Monday, August 29, 2011

Stealth Bomber Blog: Now with 100% more MS paint

This week I am going to be trying something new. Not only am i going to try and type some battle reports for you, but i am also going to include my rather grotesque MS paint drawings to try and accompany my verbal symphony of the fight. The last week for me has been a roller coaster emotionally in game for me. I guess we can start with the good. the first is a really juicy bestower kill I chanced upon, and some funny mind games with an anathema and rake pilot. Lastly- me and my corp have found a new corp to fight- and it looks like instead of paying us, they are going about everything the hard way, and trying to fight the inevitable.

So lets start out with that nice bestower kill shall we? Lately RL issues have been getting in the way of me and my corp having some nice quality gang time, so sadly many of us have been going solo. i was going about my normal roam, when I ventured into a C2 worm hole. Now this hole had a C4 static, and finding nothing of interest in the C2- i decided to plunge deeper into WH space. Upon entering the hole, I noticed that there wer a few sleeper wrecks, and a ship or two. Now this is where I got a bit excited. I had hoped that these boys would have been at a combat site, but sadly after using the ship scanner- this didn't seem to be the case.

I hate having to release probes, because as you all know- doing so in worm hole space is akin to shouting in local. I did everything in my power to stay out of D scan range, and to scan as quickly and accurately as possible- but sadly it was to no avail. The ships either cloaked up or left the system. Decided to give my prey a bit of reprieve, I decided to scan down the C4's static C3 and cloak up. I decided to go into the gym and kill some time. When I came back- I again noticed that the two ships were out gas mining. However it seemed that I had spooked them, they were flying tengus now :(

I checked wormnav on the hole again, and noticed that there was a higher number of jumps through thte hole while I was away. i decided to wait on the C4 / C3 static and watch what would come through. (Perhaps they are trying to making to the high sec hole on the other side of the C4- into the original C2 I had originally ventured into. I didn't have long to wait- as not more than 10min after watching the hole, it shimmered and out popped a bestower :)

I was sitting 5K off the hole, so once he didn't wait his session timer out- I decloaked, and began the procedure of killing. I overheated the torps and watched as the beautiful blue orbs o light streaked from my ship. They crashed into his slaver hull, and I watched as it shuddered into 25% armor. (ouch looks like he is cargo fit.) As my second torps raced out of the tubes- i clicked approach, and closed the distance between our ships, eagerly expecting some loot. I was not disappointed. Now don't ask me why someone was carrying tags through worm hole space. Frequent readers of this blog will know that people do some pretty crazy things, and I guess this will chalk up as one of them. The loot was nice, and it will easily cover the next few bombers I lose. Sadly I didn't get the pod- and the bestower pilot left through the hole, back to his space.

Moving on to another story- The story of our current worm hole camping starts here. I jumping into a red giant c2 worm hole, and clicking d scan i found some sleeper wrecks and a proteus. i jumped on the ship scanner, and once I had him narrowed down warped to the sleeper combat site. i love getting ships like this :) I can jump into a system, and had eyes on my target within 30 seconds- all while staying cloaked. interestingly enough, the proteus jumped out of the site after finishing the last kill. Next him and his other friend both jumped into scanner frigs, and dropped core and combat probes. Had they seen me? I book marked the site at about 250K off- and warped off to their POS to get some eyes on them. After about 10/15min of searching the holies gave up, and both returned to their pos. confident in the fact that I was not there, they decided it was safe to clean up the sleepers.

They were betting on the fact that becuase the site had despawned, there was no way I could find or detect them with out releasing probes, and revealing my presence. Sadly for them, I am a professional. And in the words of the TF2 spy "Be fast, be efficient, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet." here is where things get funny. Once the holies returned to the pos, one jumped into a noctis, and the other a manticore. Now the manti warps off and cloaks (wonder where he went....) and the noctis proceeded to the sleeper site. I warp to my warpin @ 250 and watch the noctis clear the site. i warped to one of his tractored wrecks @ 20K Once he just finished clearing up everything- I uncloaked, and began the symphony of death. My overheated torps slammed into his hull, and the noctis was down in no time. Just as I had finished off the noctis, our friend in a manticore decloak about 90K off my starboard bow high. He starts to MWD burn at me (at the terrifying speed of 990m/s) I looked at him for a moment, and dismissing him as a threat- turned my attention the pod

