Saturday, September 10, 2011

B B B B BattleShipes (Faction or otherwise) For Breakfast

Ahh my dream of getting a solo battle ship kill. Sadly this week I still do not have a 'solo' kill, but hey screw that. When you take on 2 battleships and an SB in nothing but a pilgirm and a purifier- I don't care how I got the kills. Let me set the stage for you-

A friend of mine wanted to come and join Peek a boo in our latest camping situation inside a worm hole. I had scanned down a chain or wormholes that eventually lead into high sec. While I was traversing these holes to go and pick our firend up, I came upon a hole that was quite active. There were many BS class ships moving around, and it seemd that they were moving some material in and out of the Low sec static hole. So me and the pilgrim pilot took up position on the hole and waited. It didn't take long for our first victem to arrive.

A badger made the mistake of warping about 10K away from the worm hole. Because I can insta pop badgers- his slow flight inot the 5K radious of the hole, was all I needed. I uncloaked, and shot a single volley of torps at him. B A N G. and becuase he refused to drop anything of value- I took his pod down as well. During this entire time our friend in a pilgrim had decided to stay cloaked. We didn't want to reveal our full presence yet. After pocking the hornets nest- they responded with gusto. I flew back to the POS and watched as one of their corp members jumped into a hound. (Time for a bomber dog fight!) I watched as he warped to the hole, and cloaked up. So i followed and tried to get him to engage. I tried everything I could to make it look like I was a retard in a steath bomber.

Actions like uncloaking and slowbating to the hole, or accedentially decloaking myself on the badger wreck ext. Luckily my efforts were not in vain- and the hound decided to engage me after 10 min of my retarted antics. He uncloaked within my long point range, and hit me with a TP. I knew things were going to go poorly for him when I noticed that he was shooting EM torps at me...... For those of you that don't know each bomber has a racial damage type- where they get HUGE bonuses to their damage. For the hound it's Bane explosive dmg torps- I was loling. We were fighting and I had him down to about 50% armor. WHile he had yet to scratch my paint- when all of a sudden  a CNR and Scorpion landed. I decided to switch targets, and shot a volley at the incoming scorp- HOLY FUCK MY TORPS HIT FOR 7210 DMG. The scorp had his shields gone with a single shot.

Sadly for me, He was out of point range and I was jammed quickly. So i cloaked up and warped off, to rep my armor back up, and reload my torps. The hound recloaked, and by the time I flew back to the hole there was nothing but a CNR sitting about 30K off the static Low sec. Now dear reader you have to remember that during this entire time our pilgrim pilot had been sitting in the wings watching and waiting. We decided that the CNR might be a funny choice to try and take down. The scorp was back in his POS licking wounds, and the hound was really no threat to either me or the pilgrim.

So we made the call- lets do this! The pilgrim decloaked close off the CNR's flank and pounced. All the neuts on with web and scram. I held my cloak, and waited for the CNRS hardeners to turn off. As i was waiting and slamming my D scan, I noticed that the scorpion was moving from the POS and most likely coming to the rescue of his CNR companion. Once the scorpion landed I was ready for him. I decloaked and flew at him. I overheated my torps, and watched as I started to down the Scorp. The first torp again mealted all of it's shields- the second brought him down to 25% armor, and just as the third volley screemed out of the tubes- I was jammed.

BUT! Luckily for me my torps were on thier deadly path.... I watched with bated breath as they collided with his hull, and the mighty scorpion went from 25% armor to POP! Once he was down, I turned my attention to the CNR. By this time our pilgrim companion Liku had enough time (with recon lv 5) to suck that faction battlehsip dry. I overheated my torps again and began to gouge huge chunks of shield and armor from the ailing battlehip. Just as we were entering armor- the hound shows up again. I lock and start to fire on him again, but I made a huge mistake- I didn't move my point from the CNR onto the hound. Becuase of this- the hound was able to escape in low HP from the combined assult of my torps and the pilgrims angry warrior 2 drones.

I was quite sad, as this was my mistake and it would have been a nice kill. After the hound had left, I again turned my attention back to the CNR and proceeded to finish my work. The CNR dropped quickly. As the mighty battle ship shattered into a million pieces, I thought to myself damn a single pilgrim and a bomber can cause quite a bit of damage. I was very happy with my self, and I would like to thank Liku for his hero pilgim use.

Hope you enjoyed the blog for this week ladies, and remember-

Fly dangerously!

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  1. You sir are my hero.

    But really, WTF is the scorp doing with 6 multi jammers, no racials, and no tank, in a small scale engagement even after knowing what he is up against. Refit the ship for the fight.

    Oh well, Always Bet on Stupid.