Thursday, August 25, 2011

Warp Core Stabs: Stabbing where it hurts

An interesting week for me. I actually had some laughs :) watching people that are caught in the grips of worm hole madness are quite funny to watch. But before I go into that, I feel like I should weigh in on the hole 'no ABC' ores for WH discussion that is going on. (I promise to keep this very very short.)

Why mining in worm hole is very very dangerous: To somehow think that a hulk can just decide to go and mine, and not have anything to worry about is plain wrong. For those of you that read my blog- you know that I murder miners, in fact I would say that I slaughter them. If I am camping a hole, there is no way that you can ever mine safely. I already have the grav sites book marked, and I never need to released probes. If i do have to release probes, I can scan and use my d scan in such a way- that I can 100% the site in under 45 seconds. Long story short- for those 0.0 botting hulk pilots safe 30+ systems deep in a cyno jammed system with blues everywhere- you have no idea what dangerous is. Becuase of the danger apparent in worm hole, ABC ores need to stay.

In conjunction with my ABC mining rant- I have yet another miner kill to share with you. As per usual I had logged on in a non D scan safe, and proceeded to warp cloaked to my other safe, and started to D scan the system. I quickly saw the covetor, and narrowed my d scan to 15 degrees and pointed at my grav site book mark. Confirming my suspicions, the covetor was there- so i urged my ship into warp. Once i landed I noticed that this miner was mining out of a can (bad idea) and I also had noticed that i was 172K away from the miner and the can. I opened my tactical overlay, and confirming that should I warp on the can at 30K i would not be de cloaked- warped to my prey.

Now dear reader these are the kills that I do love the most. The target had no way of detecting me. I was perfectly stealthy :) The second that I had detected the covetor- the game was over in my mind. As i dropped out of warp, i started my orbit at 19K and once my purifier settled into it's comfortable vector, uncloaked- and let loose hell. Again this worm hole proved to be very deadly to this miner. Not only was there 0 local, but because this worm hole was a Pulsar effect, the covetor that my torps were now slamming into had a + 44% to his sig. Again this worked out nicely for me, and the covetor dropped in a blink of a eye. I looted and popped the wreck, and decided to see what would happen next.

As i was waiting a very very curious thing started to happen- the now dead covetor pilot warped back to his pos, and re shipped into an ibis. Once inside the ibis this character had the gall to warp back to his can, and start taking some of his precious ore out. I was absolutely blown away by this stroke of stupidity. If you just were blown up, why would you re ship in a non combat ship and go back to your can, and begin trying to remove the contents of said can? I was laughing so hard i could hardly contain myself. The entire time this deranged holie was scraping out his can, i was sitting about 15K away.

I was un sure of what i should do at this point. Should i blow him up? Should i blow the can up? or should i wait- in the hopes that the taret would assume that I had left this system, and hope that this fool decides to venture out of his pos in a more...... expensive ship? In the end i decided to give this strange lawbreaker a reprieve, and allow him to scrape up the fruits of his illegal labor. Sadly he never did come back out of his pos, and after scooping the last of his ore- he logged off.

Changing topics- the reader will again find our intrepid stealth bomber pilot roaming around a string of holes in  c1-c3 space. Venturing into a C2 worm hole, I hit my Dscan and noticed that there was a number of sleeper wrecks on scan, along with a dominix. Still sitting on the hole, and still cloaked and invulnerable- I hit my ship scanner, and narrowing down the combat sites with my dscan- warped off to the sleeper site, only having to decloak once (moving from the hole to warp, as during this time my cloak goes off for about 1 second. This is because my covops cloak needs to be activated) So again for all of you nul sec people that feel worm hole is ohh so safe- please realise that unless you had a scout sitting on the hole, there was absolutely no way that anyone could have detected me. I scanned down your site, and can move around unhindered, all with out your knowing.

As i landed on grid, I checked out the domi pilot and was very surprised to see a barely 2 month old character flying a BS class ship. Now I am not sure if all of you know this- but DON'T FLY BATTLESHIPS IF YOUR A NOOB. Now at this point i was getting very excited, as I have yet to get a solo BS kill with my bomber. I had come close on one occasion (hyperion, got him to 30% armor but myrm showed up with T2 warriors :( ) Anyway on to this dominix. I was sitting inside my cloaked purifier marveling at my luck- when i noticed that the dominix started to warp off. Surprised, i followed where his ship was pointed while in warp- and followed him to a nearby planet. Again the stupidity of noobs never stops amazing me. At the planet about 200K away from where I had dropped out of warp, was the dominix, and 2 jetcans.

WTF? is this what the domi considers a safe? does the pilot not realize that you can warp on cans provided you are more than 150K away? Chuckling to my self and enjoying the fact that I was just about to partake in my first solo BS kill. I warped to one of the cans at 50K and made a book mark. I watched this domi rep his armor a bit, and return to the sleeper site. At this range I determined that the domi was blaster fit. Once the domi warped back to the site- I followed and watched him clean up the last 2 cruisers. He was using t1 hobbies (lol) and the second the cruiser was down, I engaded.

I already had my orbit locked in and was orbiting him nicely at 19K the second i uncloaked i disrupted him, and had my torps screaming out of their tubes. The first torps hit home, and melted his shield. Getting into armor now, i began my overheat and watched as it only took 2 volleys to drop him into 50% armor. The domi had yet to lock me, and I thought that I would have an easy kill- when the unthinkable happened- he warped.



As i followed his ship in warp again- I was amazed when i noticed him warping right back to that stupid can safe he made 200K off the planet. I followed as quickly as I could, and slammed my warp button. As my ship lept into warp i reloaded my torps, and cloaked before I hit the grid. I landed about 35K away from the domi, and noticed that again he was repping his armor, and was realigning. Swearing, I uncloaked- when a catalyst uncloaked as well. Switching priority immoderately (as i was unsure if it was salvager / rail fit) I quickly changed targets and let fly with my torps. The destroyer was instapopped. I took the pod down too- as the domi began to warp again.

I finished the pod quickly and had a chance to launch another volley at the BS. Sadly they couldn't reach home before he began to warp- and following him again noticed that he was warping back to his sleeper site (again?!) Again i followed- I started to reload my torps, and again cloaked before hitting the grid. I had warped in at my far safe- so i noticed the domi at 200K close to a wreck. I warped to a wreck near the giant battle ship, and again dropped my cloak and started my orbit. Again my torps screamed out of the tubes and hit home on the armored beast. I was dropping him quickly, and when I began to see him start to align again- weighed my options.

I could try and bump him and stop him from aligning, but i decided against this. Domi's are very very dangerous to bombers. They have HUGE drone bays, and while he was a noob, and was using t1 drones- I was still worried with the fact that I could not see all of his hard points. What if he was heavy neut fit? (yes i know that would be retarded for a PVE domi- but this kid that was flying it was retarded as far as i was concerned.) Sadly i didn't not go for the bump- and let him warp off- in 25% armor. It's sad becuase now that I look back at the situation with my 20/20 hindsight, i realized that I had made the wrong decision.

I should have bumped him. That second engagement, he didn't even have me targeted, and becuase of this- it would have taken him some time to target me provided i turned and burned at him. with me hitting him going 2.3k/s i could have continued to do so until he died. In fact, becuase he was so low on health- i could probably have kept bumping and killing him before he even had a target lock. Ohh well, I guess you live and learn. I can only hope that my next BS kill will be coming soon.

Anyway thanks for reading and as usual

Fly Dangerously!

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