I finished the pod, and gathered my loot from the noctis wreck. During this entire time, our intrepid friend in the manticore was still burning towards me, and once he got within 30K dropped a bomb... I had my mwd turned off, and was in no danger of dying, so i watched the proceeding few seconds with interest. the manti pilot after shooting the bomb, continued to mwd towards, and applied a long point on me. He pointed me for about 1 second, then the bomb went off. It seems that our newbie bomber forgot that the bomb has a 15K explosion radius.... And a frigate with an MWD on- will get insta popped.  Well that is exactly what happened. Sadly I didn't have a chance to get the kill mail, and whats worse is I didn't grab his pod.

I typed lol gf in local and decided to get some home work done. As far as i was concerned- two ships, and one pod down- along with some juicy loot. Luckily for me, while idly doing some home work, it seemed that the manticore pilot wanted to have a conversation with me. GF's were shared, and he complimented me on my nice kill. In turn I let him know the mechanics of bomb launching, and told him to keep trying- as bomber dogfights are really funny. Torps don't do much damage to a high speed, low sig target. Anyway I decided to peek around the system again, and stopped at their POS. It seemed that a few more corp members logged in, and were going about their business. I noticed a character flying a BS :) and got happy. (perhaps my solo BS kill is coming soon!) But what suprised me the most about this character- he had under 10mil sp, and could fly a wolf, tempest, hyperion, cane. Now this pilot after getting out of his tempest, graciously jumped into his hurricane.

I had all the time in the world to study his fit, and calculating his gunnery skill- determined that should I ever meet him 1v1, he would be an easy kill. (T1 guns can't track worth shit XD ) It seemed that this cane pilot had an agenda however. After visiting his book mark can, he warped off to the high sec hole, and his partner jumped into an ITTY 5. i watched the Itty fly to the HS and under the watchful eye of the hurricane, jumped through to high sec. I was aroused. So i set up camp about 20K off the hole, and waited. Now our hurricane pilot was very very serious about his job. Once the itty was gone, he warped back to the POS and came back with 2 med warp disruption bubbles that he placed around the WH.

Once those were set, he flew about 7k off the top of the hole, and cloaked up. having sometime to look at the situation (and already knowing his fit, and his range of guns) I took up position on the other side of the hole, about 20K outside of the warp bubbles. Now i am yet unsure if the cane pilot knew what a cloaking delay is- but so be it. He would find out for himself. A short while later the Itty jumped through. The cane uncloaked promptly, and let loose with some Ewar drones. At this point i was scratching my head. I waited patiently for the itty 5 to slowly move outside of the warp bubbles, and close enough to me- that the cane would not have a chance in hitting me with his autocannons. Just as the Itty was making it out of the bubble, the hole shimmered- and out popped a neutral buzzard! This was my chance. The hurricane was distracted in dealing with this clear and obvious danger.

I guess he forgot about me in the heat of the moment, so i used these seconds to strike. I uncloaked- and had the Itteron down in 3 shots. during this time the cane had the sense to target me, and begin shooting. It is the most nerve wracking sound to hear autocannon's hitting your hull (and then a message prompt: Hurricane gallium 1 autocannons miss you completly.) I debated engaging him, but his ewar drones were on me- and jammed me on the first cycle >.> So now here is my MS paint drawing. The purple thing in the middle is the worm hole, the black circles are the bubbles. Dark red circle is the cane optimal, and lighter red is the optimal +falloff. yellow is moment paths. Hope this explains it XD

Your going to want to open this link in a new window.... as it is not sizing well.

I will end this blog with some sadness. A good friend, and long time recon pilot of ours has decided to leave. I am saddened, and I hope that you find success in what ever venture you choose, and if CCP ever eliminates local in 0.0- that you will join us in our new playground. Take care m8, you will be missed.

Hope you enjoyed this week, Take care!


  1. lol that's a horrible and hilarious picture

  2. The Sniper says that, not the Spy >:O

  3. Still catching up on all your posts and great reading!

    Now a question, why dont these corps that hate you go and destroy your GSC else bookmark it and watch for you??