjoyed this blog post- and as per usual, fly dangerously :)


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